Get To Know Deborah Fox and Meyers-Nave…You Are Paying For Their CRAPPY Legal Services Out of L.A. City General Fund (READ MEDIA ARTICLES ON THEIR PERFORMANCE.)

[PICTURED:  “Deborah Fox of Meyers-Nave, in particular, made a fool of herself during oral arguments before the 9th circuit.” See article link, below. “#L”]

If you have been following my blogging and TV 35 public comments before L.A. City Council, then you know, around February 2012, ZD got the BAD NEWS that settlement talks were OFF the table, and L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich hired HIGH PRICED outside counsel firm Meyers-Nave, with Deborah “Deb” Fox in charge of throwing hardballs at Zuma Dogg and Matt Dowd.

DOWD/DOGG already WON in Federal court, and the city has admitted liability, and that they owe us damages. BUT, instead of a settlement, Carmen Trutanich had L.A. City Council approve an initial $100,000 out of the L.A. City general fund, to drag this all the way through depositions, medical examinations for ZD, summary judgement, preparation for jury trail, then jury trial in October 2012.

CONSIDERING DOWD/DOGG are only TWO of the ELEVEN (11) plaintiffs on the suit, the city owes damages, Meyers-Nave is likely to run out of the initial $100K, and Trutanich will have to ask Council to approve MORE!!!

AND, City of Los Angeles taxpayers are paying for our (ALL ELEVEN) attorney fees. We all have the same attorney. His FEDERALLY APPROVED FEE is $750 an hour (or I think it may be $850, I forget, cause I don’t pay it, the CITY of LOS ANGELES does, out of the same general fund for fire, police and ALL city staff and services.)

PLUS, you NEVER know what a jury will award. It’s not like L.A. City Council is popular, these days, in the area. And they DID violate CIVIL RIGHTS (1st Amendment). People tend to not like that.

Deb Fox is paid out of the L.A. City General Fund, at $350 an hour. And two other attorneys make $225 an hour. PLUS, the office clerk makes $125 an hour.

ALL ELEVEN of us had DEPOSITIONS. The stenographer cost money. And it’s between 3-7 hours of depositions, for EACH plaintiff. (THEN, ALL attorneys have to read the VOLUMES of paper generated for these reports. ALL PAID BY L.A. CITY TAXPAYERS/GENERAL FUND.)

And, later this month, ZD has to go through two days worth of medical examinations, since my disability diagnosis is part of the damages claim. IMAGINE HOW MUCH THE MEDICAL DOCTOR WILL GET FOR ALL THOSE HOURS (8-12 hours, I think). THEN, the attorneys looking over the report. PLUS, all my other medical records. It will be GREAT. ALL BECOMING PUBLIC RECORD. 1000’s of pages. COUNTLESS BILLABLE HOURS for the $350 and $750 hour attorneys. (Plus, the $124-$250 hour  staff.)

THEN, it all has to be argued by both attorneys for the jury in a LONG jury trial of ELEVEN (11) plaintiffs. AND WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH A JURY WILL DECIDE TO AWARD.

So, why would Deborah Fox of Meyers-Nave want to settle the case, and put an end to her L.A. general fund gravy train. Especially, since at least fifteen (15) Meyers-Nave attorneys contributed to Carmen Trutanich’s City Attorney campaign. Hands wash each other, don’t they?



ZumaDogg: #Trutanich hired #DeborahFox as outside counsel vs ZD. WHY would DEB ever settle in prudent fashion? SHE’S PAID BY HOUR=WHY END GRAVY TRAIN?

ZumaDogg: WHY DOWD/DOGG DAMAGES CLAIM will NEVER settle. #DebFox=paid by hour. City can spend EXTRA MILLION on JURY trial+jury could award MUCH more.

ZumaDogg: THE CONFLICT: 15 #MeyersNave lawyers gave $ to #Trutanich ’09. HE hires them to take ZD’s WINNING claim to JURY. #DebFox/staff=PAID BY HOUR!

ZumaDogg: BELOW are tweets about #MeyersNave. The law firm #Trutanich hired as outside counsel to take my WINNING DAMAGES CLAIM to FULL FEDERAL JURY.

ZumaDogg: #MeyersNave benefits by poor legal advice it provides=charging for suits that arise when city follows its advice.

ZumaDogg: #MeyersNave made a lot of money, but failed to produce coherent/convincing arguments. #DebFox made a fool of herself.

ZumaDogg: #MeyersNave didn’t warn of illegality/potential legal/financial consequences=subjecting city to needless legal risk.

ZumaDogg: @MattDowdTV35: You were right on #DebFox #MeyersNave. Said she fumbled HORRIBLY in FED court, this week. LOTS of PREVIOUS HISTORY in media.

ZumaDogg: ZD sure did earn “prophet” stripes over #DeborahFox #MeyersNave. 9th Circuit/Media LAUGHING STOCK!

ZumaDogg: #DeborahFox was clearly unprepared and was unable to answer the judge’s questions with any credibility or coherence.

ZumaDogg: #DeborahFox (#Meyers-Nave), in particular, made a fool of herself during oral arguments before the 9th circuit.

ZumaDogg: “Meyers Nave’s behavior on this case has been outrageous. First, it failed to warn the city about legal liabilities.”

ZumaDogg: MORE PRESS ON #MeyersNave (Trutanich using vs ZD). “Unfortunately, the quality of the legal advice from Meyers Nave seems to be quite poor.”

ZumaDogg: MUST READ on #DebFox/#Meyers-Nave, who Trutanich is paying BIG $ to DRAG OUT (by the hour) ZD’s lawsuit damages claim.

ZumaDogg: Incompetence. #DeborahFox (#Meyers-Nave) seemed surprised by the questions posed by the judges and had no

ZumaDogg: Incompetence. Meyers Nave handled this case badly. #DeborahFox, in particular, did a horrendous job of arguing the case before 9th circuit.

ZumaDogg: #DEBORAH-FOX of #Meyers-Nave appears to be the #Trutanich of lawyers. NO WONDER he hired her/them. READ ABOUT ‘EM!:

ZumaDogg: If TEMPERMENTAL, HOTHEAD #TRUTANICH wraps his hands around my throat & shakes my head, again; I’ll kick away at his bad knee, till crippled.

ZumaDogg: If #TRUTANICH ever wraps his hands around my throat & chokes me, again=I’ll kick his nuts up his throat & yank em out his dumb, clown mouth.



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