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[PICTURED: Zuma Dogg co-creator/writer for LADailyBlog/LACityNews, Dave.]

12/24/12: MERRY CHRISTMAS and welcome to ZumaDogg.comLADailyBlog.comLACityNews.com. (All domain URLs forward to this blog, so pick your fave.)

Like a classic rock group, with 12 years of material, I’m constantly trying to balance the classic stuff, with the new stuff. And “Zuma Dogg” diverse, with material ranging from comedy to politics to “Quality & Productivity” (first love/published internationally on the topic); the more it builds up, the more I try to blog it all at once. (LOL!).

I know the ZD politics is most important, and more widely embraced by people, on a mass level; and especially with elections coming up in Los Angeles, wanna keep the LADailyBlog – LACityNews focused on all politics by Zuma Dogg — and took all the comedy and music off this blog, to split into two blogs (“LA City Hall Politics” and one “Zuma Dogg Show” comedy/music).

But, first of all, as soon as I promoted the political blogging, again (after recording new music, for the past five months) — the music that was still embedded on LADailyBlog, SKYROCKETED on the Soundclick charts — which means people coming to the politics blog, were still checking out some ZD music, while they were here. (I STILL took all those music widgets down, to make room for the “LA Daily Blog” archive links on left column, but embedded just one ZD music player, with all 100+ songs) on this blog, so it’s there; but not overly obtrusive/taking up too much space for “bread and butter” politics.

AND, I realize  — people know/appreciate and accept ZD as a wide range of entertainment from comedy to politics to fun parody and political music — as part of the entire ZD character/artist/performer.

But, it ain’t working, running two separate blogs — cause it’s too much effort to maintain — and people  don’t wanna jump back and forth between blogs. SO, I arranged the blog for all political posts/blogging (won’t be posting Zuma Dogg comedy videos as blog posts) — but have “Best of ZumaDogg.com” embedded on the side column with videos, for new viewers to check out for the first time — and long time fans to watch, again, for memories.

At the end of the day, the blog has to look good — and be easy to use — with a nice snapshot of ZD’s 12 year music/comedy/politics/management history, in one place, to scan for a good/informative time.

And, tonight — it finally looks the way I like it. Your @ZumaDogg souvenir program, DVD box set and “Greatest Hits/Anthology” all on one page, with no ads and no pop-ups.

This blog is experiencing record level viewership, throughout all hours of the day (1a-4a) biggest hour of the day — so that makes me wanna keep it pumpin’, and “work it.”

The main thing to consider, twitter has become the representation for all things online — and just follow @ZumaDogg, and you’ll catch everything, without even having to check the blog. I tweet links to all blog posts — and links to other media (YouTube video links//RTs and links of other relavent items/articles from other websites, etc.), so @ZumaDogg is REALLY the main thing to follow.

If you are bored and/or lonely, it’s a great place to pass the time and you SHOULD leave the page uplifted and smiling. (If the L.A. City Hall bad news doesn’t ruin it, for you. LOL!)

DONATE TO “Fair Housing Coalition” (a Los Angeles non-profit organization) to support this website. Your donation helps their effort that is reflected on ALL ZD LACityNews/LADailyBlog/LAHousingDept blogs, and will keep the websites, pumpin’ with new content in 2013. A way to donate to donate to help keep ZD, “working,” via a REAL non-profit, who appreciates this blog, and wants to keep it in peak form for the entire city to see! THANKS SO MUCH TO FAIR HOUSING COALITION…and to YOU, for helping THEM, help ME, help YOU! (Cause if this weren’t the #1 CORRUPT ISSUE that affects the ENITRE CITY, whether you are a tenant/property owner, or not…THIS CORRUPTION ALREADY DESTROYED THE CHARACTER AND FABRIC OF LOS ANGELES. IT IS THE HIGEST LEVEL=BIGGEST FISH IN THE CITY FRYING PAN…AND ENTIRE REASON TO EXIST AS A “MUNICIPAL CORPORATION” (which is how L.A. City defines itself)…CITE/FEE/FINE THE PROPERTY OWNERS TILL THEY CAN’T KEEP UP WITH THE LATE MAIL NOTICES THEY GET — THEN, when they LOSE the property, in YOUR (unofficial) court  — SEIZE THE PROPERTY! (It’s like Vegas, except the house plays with a mafia-rigged stacked deck; and mafia-shady cashier window. The FBI BUSTED the LA Housing Dept, last year; for demanding BRIBES at the cashier window, to get what you need done. MORE, over this “slow news” holiday break — and into 2013. http://LAHousingDept.com for FIRST HEAT BLOG POST & VIDEO — EXPOSING L.A. CITY MAFIA CORRUPTION, AND LA HOUSING DEPT!

ZumaDogg.com (If you’re nutty.)
LACityNews.com (If you’re upscale/serious.)
LADailyBlog.com (The one people refer to most, and the ZD .blogspot URL with biggest views, when I blog a new post, so I link em all to this URL.)

It’s a worthless history, with no value — and you don’t get to eat on Christmas (and many other days of the year), but it’s my worthless history, and the only thing I got. Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself, this holiday season, with my worthless, but entertaining 12 year music/comedy/politics empire!

At the end of the day, this is probably my most important thing. (Article link, below this paragraph.) Written by ZD in 1990. Most viewed ZD of 2012, as it is, EVERY YEAR, because of the broad nature of the topic — and this is known to be an interpretation that Deming liked; was published internationally; and a bunch of corporate bigshots sent me letters saying how good it is (including Deming, who faxed to say,”Well done.”)  So you can read in confidence; cause it’s written by the guy, doing that nutty stuff in the comedy videos, on this blog. I haven’t said a THING in City Hall chambers, that doesn’t run through this filter, first. The ONLY message I have for people of L.A., (besides the absolute urgent necessity to gather signatures to put “pension reform” on the L.A. ballot; cause there IS no other option) — is City Hall simply MUST embrace and do THIS! (And, despite any “Q&P” committees/half-baked efforts, there is no REAL “Q&P,” currently, at L.A. City Hall. This article ABSOLUTELY captures the tone and overall philosophy/mindset of REAL “Q&P.” If you are a marketer/business operator, yourself, this is FOR you, too:


Click here for “Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points”: “Well Done.” – Dr. W. Edwards Deming; “Fabulous” – Anthony Robbins; “I enjoyed it, very much.” – Bob Pittman (CEO/Clear Channel)  [“Quality & Productivity” videos (bottom right column of this blog) based on this.]

“Holiday Christmas Pop” by Zuma Dogg


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