Hello, Malibu: Yes…you DID see Zuma Dogg walking around, today! Nice to be back.

[PICTURED (06-11-12): Like the KISS reunion on TV for Grammy Awards in ’90’s, ZUMA DOGG emerges after 3 year absence of Malibu TV for Council meeting on “Lagoon-doggle!” (The new ZD coined term.).]

Like when Gene Simmons & KISS shocked the world by showing up at the Grammy Awards, circa ’94, in full make-up, together as the original group, for the first time in years; TODAY, was quite a SHOCKER for the Malibu masses, as ZUMA DOGG returned to Malibu cable TV for the first time since circa ’09, for today’s (06-11-12) Malibu City Council meeting.

Back in 2000-2006, Zuma Dogg was seen strolling Malibu shopping plazas, soaking up the fame (but not fortune) as Malibu’s TOP celebrity icon. (The celebrity the celebrities ran up to meet.)

THEN, as some of you may be aware of, the City of Loss Angeles (two “s” not a typo) violated my 1st Amendment civil rights, at Venice Beach boardwalk — and I ended up homeless (NOT living in the Malibu area), but in my car — and CLOSER to L.A. City Hall (in Loss Angeles).

And, my TV show took a turn from improv comedy, to political activism — and I disappeared from Malibu, entirely, for YEARS.

Two years ago, I was able to move off the streets and into an apartment in Venice, near the Santa Monica side. And, although I could have started to take the bus to Malibu, at any time over these past two years, I was still caught up in L.A. City Hall energy — and was still in a MASSIVE “state-of-shock” from the years of homelessness, while pushing round the clock as a city hall gadfly, fighting for my rights vs City of Los Angeles. (A lot of bad energy when you are fighting city hall, as you may have heard. There is even a saying that you CAN’T fight City Hall.)

These past few months were the WORST of all, and I almost crashed and burnt, once and for all.

But, I was able to make some adjustments in my lifestyle…mainly, simply forgetting about and dropping EVERYTHING and living a VERY NARROW, limited lifestyle. Basically, just walking around my neighborhood area for coffee and mini-mart items. And I was able to shake A LOT (but not all) of the bad L.A. City gadfly energy (mainly by staying in Santa Monica, and out of L.A.). AND, I finally got to the point, over the weekend — and again, today — where I was able to walk over to the bus stop to Malibu and spend the day there. (The bus to Malibu from 3rd St Promenade Pier is BETTER than driving there. The bus FLIES down PCH, with scenic view — and only makes one or two stops, if any, at all.)

AND, simply walking around Malibu, after ALL THESE YEARS — and having the community honk as they drive by — and smile and shout out ZD, like it was the PEAK of my TV show days was VERY spiritually uplifting. After I spoke at the council meeting, the crowd cheered/high-fived/hugged ZD. I’ve done a thousand public comments in L.A., and the People of L.A. have let me know 1000s of times how important it is to them — and how much my public comments mean to them, since they can’t be there at that time, or can’t/aren’t comfortable speaking out on TV in a public forum. But, in a NEW forum, for the first time, to have the crowd cheer and high five and hug ZD, after I ranted out what I had just gathered, listening to the community, before the meeting — made me understand how important it is to people, to have someone stand up and belt it out, as only ZD does.

It DID make me feel heroic and made me realize like Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne (who I have always compared myself to), you can’t just throw it away and sit on it. And I HAVE been sitting on it, too mucn — and that’s why I’ve been bouncing off the ceiling, this past year.

It sounds narcassistic, egotistical, delusional — and all the other things my social worker says about me, BUT, it really hit home, that I am a blessed with certain creative gifts — and the world blesses me with their smiles as I walk the streets, each day — and that’s the hardest thing in the world to do…to make strangers feel happy and comfortable enough with a stranger passing by, that they feel like they know you and smile and shout you out as you pass by. And there is kind of a universal/quantum pressure to serve your purpose.

When the surfer, who I never met and didn’t know, stopped me on the street and asked me if I could speak at today’s council meeting on the Malibu lagoon, I was at the bus stop, waiting to return home. It was 3:00pm and the meeting didn’t start until 6:30pm. But, it seemed SO important to him that ZD try to show up. He offered me a ride all the way back to Venice, after. He said, ANYTHING I needed to be able to be there. So, I figured if it was gonna be THAT big a deal for the community, I wanted to be there. And it WAS a big deal for Malibu, cause there were 45 public comment speaker cards (and many more that came in after they cut off any more cards from being turned in), for the NON-AGENDA item.

So I really EXTRA appreciated it, today…after all these years. People didn’t forget any more than they didn’t forget KISS when they walked out with 2Pac for the Grammies, as mentioned above.  So it feels full circle for Zuma Dogg. I can just hop the bus anytime, and even everyday — and be in the center of Malibu in 20 minutes. (People who LIVE in Malibu, up the canyons have to drive longer than 20 minutes from the North end to Cross Creek/Malibu Colony plazas.)

So, I FINALLY FEEL THE WAY I DID WHEN I FIRST WALKED INTO CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS IN 2006: These L.A. City Clouncilmembers are a bunch of pathetic, no-heart, greedy, desperate, lowest form of human life, bottom feeding losers, with NOTHING to offer, except corruption behind the guns (police) they hide behind. These low life criminal L.A. City Clouncilmembers wouldn’t have the heart, guts or courage to vote yes on ONE THING they vote yes on, if they weren’t hiding behind police with guns. AND I AM SO HEAD AND SHOULDERS SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY, TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU CLOUNCILOSERS (Except Bernard Parks).

SO ZUMA DOGG SHOULDN’T BE THINKING ABOUT NO PUNK ASS BITCH COUNCIL PUSSIES. I’m a beloved/cherished/blessed/gifted/phenomenal icon of ALL TIME. And I need to stay focused on being like Bill Murray at the END of “Groundhog’s Day,” and try to live my day, the way he did. (Being a positive spirit to ANY AND ALL people who you encounter.)

We’ll see what I am able to do, from here.

AND TO ALL THE MALIBU FOLKS WHO WONDER WHAT ZD HAS BEEN UP TO THESE PAST FEW YEARS…YOU HAVE SIX YEARS OF “THE ZUMA DOGG SHOW (City Hall Edition)” to catch up on. [See embedded videos on this blog]  http://YouTube.com/ZumaDogg
HOPE TO SEE YOU, SOON. AND…like they taught me in nursery school. Make new friends, but keep the others. SO TO ALL MY L.A. FRIENDS I MET OVER THE PAST SIX YEARS AS A CITY HALL ACTIVIST/GADFLY…make an excuse to drive to PCH to visit Zuma Dogg, in his hometown community, MALIBU. It’d be nice to hang out with you, in my “Graceland” type digs! – ZD/90265

HERE’S MY BLOG POST ABOUT THE MALIBU LAGOON PROJECT, based on what I learned at the meeting from the community, and is a summary of my public comment at the council meeting:  MALIBU LOCALS NEED TO REVOLT OVER MALIBU LAGOON-DOGGLE! Jerry Brown Needs His Ass RECALLED Over This Issue!


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