An Open Letter To Los Angeles Leaders from L.A. Political Icon, David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg [When "Fix It" is a MUST-MUST-MUST, Read Here.]

[PICTURED: Trying to get you to think outside the box.]
I’m feeling enough “Andy Kaufman Reads Shakespear” spirit to post it for everyone to see, toward the same goal, as mentioned above.
Dear Human,
After six years of exposing the fraud, waste and abuse at City Hall, as a blogger/gadfly/frequent radio caller/etc (along w you and others), I feel it is time to move to the next phase.
Six years ago, radio hosts didn’t blast about city hall, daily. LA Times never had a bad thing to say about city hall.
When I would say Garcetti was “Garshady,” people told me he was such a good guy.
I feel SILLY, at this point, piling on w more finger pointing, and exposing further issues. The FBI is investigating. I think I can relax, now, on further exposure, cause bringing FEDS to City Hall was my goal.
AND THE MAIN THING IS, it doesn’t matter how many things me, you and Wendy expose, because the administrative system is broken, so you couldn’t fix the problem, anyway.
You are probably aware of my Deming/Quality & Prodictivity talk. I put together a new site w seminar style videos (and blog posts) where I begin, from the top, what REAL quality & productivity talk sounds like, to put people in the mindset of what quality talk actually sounds like.
You also may know Dr. Deming sent me his own faxed reply to my interpretation of his life work, saying it was, “Well done.” And that, alone, was controversial. Cause no on believed me, cause he didn’t send out anything except red in replies.
Tony Robbins (who bowed down to me on his own stage, which I was told was a first), also sent me a letter calling it, “fabulous.”
The article was published in Quality Digest, where the publisher said he especially enjoyed my explanation of Deming’s more controversial points.
AND, I ended up on the 40th floor of the Viacom bldg/Times Square, where I stunned top U.S. executives, with paradigm shifting/never before seen genius (as noted by the top radio and record research company in the world, not just U.S., “Broadcast Architecture.”)
So, I put together to apply it all to L.A. City, and is what these big money seminars sound like. People won’t care though, cause it’s actual real talk, not just Jerry Springer yahoo, finger pointing. BUT, it IS the only starting point, according to human history, that I am aware of. U.S. News & World Report puts Deming’s Japan post-war economic recovery/miracle among Top 9 most influential turning points in human history. Deming said ZD gets it. (And more importantly, can articulate it.)
I will sit back and watch in frustration as Kevin James fans think they are fixing the city, and ZD sings classic rock classics as he walks along Santa Monica State beach, as the life raft (“Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points”) is ignored.
The one guy who read my article was Beutner. He used the example, out of my article, about kids needing glasses to read in classroom. 
If anyone knows of any Quality Management consultants, ask them to look at for an evaluation of the material presented. There is only one reply you will get. “Yeah, THAT guy GETS it! That’s ‘it.’ Word-class.” 
SEE EMBEDDED WIDGET ON RIGHT SIDE OF THIS BLOG FOR ZD’S “Quality & Productivity” Seminar-Style Videos. [Not as much fun as “The Zuma Dogg Show,” cable comedy videos, but more helpful, overall.]

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