Best Wishes To Bill Rosendahl…

[PICTURED: Bill listening, as I was almost breaking down, and Daily News photographer snapped this. Was the ONE F*CKING time I didn’t want my picture taken by media. This discussion was the beginning that led to end of my homelessness.]:

Of course I knew about Bill Rosendahl’s current battle, but have been REALLY out of the loop with a TOTAL news/media/tweet blackout (for my own personal reasons). Today, I caught some news tweets, when I accidentally opened the wrong twitter account on my dashboard, and the Pandora’s Box, I had to shut, was open. A LOT OF TWEETS ABOUT BILL ROSENDAHL. I saw some YouTube of him walkin’ down the Venice Boardwalk and at the Council meeting. DAMN…when you don’t see someone, you have the most recent vision of them in your mind. BUT, he looks different. And he sounds different. I said/tweeted/blogged/shouted in the street a lot of stuff about Bill, even WAY too recently. DAMN, I must be as crazy-insane as I’m claiming to be. HOW COULD I HAVE GOTTEN SO OFF KILTER? OMG, I was ranting amidst all of his turmoil. I was/am in a state of shock, obviously. Rather than get into it, too much. Luckily, all I am thinking about are times he whizzed over to Whole Foods parking lot (after work and on Sunday mornings, as needed) when ZD was FLIPPIN OUT AND BONCIN’ OFF THE CEILING from not eating. I used to LOVE when Bill would give me food money, in Whole Foods parking lot, cause it felt like I was a KINGPIN, shaking down the elected official. (LOL! JUST KIDDING!) He got in A LOT trouble for posing for that picture w/ZD in ZD hat and glasses, in council chambers. (He couldn’t resist and said, “FUCK IT!, and took the picture.” LOL! And Bill had more nice/supportive/encouraging things to say to me, to keep my own spirits lifted, than anyone else ever has. And, while I was about to fall asleep, I just had a thought and desire I have never so desperately had: That I would do ANYTHING to reverse time to restore him. I used to get so MIFFED that he was always in such a good mood, and had more energy than me, at his age. He’s being such a great spirit and inspiration. He’s just doing it to be passive aggressive at me, to make me feel like sh*t and LOVE him, SO MUCH. I do. He’s more of a family member, to me, than most of my family. I’m sick about Bill. UGH! Many people are sad that Bill Rosendahl is havin’ a rough ride, right now. I was privileged to have had many opportunities to hear stories about Bill, FROM BILL…and he’s led quite an interesting and compelling life. I usually only like to hear/talk about myself. But, Bill has engaged me with his “Forrest Gump,” style life stories, that really compelled me, and holds interest/attention. So, here are some of THOSE, along with some of the ways he’s helped ME. And, I’m only ONE person, but not the ONLY one. – ZD

Was gonna record an ORIGINAL song about Bill, to include with this post but, LUCKILY, I already wrote and recorded one, that if you listen to the lyrics, says it all, and not a word is out of place. So, sorry Bill…your tribute song is a “recycled/used,” from the thrift store, on Lincoln, but also my BEST/FAVE one. So, on American Top 40….Here’s, “(You Are) So Amazing”:


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