CAUTION: Please Be VERY, VERY Mindful In How You Evaluate & Handle Situations That Involve Zuma Dogg [MY CAUTION=MY COMPASSION]

Um, due to certain circumstances that continue to present themselves, to me, and others, around me; it’s out of the compassion of my “recovery” mode, that I urge you to PLEASE be very mindful in how you deal with situations involving Zuma Dogg, and when things are said by him (prophet visions that are being articulated), PLEASE…PAY ATTENTION=DO NOT DISCOUNT IT. MANY TIMES, it can be of GREAT benefit, to you, which is why I contact you about something I feel requires action. AGAIN, take OTHERS in your life, lightly — and with a grain of salt. But, keep in mind…I don’t say something, unless it’s gonna happen. I have a LONG history of never being wrong, and it’s scaring the SH*T out of me. Ask Rosendahl. I told him and his office (AND tweeted and blogged) that ZD saw a headline in L.A. Times. Unfortunately, it came EXACTLY TRUE, word for word. (If you haven’t been checking in with Zuma Dogg, the past couple weeks, I AM TRULY DEVASTATED about Rosendahl, and it had a DEEP/PROFOUND effect on me/a seed of this blog post.) But, not the only example. He ain’t the only example. Just one that you are aware of, cause he’s a councilman/public figure. (I’m talking everyday life, in my neighborhood/family/friends/store owners/etc.) Not all bad stuff. (But, when they are, remember, a prophet doesn’t pick/chose the visions, and sometimes downward trends are part of the universe). SOME are FANTASTIC. And when folks pass on those, it’s JUST as bad. (Like not splitting or doubling down, in blackjack when you are supposed to. If you are there to be efficient and WIN…you MUST do those things, or you don’t get ahead. AND, you will end up LOSING, in the long run.) The BIG thing on my mind, is my disability — how City Council caused it…and their lack of compassion/understanding and sensitivity to it. I’ll let you know if I happen to see any future headlines. WOULD THIS FREAK YOU OUT: Once, I was at a party in Malibu…WAAAAAY out there, and fifteen minute, windy drive up a canyon, once you drive down PCH, way past Pepperdine. There was an old friend, I hadn’t seen in a while, who flew in from NYC, for the party, also in attendance. The party was so CROWDED, we barely got to say, “Hello,” and got separated, before we had a chance to see each other, again. After the party, I had that “vibe,” that I wanted to see her (and the other friend, also from out of town, she was with.) I hung out at a local bar, in Malibu, for a bit. Then SUDDENLY got the URGE to drive to El Coyote (LaBrea/Beverly in L.A., about 50 minute drive from where I was leaving from.) I was thinking intensely about the two of them, and how miffed I was we didn’t get to catch up, cause I REALLY wanted to talk to them. A couple streets away from El Coyote, I had to hit the restroom, after the long drive, and didn’t wanna wait to park at El Coyote (crowded on Saturday night), so I pulled over, and started walking toward a bar. The brick wall type/no windows, hard to notice it’s even an establishment. I got butterflies in my stomach, and felt I should tuck in my shirt, and straighten up. I open the door, and there they are — the two of them. They say in shock, “Oooooh, what are YOU doing here?” I said, “I just pulled in to use the restroom.” I used the restroom, returned, and we DID have a great “catch up session/good times.” HOWEVER, the next day, I called ANOTHER mutual friend (also at the party), to tell him of this UNCANNY/MASSIVE coincidence. He quickly replied, “I know. They called, and told me, too. They said you followed them, all the way from Malibu.” (As he chuckled.) OH NO!!! I said, “No, I didn’t follow them. I even stopped at a bar in Malibu, first.” He didn’t believe me. And I realized, I don’t even expect them to believe it. That was SOME distance, in the dense L.A. area, to pinpoint, like that. That was a long time ago, but a REAL earth shaker, in my life and world, at the time. And, kinda perked the ZD quantum antenna, by realizing, coincidences aren’t always coincidences. Maybe they NEVER are? It’s not like I can pick horse races, or lottery numbers. And it’s not an “at will,” thing. For events like this to occur, you need BOTH parties (people) to be thinking (vibrating) on the same thoughts. So, I’m pretty sure those two were buzzing about me, or it wouldn’t have happened. AND, it has to be INTENSE, like firing up a generator. I sure did THAT, past six years. The same energy that dragged me all the way to that bar, near El Coyote, is the same energy that dragged me to City Hall for six years, and some of the council members HAVE asked me, “how I do it?” (Figure out their shady stuff, on the spot, while improving at the podium. Councilmembers HAVE called me, “a genius,” and, “a prophet,” and they are on the OTHER side of ZD’s rope.) I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU. I’ll continue to try and tell you with more stories, like these.


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