"The Zuma Dogg & Mayor Sam Talk Show" via Twitter Tweets (On L.A. City Mayoral Election) www.LACityMayoralElection.com

HERE ARE SOME BACK AND FORTH TWEETS from @MayorSam and @ZumaDogg about L.A. City Mayoral Election. (www.LACityMayoralElection.com)

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I know Wendy is empty-headed, tweeter, but u know masses like folksy bullshit. AND, SHE has MACHINE ARMY backing her. Kev don’t.
KJames hurdle is “psychograph” of supporters. Big money spent on folks who are proud they still use vinyl record player.
Not saying KJames should be tweeting all day, but next mayor of L.A. can get team to do this stuff. NEEDED EDGE=not using.
Concern is Kevin is gonna take from Wendy, and she’ll lose to Eric; but not that KJames is gonna be in run-off. NO SHOT=too late.
Hope KJames new team has empty apt buildings & are registering 1000 people per building, then voting for them, like Council does.
KJames had talk show, on 2 stations, for YEARS. AND, doesn’t matter who was first at polls. He ain’t grindin smart online.
Yes. Wendy has Shallman. Not a great record. Progressives are going to rally around Eric. I say it will be Eric and Kevin.
This jazzy/funk was submitted for Shaft Soundtrack in 70’s, but LP was cut by 2 tracks, never released: “Backstreets”
: BIG reason ZD feels WENDY=L.A./CA thug/union backed candidate. Rosendahl always said he wanted to see Eric mayor. WHAT happened?
WAIT till Jan Perry (I WISH would win) realizes=no chance in hell: WOW, is she gonna REALLY throw mud, before ANY mic stuck in front of her.
In L.A. Mayoral run-off, negative ads are gonna be U-GLY, about Eric Garcetti. Not gonna be much fun to show face in L.A. if U R him. YIKES!
: I think Wendy is THE one City Hall/CA/USA thugs are pushing=Eric not as much. He’s craftier=but I see headline WENDY WINS RUNOFF.
: Was optimistic for KJ=but he’s gonna TANK. NOT about convincing minds. About DELIVERING crowd to polls, like military operation.
: I think next mayor of L.A. has more than 1000 followers on lame twitter page (KJ). WG=4000 EG=8000 ZD=13000 NOT lookin’ good.
: Realities set in, as it becomes 1/1/13. Do u think KJames (5% awareness/that doesn’t=100% of vote) will catch WG/EG in 60 days?
L.A. CITY COUNCIL COMEDY: After navigating city into tail spin disaster, they continue to proclaim on TV, direction we should take, as city.
“QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY” COMEDY: Hey world, the U.S. prides itself as “innovative”; but plan for recovery is “bring back manufacturing.” LOL
MARKETING WARFARE COMEDY CORNER: Line extension=99% of the time, it’s a need for “vertical integration”=gone astray w corporate ego. LMFAO!
Zuma Perro, Mr. Gaga, Senior Beiber: U may officially, affectionately, call Mr. Zuma Dogg, any of the forementioned in 2013.

ALSO FROM January 02, 2013:

Zuma Dogg Tweets on L.A. City Hall/Union Machine vs The People L.A. (Guess Who LOSES in 2013), “How To Fix L.A.” (Quality & Productivity Article and YouTube Webinar) and Insider Memo Warns of 2013 Housing Bubble Burst — DUE TO D.C. CRONY CORRUTPION (No Surprise): PEOPLE…ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE THROWING YOU UNDER THE BUS IN 2013 – BEND OVER AND TAKE IT!

@ZumaDogg Tweets [4:00PM – 01-02-12]

A PAPER REVOLUTION!: If L.A. People wanna take back City Hall from thugs, ZD has 2 methods via paperwork templates I already used successfully. U need 20 people.  Have 3 of ’em contact me, then just send in the paperwork to City Hall — AND DON’T THINK OR EXPRESS YOUR OWN GAMEPLAN/OPINION. Based on TOP/REAL/INSIDER info=ALREADY USED EFFECTIVELY BY ZD, and more importantly, others. U WANNA STOP CORRUPTION and restore City Hall to a community-based government? It doesn’t happen by asking them to please STOP. I’m not even suggesting you cause a disruption. There are services and processes available to you, when you send a request to City Hall. There are also lawsuits to be filed to help restore law and order at L.A. City Hall (A Municipal CORPORATION, by definition.)

ONLY ONE OPTION for The People of L.A. to SAVE L.A. from City Hall/Union Machine: ORGANIZE EFFORT TO PUT PENSION REFORM ON BALLOT. Goodnight
WHY People of L.A. will LOSE City=post-elections: If u got 30 activists in room; would argue which of 30 issues to address=everyone quits.
People approach me in tears over City Hall. I say, “Meet me at Council/TV35 to discuss.” They say, “Oh, no. I go to his pancake breakfast.”
People of L.A. are sad sheep. They whine to council to STOP being corrupt. Doesn’t work that way: You gotta tug rope=the OTHER way. U don’t.
’13 will widen the gap between City Hall/Unions and The People. Unions are organized and committed. L.A. People are unfocused/issue-selfish.
“Solar panel” talk at mayor forum: PENSIONS are ONLY ISSUE: U will LOSE L.A. to union mob, cause THEY are more committed than People of L.A.
Got a 12 yr TV history for comedy/music/politics. Always try to balance blog for original AND first time viewers: Check
With 12 yrs of comedy/political/music videos=always trying to program right mix, each day for a fun scan. Check , today.
Lovely RT/Mention! Thank you so much! ♥
: “How to Fix L.A./Quality & Productivity” article/video webinar; Public Comment montage & new political song.
“If I had more time, I would have wrote a shorter book.” – Ben Franklin. ZD spent holidays revamping blog for EZ-use.
Oh, my bad. I thought you asked if it were on iTunes. YOU GOT IT/ARE LISTENING on iPod. HELLZ 2 the YEAH! Real G-shiznit!
: Here’s free download link to ZD’s 2000 “As U Can See” (My “Gin & Juice” type of song from “ZD Show.”):
“As U Can See” is a classic jam! Got that shit on my IPod bro!
WITH NEW YEAR & L.A. City Mayoral Elections (including mayor), I DO believe this is one and only starting point; “Q&P”:
“Q&P”=CUSTOMER SERVICE. I like driving traffic to my site, of course; but is extra hurdle, so now I’ll just tweet actual media link=instead.
READ “Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points” (“Quality & Productivity). “Well Done.” – Deming. “Fabulous” – Tony Robbins.
Zuma Dogg FROM THE TOP: “Intro to Quality & Productivity (Deming’s 14 Points)” at L.A. mayoral forum by :
Q&P: If GOAL is to have your post/video/MP3 SEEN/HEARD, don’t make people click twice. TWEET LINK TO the MEDIA; not to site to find/click.
TWITTER “Q&P”: Inclination=tweet link to site, for people to access post/mp3/video. FORGET THAT: Tweet actual link to media. ONE CLICK ONLY.
People have a wide range of interests. May discover ZD over politics, but dig the comedy; or vica versa. Check it all @
Topics of interest to be tweeted today may include NLP. Quantum Physics (spirituality), Quality & Productivity, Marketing Warfare, Politics.
Thanks much for finding/following. I like your uplifting, enlightening reminders! VERY good stuff. ZD
OPINION: If you are almost dead of cancer; but remission occurs=I think you count blessing & RECOVER; NOT attend political council meetings.
Not to say is out of touch=TOP POST at : Eric’s efforts to keep Aviation School open at Van Nuys airport.



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