“Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points (Introduction to Quality & Productivity/Innovation) – VIDEO & READ (“Well done” – Dr. W.E. Deming!)

[Pictured: The author and candidate at South L.A. People’s Candidate Forum]

Interpreting W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points (Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity)

by Zuma Dogg 
This synopsis captures the “tone” of “Quality & Productivity” talk. I believe this MUST be implemented by U.S. Gov’t & Corportate Management.Dr. Deming sent a fax after reading this saying, “Well Done. I thank you and appreciate it much.” – Dr. W. E. Deming. (NO RED INK!) So you can read in confidence.

“Fabulous.” – Tony Robbins. “I enjoyed it, very much.” – Bob Pittman/CEO Clear Channel

THIS is the type of stuff the Fortune 500 pay TOP DOLLAR to sit around and have explained to them. Deming was paid $50,000 PER HOUR to explain this to worldwide industry. Deming said this explanation is, “well done.” PLEASE READ IT SO YOU CAN HAVE THE FUNDAMENTAL UNDERSTANDING OF “QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY,”…

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