NEW FORMAT: Zuma Dogg’s – L.A. Daily Blog & L.A. City News: See ALL WEBSITE CONTENT for 01-10-13, HERE: L.A. City Budget Warning, L.A. City Elections, L.A. Housing Dept. and "Quality & Productivity" Radio Show. [POSSIBLY, BEST Zuma Dogg Blog Post Ever!]

TOP STORY @ Los Angeles City Council Budget Chair Paul Krekorian Issues “Mad Max” Scenario Warning To Angelinos, Regarding 2013 Budget & Services Crisis: WALL STREET…HOLD YOUR INVESTMENTS: City Uncertain If It Will Be Able To Provide Basic Police & Fire Safety, Let Alone ANYTHING ELSE. READ HIS COMMENTS HERE! (

01-10-13 – L.A. Daily Blog/L.A. City News Top 5 “Most Viewed” (Past 24 Hours):
Most Viewed #1: Zuma Dogg Presents “KINGPIN” (Sorpranos-like TV script About L.A. City Hall) READ FIRST EPISODE, HERE!
Most Viewed: #2: Zuma Dogg on KNBC 4 NEWS: 5 MINS OF ZUMA DOGG on L.A. City Hall Fraud, Waste & Abuse. MUST SEE L.A. TV
Most Viewed: #4: L.A. Gangsta Rap Music Video: “Herb Wesson and the F.B.I.” About L.A. City Council Council President
Most Viewed: #5: Krekorian Warns, “When L.A. doesn’t function…”[DOESN’T SOUND GOOD FOR CITY OF LOS ANGELES in 2013.

01-10-13 – FEATURED POSTS:

Zuma Dogg – L.A. City News: NEWSPAPER FORMAT (Good Edition – Click here to open in new window.)

“Kingpin” ScriptPOLITICS via script. Based on L.A. City Hall. For the REAL “inside L.A. City Hall” political news, read “KINGPIN!” Based on the inside info, told to me, over past six years of Villaraiogsa administration. Names have been changed, to protect the guilty.  Sorkin-style.

* “RADIO: Creative Empowerment”: Based on NLP. [That “Tony Robbins/Wayne Dyer/Deepak/Marrianne W. stuff.]

*RADIO/VIDEO:  “Quality & Productivity”Zuma Dogg on Talk Radio Show, discussing L.A. City’s NEED for “Q&P” with L.A. City examples. GOOD SHOW! ALSO: “Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points” [“Well done.” – Deming. “Fabulous” – Tony Robbins. “Enjoyed it much.” – Bob Pittman]

*RADIO:  “Marketing Warfare” : ZD applies “Art of War” (based on Ries & Trout’s application of Sun-Tzu to business/marketing world)  w ZD’s radio industry examples.

RADIO:  “PensionGATE”: Interview w ZD interviews “Pension Insider” on HIGHEST LEVEL of L.A. City & U.S. CORRUPTION=PENSION FUND!

NLP-RichardBandler: BBC Radio Interview [Regarded among most influential minds of our time. Co-creator of “Zuma Dogg,” you could say. Doubt you’d know ME, if I didn’t know HIM.]

RADIO: Tony Robbins – “TED” Speech (24 mins – LIVE) [Tony’s WHOLE program based on/IS NLP, under Tony’s name NAC. Tony is AMAZING presenter/practitioner of the material, and THIS is one of his most listened to speeches, with 5 million+ listens on original upload. Never would’ve know  ZD if I didn’t know him, either. Tony also a Deming fan, I noticed, quite directly, in his infomercialis what first caught my attention, and the rest is ZD “Unleash The Performer/Gadfly Within,” history. (BLAME HIM, to LARGE EXTENT!) And, FYI: When you read “Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points” on this site (the foundation), Tony read it, and sent a letter back calling it, “fabulous,” and invited me to his seminar, F-R-E-E! I talk about the “Firewalk,” in the “Creative Empowement” (NLP) radio show in YouTube video, on this site (see top links).]

L.A. CITY NEWS: January 14, 2013, Federal summary judgement hearing on L.A. Council’s public comment “conduct rules” (interruptions/cut-offs/ejections/30-day bans of Zuma Dogg, hundreds of times, over a six year period.) The hearing is on the rules, on it’s face — and the rules, “as applied” on Mr. Dogg. (An issue of Council’s “discretion” of enforcement.) If Judge overturns, all who have ever been cut-off, may be able to sue the City of Los Angeles (A Municipal Corporation).

L.A. City Hall/City Council: With Elections on March 05, 2013, check “LA City Elections – Search Engine” link on left column. Type ANY name/issue/subject — and most likely, you see some things L.A. Times only scratched the surface of. They upgraded the search widget at Google, at it works great, and I use it for my blogging. When something hits in the news, I type the names of the people, and get all the shady history.
01-09-13: As I look at this new website, created to give “front page headline” style scan of Zuma Dogg content, at any given moment; I wondered what people checking in, for first time would think: “WHAT is “Zuma Dogg? WHO is he? WHAT does he do?” Looking at the content, as posted in it’s form, today, on this site; I guess “Zuma Dogg” is L.A.’s street “talk show host.” Known as a comedy/reality cable TV personality; turned L.A. City political activist; while always trying to tell you about my first passion, “Quality Management/Marketing Strategy/Management Psychology” material from my radio executive days; when you look at it all, it’s basically a street talk show (commentary) using various public media outlets, combined on this site, to be the radio station website. Enjoy the show.

01-10-13: April 4, 2006, I got suck into political activism, when L.A. City Hall violated my civil rights, along with the rights of 1000s of others, at Venice Beach boardwalk. Most reading, from L.A., know all about this, and you will discover more on this site and the side blogs, linked here. And it was a BIG HOOPLA, and the folks in L.A. made such a big fuss about ZD’s public gadfly mind & mouth, I really focused all my material on the fraud, waste and abuse of City Hall. But, I’ve said all along, the reason you dig my act, is because I am merely applying the concepts of “Quality & Productivity,” “Marketing Warfare” Strategy and NLP (Tony Robbins’ routine), as presenter of the material, from the podium. Since ’86, when I started in radio industry, I started studying these topics, and author/consultants; and ZD is a “synthesis” machine, at end of the day; and like to do my own versions/takes, whether it’s trying to be Bono/U2, or Dr. Deming. At this point, I am feeling the creative shift, to go, “Back To The Future,” and in no way walk away from the political activist mindset; cause it’s now a new part of the act, as Dr. Deming and NLP/Tony Robbins, were once added to the Marketing Warfare routine.  But, I see stats on the Deming 14 Points article, and it’s ALWAYS in the “Most Viewed,” and I want to provide more “solution-based” content, than further exposure, of what has now been profusely exposed. Today; this site reflects the total range of material. And remember, I said “Venice Beach,” so I’m also a wacky-comedy/music performer. Aka: Repressed radio exec, unleashed at Venice Beach, taking entertainment revenge, doing the stuff the corporate suits said, “Will NEVER work.“)WELL, “The Zuma Dogg Show,” WORKED! (And you can see those videos, too.) SO, OVERALL…this site is like a radio station site, with content to inspire, uplift and empower your creative spirit. You’ll see…and hear. Here’s today’s offering.  Just an appetizer, as the point of this entire site, is for ZD to take the 1000s of podcasts/videos/blog posts from across a million different accounts, and run a nice day’s worth to check out. Yesterday, Google Analyitics said folks spent average of 26 minutes on the site. Not bad. Like a TV show. BUT, I’m going for more like, “round the clock addiction.” Just gettin’ the site started.



MONDAY, JANUARY 14, 2013: (Los Angeles) FEDERAL SUMMARY JUDGEMENT HEARING on Council public comment rules, Jan. 14. NOT ABOUT ZD’s bad reaction, after they interrupt, as seen in videos below.

“Interruptions, Cut-offs, Ejections & 30 Day Bans”: Listen to L.A. City Councilman Richard Alarcon ADMIT there is NO REASON for people to show up to speak, cause City Council ALREADY KNOWS that they DO NOT CARE, and WILL NOT ACT! (HE SAYS THAT! This may become Federal Judge fodder, on Monday.)

VIDEO 2: More Fraud/Waste/Abuse Exposed, as they interrupt EVERY TIME!
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