If You SEE This Blog Post, A Nefarious Anti-Free Speech Effort Has Been THWARTED…If Not, it hasn’t.

[PICTURED: 10-19-12. If you have to ask, “Who,” you wouldn’t care, anyway. But, here’s the “recovery,” look. #chill]

One of the reasons ZD stopped political blogging, is because some nefarious forces/someone placed an impingement on my blogspot URL, and the history of this blog was erased off search engines. The POSTS remain on the, and can be found on the search engines of the blog (now at a different URL), but a lot of history on fraud, waste & abuse was wiped out. NO ONE CARED, when I mentioned it (like to other bloggers/activists/media), so ZD dumped the gadfly juice out of his cup, and ORIGINAL POP MUSIC, it is. ANYWHO, I think I may have un-bamboozled this (government?) effort. I know WHEN it happened, and who and what I was blogging about. Right after that, BUH-BYE ZD’s political blog history on Google search engines. WHO do you think could have THAT arranged. LUCKILY, I am now in what I consider “recovery,” mode (like being in “AA”/12 Step  program), to be able to stay safe and alive, let alone enjoy a SECOND of sanity. SO, I really don’t care to even mention who or why I think it happened. But, AM curious to see if it’s been unbamboozled. If so, maybe I’ll blog on this a little more, with more relevant things. While you’re here, if you know Rascal Flatts, tell ’em here’s a SMASH HIT they should record for themselves. (Or any of the Country Crossover Rockers.) This song is so joyful, it falls into the “Contemporary Christian” category, as well, in the way CREED, “Higher” did. And when you listen to this music track, it sounds it was supposed to be kinda like, “Higher.” Feels good to be able to write songs like this, instead of the ones about Council. (THIS is a little nicer spirit.)

BUT, here’s something REALLY smooth and more along the lines of an L.A. Daily Blog reader. A political R&B tribute to Marvin Gaye, with original lyrics, in his style and spirit, the music to, “Inner City Blues,” NOW, “L.A. City Blues.” DON’T DISCOUNT THIS SONG. Imagine John Legend goin’ off on this (ZD’s vocal improv):


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