VIDEO: Gayle Anderson (KTLA 5) Meets ZUMA DOGG!

Who DOESN’T L-O-V-E Gayle Anderson on KTLA 5? She’s out there at 5a, 6a in the morning, getting all in the mix, not afraid to roll up her sleeves and take one for the KTLA team. Like jet skiing to Catalina Island. (Skipper and Gillian couldn’t even do it in the S.S. Minnow!) Or doing some nutty stunt to demonstrate the process for us all as we watch in bed. ZD’s star happened to collide with Gayle’s, today, in Santa Monica. You can see the dream encounter in the video below. Here’s how it all went down:

I wondered if she knew ZD. I see she does!

Telling security her fellow co-TV Icon is here!

She’s feelin’ my game!
Awe yeah! Warming up to Mr. Dogg! (Mrs. Dogg?)
VIDEO: Look how CUTE she gets when she’s falling in LOVE! 

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