OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Zuma Dogg – "Lover" (LIVE in STUDIO) See Also: Future American Idol/America’s Got Talent SUPERSTAR!?!

In 2000, Zuma Dogg debuted as a parody hip-hop character to combat MTV’s bubble gum TRL era. That era is over. In this American Idol/The Voice/America’s Got Talent era, time for ZD to get back to his ORIGINAL ROOTS=70’s (regional) teen idol. Here’s the comeback hit, “LOVER” (Demo): Smoothest ballad since Benny Mardones “Into The Night.” If you don’t like this song, go call Leif Garret!

STONE COLD SMASH!!! (Unless I’m STONED & SMASHED!?!) YOUR CHANCE to be AMERICAN IDOL/AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Judge of ZUMA DOGG’s vocal performance. I’ve always wanted to be on the Kodak Stage for one of these cheesy shows, with my OWN country crossover pop smash ballad, but there’s a SLIGHT chance that may never happen. HERE’S what it might look like, in the delusional mind of an L.A. icon.

written by Michael Stanley

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