Greetings From Zuma Dogg

PICTURED: Zuma Dogg [Heath Ledger’s, “Joker” don’t got a thing on him, these days. That pussy got to walk off the set, at the end of the day, and it was just a fake movie.]

FYI: November 2012 brings the granddaddy of UFC FEDERAL GRUDGE MATCHES…ZD & his attorney vs City of Los Angeles in FEDERAL COURT on “Decorum (non) rules/Code of Conduct,” during public comment in City Hall chambers. YOU remember all those little interruptions, cut-offs and ejections from 2006-2012. This month, they have their (initial) day in court. Stop by the court after public comment, it’s right across the street from City Hall. I won’t be there, though. OH, no…no…no…I’m doing FINE…cause I never leave the house, during society hours, anymore. ARE YOU CRAZY? There’s this whole big world out there.You can catch me, wandering around, from 12m-6am, when the streets are safe (from PEOPLE!) Anyway….


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