BEYOND the L.A. Times Coverage of Wendy Greuel vs Home Depot (Behind-The-Scenes of L.A. Mayoral Candidate) EXCLUSIVE

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AUDIO: @ZumaDogg tells ALL the details, including HOW he came across this EXCLUSIVE INFO (on the PR campaign, detailed below). WHAT the L.A. Times did NOT publish, today


02-18-13 NOTE FROM Z-DOGG: You bloggers/reporters don’t seem to care. BUT, you know who cared…THE FBI! You know what usually happens when you call the FBI? They hang up, FAST! You know happened when ZD called with THIS INFO? (ZD spoke till exhausted.) BUT, he forgot something…So Z called back, the NEXT day. And was told, “I took the file upstairs, and gave it to the agent who specializes in City Hall and knows more about it (City Hall).” – FBI agent to Zuma Dogg (I am willing to publicly post this, and can pass a polygraph test, regarding that quote, relating to THIS info — and due to the fact, this was told to me FIRST HAND, I was willing to call about it, without fear of getting in trouble for giving FBI bullshit.) Point is, FBI agent felt it was worth opening a file for, AND TAKING TO THE FBI “UPSTAIRS” SUPERVISOR. 


From Zuma Dogg’s “LA Daily Blog”  (Originally posted: Wednesday, September 7, 2011)

[PICTURED: Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel says, “YIKES! I think he’s on to me…” (That’s her, “I want to hear from you,” face. See constituent talking.]

Sunland-Tujunga Home Depot was a big issue, someone who runs their own
East L.A. based PR firm, told Mr. Dogg, that then CD 2 Councilmember
Wendy Greuel (secretly) hired her, to run an anti-Home Depot campaign in

Zuma Dogg, then discovered, when it was
told to him by someone inside city hall, that Wendy Greuel’s mother
owned, “Frontier Supply,” a building supply yard, that certainly would
have been CRUSHED, if not put out of business, if the nearby Home Depot
was to open.

Wendy Greuel is now the owner of Frontier Supply.

Wendy Greuel was against the Home Depot project.

Did she disclose her family’s competing business, of which she is now owner, when she voted “NO” on Home Depot.

it is true that she privately hired a PR firm to thwart Home Depot’s
effort, that is conspiracy to tilt economic scales for your own personal

Furthermore, Zuma Dogg was told by someone, inside
City Council chambers, if one were to check the list of project
approvals in Wendy Greuel’s district, while she was Councilmember,
would it show there was “quid pro quo” in getting CD2 project
approvals? In other words, if you agreed to use, “Frontier Supply,” for
the project, was project facilitation, “fast-tracked?”

These are two separate allegations, from two separate people, about one Los Angeles Candidate for Mayor.

ZD’s reply to source who was there, with me“All i can say, if Dianna really was hired by Wendy Greuel to run anti-home
depot campaign, Greuel ain’t gonna make it thru the mayor campaign; and I DO remember Dianna said that (the PR stuff mentioned above). It
was day of Greuel’s inauguration, and she said she visited Wendy’s office,
that day (July 1, 2009). A day that lived in the mind of ZD, and will
now live on in infamy. 
Since Dianna visited Wendy’s office, that day, her name is in the GUEST BOOK, you sign when you visit her majesty Wendy, at the Controller’s office.
” – ZD/Sept 2011

BREAKING 02-18-13: CLEARLY, Zuma Dogg is most effective political operative/citizen voice/overall “the man” in L.A. history, with THIS STRAW that breaks it: After I blasted the above story, last week on twitter and my site, TODAY, L.A. Times grills Greuel on this issue, mentioned above. LOL! Score (a big) ONE for The Dogg. And you fuckers wouldn’t RT or repost it, and I don’t have a cent to my name, and as Rosendahl how my weekend went. FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!! LA TIMES STORY THAT ZUMA DOGG BROKE.

Greuel may missed red flags in fight against Home Depot


When former Los Angeles City Councilwoman Wendy
Greuel led the successful charge to prevent Home Depot from opening a
new store in her district, she talked about the potential environmental
and traffic drawbacks and accused the chain store of flouting local
development rules.


Mayor Sam Politics Blog (Michael Higby) – Monday, February 18, 2013

Times: Greuel may have missed red flags in fight against Home Depot

Public Advocate of the Community

Something I learned this week…always listen to Zuma Dogg.

Completely plugged in, even in retirement, and nearly always prescient,
the former radio executive turned performance artist turned community
advocate has really never steered me wrong.

Last week, ZD brought to my attention a story that I thought was
irrelevant, old news and not likely to catch attention in the milieu of
the Mayoral race.

I was wrong.

the LA Times published a story that, in seeking to block a
controversial Home Depot in Sunland-Tujunga, at the time part of her
then City Council District, Greuel may have failed to disclose her
business interests in a local building supply firm. 

Full disclosure, I was for the Home Depot before I was against it
and currently live less than a quarter-mile from the site. I still
believe, for many reasons, blocking the Home Depot was good for the

Co-Owner of Frontier Building Supply
Wendy Greuel, Candidate for Mayor

In the Times story by Jack Dolan, several ethics officials remark that
Greuel should have recused herself from votes on the Home Depot matter.
The story alludes the matter could come before the state’s Fair
Political Practices Commission.

Greuel’s position is that her business would not be affected by the Home Depot.

Beyond the surface level issue of Greuel’s ownership of Frontier
Building Supply, a San Fernando Valley based construction supply firm
with a branch in Oxnard, Zuma Dogg presented additional potentially even
more damaging allegations against Greuel.

In a blog post last week, reprinted from a 2011 post authored by Mr. Dogg,
the advocate/blogger presents claims that City Hall insiders told him
that Greuel allegedly hired a PR firm to assist her with the Home Depot

…WHEN YOU GOT Zuma Dogg AND Mayor Sam blogs pumpin’ a story…IT’S OVER!



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