SURPRISE…that domain name is ZUMA DOGG! Will ROCK the Google AD Words World! (And, maybe YOURS!)

REGARDING the URL (domain name) you clicked on, based upon the L.A. City News/Elections tweet you saw…let’s wait till after the Holidays to fire it all up. (Maybe someone wants to buy ’em off me, so they can control ’em, instead of “Mr. Insanity Man” Aka: The Icon formerly known as Zuma Dogg).  #HollaCandidates

Just recorded a bunch of new songs on professional beats. Check the eight (8) new Holiday/Christmas songs (sounds like Zuma Carpenter); plus,”A Dogg Pound Gangsta Halloween,” (for a slightly disturbing Halloween scare); some fun covers; ZD Smooth R&B; and all the ones about City Clouncil members in the embedded player on this blog. The top player is auto-play/shuffle, to play like Pandora…How about, “Zumadora.” You SHOULD be amazed (I hope). – ZD (*Retired #Icon) [*=due to degenerative disability]

AND TO EVERYONE ELSE, checking into the URLs, check out the videos in the right side of this blog. Some LEGENDARY, ICONIC, PROPHETIC, GENIUS stuff, from what I read and heard in the L.A. media. (A LIVING legend…which seem to becoming harder and harder to come by. Catch me while you can…I mean while I can.)


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