L.A. City Council Elections (March 05, 2013): CD 11 Candidate Mike Bonin (Current City Council Chief-of-Staff) Will Have To EXPLAIN WHERE THE MONEY WENT FOR SERVICES, NOT BEING PROVIDED! ( via- www.LACityElections.com)

At first, I felt the Andrea Alacron issue was a “parenting issue,” not an L.A. City News/L.A. Daily Blog, political issue. BUT, the more I thought about it, the more things didn’t add up. AND, now, I DO believe it is a political issue of abuse of power — LAPD giving preferential/bend-over-backwards/defy protocol and logic treatment to Villaraigosa’s Commissioner — and then I DO BELIEVE it was VILLARAIGOSA in the hotel room with Ms. Alarcon, HIMSELF, as the drunk people figured out a story — called shots at LAPD and City Hall — and Villar was on the phone thugging out, silencing people. BUT YOU CAN’T SILENCE THE BRAIN OF ZUMA DOGG, so check the post. THIS AIN’T OVER! LA WEEKLY & LA TIMES CAN SCRATCH THE SURFACE — BUT THIS BLOG WILL BE FORCING THE ISSUE — WITH REAL QUESTIONS BY THE MEDIA. SEE POST! : ANDREA ALARCON “SITUATION” – An Abuse Of Power, Sp…

SHOCKINGLY the post on Frederick Sutton vs Mike Bonin in CD 11 (Westside) City Council Election (March 05, 2013) was #1 for the day/week, until just now — which says BIG INTEREST in THAT election. Zuma Dogg will be blogging on http://LACityElections.com, questions for Bonin who is CURRENT Chief-of-Staff for the district (Rosendahl’s COS) — and is REALLY the guy who does everything, while Rosendahl flaps around on TV 35 — and shamelessly attends photo ops and campaign events. Bonin basically puts the stuff in front of Bill, briefly explains, Bill signs it and says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…great, great, great,” and so be it. So the question will be, “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FEDERAL, STATE and COUNTY MONEY TO PROVIDE BASIC SERVICES, no longer being provided? The money was provided for SPECIFIC things. Appears David Copperfield did a magic trick in Bill’s office and made the money disappear. I look forward to the questions Mr. Sutton will be raising during this election campaign, toward Mr. Bonin, so the voters can have a chance to hear what happened to the money. Unless you are a union leader, don’t vote for Mike Bonin. 

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