"Herb Wesson and the F.B.I." (About L.A. City Council Council President, but not for long…) — CLICK HERE FOR YouTube Music Video & FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: L.A. Gangsta Rap Music Video – via LACityNews.com

WOW, this is HARSH! Zuma Dogg music video, “Herb Wesson and the F.B.I.” (Herb Wesson is current L.A. City Council President…till after March ’13 elections, when the other L.A. mafia faction has the votes; and YANKS his ass.)

“Herb Wesson and the F.B.I” – (Full Song)

| Free Download


YouTube: Zuma Dogg BLASTS Wesson on City TV! – http://youtu.be/G5ssg5vmvY4?t=1m14s

Click here for Google Search“Herb-Wesson FBI Los-Angeles-Times” (Hope you have a lot of time!)

And ALL the REALLY MORE y’all need to know about Mr. Wesson, when he was merely Housing Chair and, “the mayor’s best friend.” LAHousingDept.com


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