L.A. Redistricting HEATS Up, as Bernard Parks & Jan Perry Become CORRUPTION WHISTLEBLOWERS Over The Process [A Message From Bernard Parks & Audio of Jan Perry & David Zahniser on KCRW w "Mafia" Mike Trujillo]

[PICTURED: Parks hands Dogg the inside shady stuff, behind the back, and under the radar of L.A.’s RICO Mafia!]


Redistricting Commission Sends Maps to City Council 

Council President Wesson Announces Rushed Hearing Schedule

The City Council will now consider the Redistricting Commission’s widely-criticized proposal, after the Commission voted 12-5 on Wedneday night to send the plan forward.

Two minority reports were submitted along with the proposal expressing the concerns of Commissioners who voted against the plan. 

One report was authored by Robert Ahn, Bobbie Jean Anderson, Helen Kim and David Roberts, who were appointed by Councilman Eric Garcetti, Councilman Bernard Parks, Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilwoman Jan Perry, respectively.

“The heavy emphasis on race in drawing the boundaries of CD10 is particularly problematic, because it appears to place a priority on bolstering the African-American population in CD10, a historically African-American influence district that has always relied on cross-racial alliances with other similarly-sized groups, with little apparent regard to the impact on CD 8, the city’s only council district with a majority African-American (citizen voting age population),” read the report.

A second report, authored by Commissioner Julie Downey – an appointee of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich – states

“we certainly could have drawn a map that minimizes the risk of litigation, instead of increasing the risk. Of course, anyone can sue anytime, with or without likelihood of success. But even if the City can prevail in court, why provoke costly and wasteful litigation, especially in times when public funds are in such short supply? If we are more responsive to the some of the most reasonable requests of the public, more compromising on contested boundaries and more equitable in the distribution of assets, we might avert costly litigation.”

Commissioner Downey also questioned the council’s schedule for reviewing the maps during yesterday’s meeting.

“Here we are the day before the final submission to council and it turns out that council is going to take final action on this two weeks from the day after tomorrow in order to meet a July 1 deadline. Why have we been rushing this at this breakneck pace in order for council to dispose of the whole thing in two weeks?” Downey said.

The Rules & Elections Committee will hold only three public hearings on the matter, before it goes to the full council for a vote on Friday, March 16.

The schedule was also criticized by Councilwoman Jan Perry, who said hearings did not give council members or constituents enough time to thoughtfully consider the new district lines.
“Your proposed schedule ignores all of the issues raised in my motion, does not provide a reasonable opportunity for the public to be heard, and calls into question the credibility of the entire process. I strongly urge you to revise the schedule, hear my motion, and allow for a thorough council debate on the important issues that I have raised,” Perry wrote in a letter to Wesson.

“EXHIBIT A” MEMO: Already posted this insider memo that Andrew “A-Hole” Westhall tried to keep out of the minority report, and Helen Kim had to go to the City Attorney’s office to fight to have it included, which it was. However, it was buried, and no one in the public really knew about it. TODAY, this blog post (of the memo) has suddenly SKYROCKETED at record level pace. Someone must have sent a cyber blast. See this most insightful and damning to the process memo, HERE.

RADIO AUDIO: JAN PERRY, L.A Times DAVID ZAHNISHER & Michael “Falsejillo” Trujillo on KCRW today, speaking of L.A. Rico Mafia’s Redistricting takeover:

LA Times, joins Zuma Dogg & Mayor Sam’s blog on Koreatown Shakedown Allegation Issue/Redistricting, today!

ALSO FROM TODAY: Donate to Zuma Dogg & LA Daily Blog, NOW!  (Help Avert Disaster and Keep This Blog Running With Momentum. I Want To Stop…I NEED to STOP, since effort is unsustained/unsponsored, but important city information is being presented by Parks/Perry on Redistricting, and I don’t wanna let it go, uncovered, cause THAT means the L.A. RICO MAFIA wins. So, I posted, anyway, and hope someone call help support my continued effort. I CAN DROP A DATA DUMP OF ALL NEW CONTENT, AS SOON AS I AM SUSTAINED AND STABLE.)


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