Welcome to BETA iRadioLIVE.com – iBeatCloud.com – NewYearsEveRadio.com – FinerBeats.com – iCableShow.com – iTalkStream.com Music/Comedy/Politics Online Entertainment Network by @ZumaDogg

WELCOME!: We hit the button on twitter and blogs, and page views just took off, and it’s probably ALL new viewers to this blog.

BRIEF SUMMARY: Former Z-100 New York, Assistant Program Director/Research Director; BDS New York, Director; Billboard Hot 100, Director Dave Elliott, now known in Los Angeles as pop-culture (music/comedy/politics) “Icon,” (LA Weekly), @ZumaDogg — launches new concept for iHeartRadio.com/XM-style innovative music stream & online entertainment; based on “beats,” (music instrumentals) produced for singers and rappers — but programmed as a music stream, on their own; as the world’s first WAVE/SmoothJazz format for the hip-hop/electronic generation — and compatible video entertainment for added cross-promotion and time spent listening/watching online.

Music, Politics & Comedy MP3s, Streams & YouTube videos, marketed and promoted under various domain URLs that all lead to the same site — for maximum cross-promotion. (Hip-Hop fans like funny reality videos, too. And comedy fans like music. And EVERYONE is political-minded, these days; and pop culture has always had an element of politics in the lyrics/comedy.) We filled, for now, with “Zuma Dogg” videos. Comedy Central has Jon Stewart. CBS had Letterman. We got him! (Really no need for anything else, you’ll see.)

Would LOVE Bob Pittman (@PittmanRadio) to take iRadioLIVE.com, iTalkStream.com, iHolidayRadio.com, NewYearsEveRadio.com, iCableShow.com, FinerBeats.com, FinerBeatz.com, 99CentBeatStore.com, LACityNews.com, LAHousingDept.com (HUGE VIEWS!) LACityElections.com, LAMayoralElection.com, LACity2013.com, LACityMayor.com — and do all the web page designing and marketing — or just take ownership of them all. I’ll keep ZumaDogg.com & LADailyBlog.com.

In other words, Zuma Dogg took his blog — and expanded it, beyond his own, “The Zuma Dogg Show,” classic L.A. cable TV comedy videos — and went back to his roots, of radio programming innovator/guru — and put the “FEATURED BEAT” (with more to be added, all weekend) — and iRadioLIVE.com embedded player — to give you an idea of what 200 of these beats sound like on random shuffle (as picked by ZD, and THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE!) SEE RATINGS. Ask Broadcast Architecture’s Frank Cody about “Dave Elliott/Z-100 New York Research Project.”

And enjoy the show(s) at any of the above URLs.



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