Zuma Dogg Market Research Statistics Say L.A. City Hall Union Machine Will Have FREE RIDE at The Polls on March 2013 Election ["The People" Asleep At The Titanic Wheel]

Bad news for L.A. City activism: Yesterday (01-02-13), though many posts were blogged on L.A. City Hall political matters (elections/ballot measures/”taking back the city”) — ZD’s post titled, “50 EXCLUSIVE REGGAE BEATS on POP TIP” (tweeted once, and linking to an unused side/utility blog) — OUT PERFORMED, VERY QUICKLY — ALL THE POLITICAL BLOG POSTS (based on page views on Google blog stats, not just my instincts). As did, my retweet of “Deming’s 14 Points” article, which is ALWAYS in the Top 5 “Most Viewed” for the week/month/year (ALSO TRUMPING L.A. City Hall activism.) I really SHOULD focus ENTIRELY on the “Quality & Productivity” — and that can fill the political activism function of this blog — cause it’s the ONLY thing the city has to do, anyway. But, seriously — I KNOW we just had elections; but based on my market research (Google stats) — I think the Union Machine is gonna have a FREE RIDE at the polls in the upcoming election, of which I am no longer even gonna waste time, typing the date of the election, to help raise awareness. I’m a KNOW market research genius/guru. I’ve seen enough=IT’S OVER! Here’s a dope reggae track. All 50 at iBeatCloud.com (which gets more views than political stuff, these days). Click here for DOPEST Reggae beat of ’em all – “Culo Cabana Reggae” HOT CLUB TRACK!


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