Los Angeles City Council Elections: Neighborhood Counci Boardmember MARK MATTHEW HERD — ONLY CANDIDATE Challenging Incumbent "Pumpkin-Head" Councilman Paul Koretz [WATCH MARK HERD IN ACTION — AS HE CRUSHES VILLARAIGOSA Before PACKED Town Hall Meeting!]


Los Angeles City Council District 5 

As to be listed on ballot by L.A. City Clerk – Elections Division for March 05, 2013 election:

Mark Matthew Herd (Neighborhood Council Boardmember)
Paul Koretz (City Councilmember)

THIS WILL BE FUN!: Here is Mark Matthew Herd asking L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa about the mayor’s PENSION COMMISSIONERS, who lost BILLIONS in city general fund; with many of them now resigning, or in jail. HE CRUSHES OBAMA’S PUPPET, ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, IN THIS PACKED TOWN HALL AUDITORIUM! HANG ON, “PUMPKIN-HEAD” PAUL KORETZ!

L.A. City Council Candidate – District 05 [vs current L.A. Councilman Paul Koretz]:

Thank you to everyone who helped gather signatures, and to everyone who signed the petition to get my name on the ballot, for the March 05, 2013 L.A. City Council election, versus current L.A. City Councilmember, Paul Koretz.

As it turns out, I am the only candidate running in the election, against Councilmember Koretz, so it has suddenly turned into a real opportunity to turn what would have been a silent election, with no debate, discussion or accountability check, for Mr. Koretz. And, we will discuss these district and city issues. But, as people read my name, as the City Clerk Elections Division released he final ballot, on Friday December 15, 2012, first thing,

I know people want to know about my background, and why I am running. I grew up in CD 05, in the Westwood area and currently live in Westwood. My brother, and I, founded the Westwood Neighborhood Council that is among the most vibrant and highly-participated neighborhood councils in the city. Westwood Neighborhood Council, then elected me board member. And, was just recently re-elected; serving through 2014 NC elections.

 I’ve been an outspoken activist, as a concerned resident, in my own time, and have made numerous appearances, before council, to address community and citywide issue. I’ll be posting videos and articles about my position on city issues; and most importantly, besides being able to hold Koretz accountable, through various candidate forums and newspaper and related media coverage; I will be offering the ideas I have to help get the city back on track.

And, most importantly; will have the official opportunity to hear from everyone throughout the district and stakeholders, throughout the city, and reflect that back, in these forums and interviews. I

‘m definitely grassroots. And as someone who saw a need and opportunity for a neighborhood council in my area, to help represent our piece of the district services pie; elected, then re-elected as board member; and someone who has invested my own personal time, out of passion on city issues, that affect all of us, stay tuned for my platform on YouTube and blog.

Mark Matthew Herd,
Candidate/L.A. City Council Election (March 05, 2013) – District 05


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