ZUMA DOGG on FACEBOOK: Status Updates for 01-11-13 (Pt 1): Introduction to "Creative Empowerment" for L.A. City Activists, Social Media Nuts & Marketers [http://iRadioLIVE.com – Podcast & Video Webinars]

[PICTURED: Zuma Dogg 01-11-12. The OTHER side of this blog, most of the 24/7.]

I am NOT a fan of the facebook community, hence to say, I HATE IT! BUT, for 2013, Zuma Dogg has EXPANDED his content to include, “Creative Empowerment” material, based on “Quality & Productivity,” “Marketing Warfare Strategy,” & “NLP,” which you may have heard of (Tony Robbins does it at his seminars.) It is not INSTEAD of “L.A. City Hall/City Council,” content — with Citywide elections on March 05, 2013; but in addition to that content. I revamped my blog and added a website (cause I never used a website) — and the point of mentioning I don’t like facebook-world, is, the main goal of all the above mentioned management strategies is to, “match the voice of the customer,” and give the customer what they want, the way they want it. AND, SOME FOLKS LIKE IN A FACEBOOK WORLD, and don’t check twitter much — and vica versa. I like twitter; but again, toward the goal of using my own material, for my own creative processes; I am “giving in,” and found a good way to use facebook, anyway: I can type a lot of material/content in the status updates; then post them on the blog and website, later. AND, when there are tweets and content on the website, not on the facebook page; will be where I post, for the archives, this content. (So blog takes back-seat; and will be used for L.A. City News posts, that require more than just a status update. And again, not a reduction in any of that content (L.A. City Hall/Council blogging); but will (hopefully) be cranking more content, in the spirit and tradition of ZD, since ’86, with the addition of the material mentioned, above.

The goal is create an atmosphere and environment to keep you in a creative state, allowing you highest levels of creativity to be on, all the time; enhancing the quality of your day, when you are at your best. It is done through what you experience, each day. And that means what you watch on TV, and where you are focusing your attention. If you allow the commercial media to do that, for you; lettin’ your mind blow in the wind, whichever direction the commercial drags you; that changes your emotions and how you feel.

The content that is already posted at http://iRadioLIVE.com is the stuff to literally create neurological reactions to create the feelings you are trying to create, all the time, anyway. It’s all in the form of Zuma Dogg entertainment, so you won’t even feel a thing. But, you may notice an enhanced level of enlightenment, creative flow; with lots of ideas flourishing in your mind, suddenly; and maybe even feel inspired, dare I say, uplifted, in a way that causes you to create and do some things that impress and surprise the HECK out of yourself. WE NEED MORE YOU, doing what you KNOW you are good at and should be focusing on, doing more — and it starts by not watching TV and mindlessly wandering all over facebook and anywhere, whatever happens to pop up, in front of you, happens to re-direct your attention to, until your whole day passes, and you didn’t do a THING to leave a legacy or contribute to society.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE, TODAY. We need EVERYONE on ALL CYLINDERS, out there in 2013. “Creative Empowerment!” http://iRadioLIVE.com


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