@ZumaDogg Tweets on L.A. City Hall [Politics/Comedy/Tragedy…All at the same time!] http://ZumaDogg.com

[PICTURED: Shine the light, won’t you, SHINE THE LI-IGHT! ZD gets “mayoral” looking! His mom is SO happy!]

@ZumaDogg Tweets for 02/03/12 [Politics/Comedy=Same Time]

ZumaDoggYou can’t believe half of what you read in the media, but here’s what they say about me…http://t.co/lCRAlvmK [Gotta live with it!]

Fri Feb 03 – 10:35:24 pm

ZumaDoggGood thing hangin’ w young money cats, who drive ZD around/buy him dinner. Drop me off at 9pm, when ZD is DONE for night/then THEY go out.

Fri Feb 03 – 9:41:43 pm

ZumaDoggLOS ANGELES HOUSING DEPARTMENT RENT ESCROW REAPER, Roberto Aldape: Were U busted for taking pics up ladies dresses? Funny stuff, Bob! #mafia

Fri Feb 03 – 9:24:42 pm

ZumaDoggRT @LACityCouncil: RT @olaasm: @LACityCouncil Did you really just RT that? (OLAASM, consider it a public comment tweet crumb for OTHER side of the ropers.) 🙂

Fri Feb 03 – 9:07:31 pm

ZumaDoggRT @latimescitygov: Occupy L.A.: Protesters oppose plan for City Hall murals. [I don’t understand why one gives a sh*t what they think?]

Fri Feb 03 – 8:55:32 pm
ZumaDoggPIC: Don’t laugh. A little beauty treatment never hurt anyone. ZD is running for mayor/garcetti owns a bevhills sa http://t.co/K3RCfE2Z

Fri Feb 03 – 6:26:38 pm

ZumaDoggPIC: L.A. mayoral candidate Zuma Dogg in makeover chair at Rudy’s SaMo (across alley from Venice). YES, this IS th http://t.co/fPLz9Adz

Fri Feb 03 – 6:26:37 pm

ZumaDoggInformation on tonight’s Zuma Dogg Mayoral Campaign Kickoff Event athttp://t.co/RrdK4Yxr. It’s a AREAL, 2820…http://t.co/LFtN0PTv

Fri Feb 03 – 5:17:51 pm

ZumaDoggWanted to have my mayoral kick-off event at LA club, but couldn’t find anything safe, no cover w/lots of parking. So, AREAL=2820 Main/SaMo.

Fri Feb 03 – 5:08:45 pm

ZumaDoggNEW at http://t.co/zRtAQN51: 1st photos of L.A. Mayoral Candidate “Zuma Dogg” in “clean shaven” media look, for campaign. Plus, new posts.

Fri Feb 03 – 4:26:22 pm

ZumaDoggPIC: Since Venice is unsafe park area, guess I can suffer, hangin out, over here, in Santa Monica. http://t.co/sshiwxQM

Fri Feb 03 – 3:33:29 pm

ZumaDoggTa Da!: Now that ZD shaved beard, looks like mayoral candidate, again; having launch party, here tonight. http://t.co/1FEWobAb

Fri Feb 03 – 3:13:18 pm

ZumaDoggJoin Zuma Dogg, tonight, at L.A.’s hottest/upscale club. AREAL. 2820 Main St, Santa Monica, near Circle Bar http://t.co/e8R39YQf

Fri Feb 03 – 3:13:18 pm

ZumaDoggWhen ZD hears @IanGillan1SCREECH IT OUT at 1:19 on this LIVE video, I CLAP, HOWL and do BACK FLIPS, every time!http://t.co/gLUaUN2E

Fri Feb 03 – 2:25:06 pm

ZumaDogg@IanGillan1: Should have your account “verified” by Twitter. Your infamous ’72 “Highway Star” live German TV is MOST SPECTACULAR R&R, EVER!

Fri Feb 03 – 2:21:11 pm

ZumaDoggRT @rlabrams: @Deming14Points#Garcetti 4 mayor? Don’t developers know his hubris killed #CRA? #1% looking 4 new lackey.

Fri Feb 03 – 1:07:59 pm

ZumaDogg@LACityCouncil using Herb Wesson to tout 1st black @LACityCouncil President, for history month. SHOULD NOTE, BParks=1st black chair REMOVED!

Fri Feb 03 – 1:02:18 pm

ZumaDoggSince I tweeted Pacoima & Westside jokes, here’s an East L.A. joke: “Antonio Villaraigosa.” [Rim shot!] “No, SERIOUSLY…Jose Huizar.”

Fri Feb 03 – 1:00:36 pm

ZumaDoggSince I tweeted Pacoima joke, here’s a Westside joke: “Waiter goes up to table at Ritz-Carlton/Marina Del Rey and say, “Is anything o.k.?”

Fri Feb 03 – 12:58:35 pm

ZumaDoggRT @richard_alarcon: Kicking off Black History Month w/movie night in Pacoima! Join us. [How much money didn’t this cost the general fund, cause these things NEVER DO! They PAY for themselves!]

Fri Feb 03 – 12:55:00 pm

ZumaDoggRT @richard_alarcon: Kicking off Black History Month w/movie night! Join us at for “The Great Debaters.” [How about, “Do The RIght Thing?”]

Fri Feb 03 – 12:52:05 pm

ZumaDoggZD learned lots, calling FBI, on what they don’t care to pursue. Sometimes fans asks ZD to sing ONE Bee Gees song, but I want to do another.

Fri Feb 03 – 12:50:21 pm

ZumaDoggOn behalf of @LACityCouncil, who didn’t make mention at end of meeting announcements on passing of Angelinos, our prayers for Don Cornelius.

Fri Feb 03 – 12:45:40 pm

ZumaDoggNot sure what “legal” definition of “crook” is, but I think it fits #BillRosendahl, no matter what standard is used. #RollOverRosendahl

Fri Feb 03 – 12:36:58 pm

ZumaDoggANOTHER Emergency Motion @LACityCouncil, today. THREE this week. Kinda like legislation via Council “non-public” decision making. Over FED $

Fri Feb 03 – 12:33:56 pm

ZumaDogg@rinwa_cmw if u wanna make Santa Monica Beach pit stop (Venice adjacent) for a visit, that’s fine, if convenient. I’ll like scripts, too.

Fri Feb 03 – 12:27:47 pm

ZumaDoggRT @ericgarcetti: Suggestions I received for new name for Kodak Theatre= iPhone, Google, Orson Welles…[More important stuff from Manboy!]

Fri Feb 03 – 12:16:22 pm

ZumaDoggHow come the L.A. City Council meeting was not held in Van Nuys, today (1st Friday of each month) as they promised Valley voters?

Fri Feb 03 – 12:12:22 pm

ZumaDoggHaven’t seen THIS guy in a while…http://t.co/jO3s5h0P

Fri Feb 03 – 11:04:01 am

ZumaDoggIf you vote for me for mayor, I promise ever sidewalk in L.A. will look like THIS ONE, in Santa Monica. http://t.co/iV9SXfI0

Fri Feb 03 – 11:02:10 am

ZumaDoggPeople expect drug cartel puppets to look like these big fat slobs, like in the movies, but they look JUST LIKE ANTONIO VILLARIGOSA=HE IS!

Fri Feb 03 – 10:25:53 am

ZumaDoggWOW! U.S. Mafia Drug Cartel’s #1 Political L.A. PUPPET is speaking on TV 35. L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is kissing some ass. #criminal

Fri Feb 03 – 10:24:18 am

ZumaDoggI turned on council meeting for some comedy relief, but I can’t look at that Lil punk-ass bitch, Herb “Mafiaman” Wesson, lie thru his teeth.

Fri Feb 03 – 10:18:49 am

ZumaDoggThe L.A. JOBS NUMBERS are actually MUCH BETTER than reported. All the cartel/mob/underground economy workers not counted. BIGGEST L.A. stat!

Fri Feb 03 – 10:16:13 am

ZumaDoggZuma Dogg Reveals “Tricks of Pension Fraud Trade” (Report for #FBI) — As THIS POST from 2011… http://t.co/a2d77ekv

Fri Feb 03 – 10:16:11 am

ZumaDoggTRICKS OF PENSION FRAUD TRADE: Report details how 1% pilfers billions of municipal dollars. LA Mayor Facilitated:http://t.co/4AksktCi

Fri Feb 03 – 9:51:45 am

ZumaDoggAntonio: I called #FBI, this week/reminded ’em about ZD’s blog. THIS getting views: http://t.co/4AksktCi PENSION FRAUD report for FBI

Fri Feb 03 – 9:48:03 am

ZumaDoggWould be nice to show up at council meeting for a little ZD TV 35, today, but WHO wants to leave Santa Monica beach for Skid Row in traffic?

Fri Feb 03 – 9:23:37 am

ZumaDoggZuma Dogg – L.A. City News is out!http://t.co/rb5MU2lL â–¸ Top stories today via @lacitycouncil

Fri Feb 03 – 1:00:20 am

ZumaDoggREDISTRICT COMMISH @ WESTCHESTER MEETING: “Sorry, moving out of CD 11 was ‘inadvertent’ mistake.” Aka: Mob got busted by social media era.

Fri Feb 03 – 12:59:34 am

ZumaDoggA SHAME for Villar’s Redistricting mafia: 10 yrs ago, no facebook/twitter/email. Could’ve gotten away w OUTRAGEOUS NONSENSE. NOW U R BUSTED!

Fri Feb 03 – 12:57:41 am

ZumaDoggRT @LACityCouncil: Antonio Villaraigosa=Puppetonio Mafiaigrosa

Fri Feb 03 – 12:48:31 am

ZumaDoggLos Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: L.A. Mayoral Candidate Zuma Dogg Wants A Status… http://t.co/xTq9jRZj

Fri Feb 03 – 12:44:11 am

ZumaDogg#FBI: Is the mayor of Los Angeles currently trying to cover up a BIG MESS OF A FRAUD regarding #HollandPartners. Gimme a call if interested.

Fri Feb 03 – 12:36:18 am

ZumaDoggStart asking @USMayors@Villaraigosa about alleged #HollandPartners L.A. housing #fraud, and he’ll say, “Let’s talk about Special Order 40!”

Fri Feb 03 – 12:35:07 am

ZumaDoggWHY I try to bolster my image/look w cooler ZD look: I look at pic of PLAIN Dave=think, “THAT’S the guy 1000s say is greatest phenom ever?”

Fri Feb 03 – 12:18:07 am

ZumaDoggI KNOW: I look at innocuous photo of most regular looking guy (see blog post) and think, “How come I am GREATEST performing phenom, ever?”

Fri Feb 03 – 12:14:53 am

ZumaDoggI KNOW: I look at innocuous photo, of most regular looking guy (see top blog post) and think, “How come I am TOP municipal genius in L.A.?”

Fri Feb 03 – 12:13:31 am

ZumaDogg@Villaraigosa: I got 2 words for U: Holland Partners…Holland Partners…Holland Partners…Holland Partners…gonna say it OVER & OVER!!!

Fri Feb 03 – 12:09:08 am

ZumaDoggIs the guy in picture on top post athttp://t.co/zRtAQN51 REALLY that guy who sings like Whitney and caused such TURMOIL for L.A. City Hall?

Fri Feb 03 – 12:02:04 am

ZumaDoggOf all the HOT SHOT L.A. Mayoral candidates, only ONE of them has been published and praised on the topic of Quality&Productivity=#ZUMADOGG!

Thu Feb 02 – 11:40:26 pm

LACityCouncilOf all the HOT SHOT L.A. Mayoral candidates, only ONE of them has been published and praised on the topic of Quality&Productivity=#ZUMADOGG!

Thu Feb 02 – 11:40:25 pm

ElectZumaOf all the HOT SHOT L.A. Mayoral candidates, only ONE of them has been published and praised on the topic of Quality&Productivity=#ZUMADOGG!

Thu Feb 02 – 11:40:24 pm

Deming14PointsOf all the HOT SHOT L.A. Mayoral candidates, only ONE of them has been published and praised on the topic of Quality&Productivity=#ZUMADOGG!

Thu Feb 02 – 11:40:23 pm

ZumaDogghttp://t.co/R5Zxcvfa [FIRST BLOG POST OF ZUMA DOGG’s 2013 L.A. Mayoral Campaign. Just a little “splash” since…http://t.co/gOkThFtg

Thu Feb 02 – 11:18:07 pm

ZumaDoggZuma Dogg Tweets for 02/02/12: Time To Start Tweeting & Blogging in L.A. Mayoral “Campaign… http://t.co/R5Zxcvfa

Thu Feb 02 – 11:09:19 pm

ZumaDoggRT @tonyarranaga: Reps from Venice, MarVista, BaldwinHills, Crenshaw, WestLA, etc all say leave CD11/CD8 as is. [Vilar’s Mob doesn’t care.]

Thu Feb 02 – 10:47:14 pm

ZumaDoggGET TO KNOW HOLLAND PARTNERS! The answer to L.A.’s housing DREAMS became @Villaraigosa‘s FRAUD NIGHTMARE! (cont) http://t.co/ByQLGlJT

Thu Feb 02 – 10:33:22 pm

ZumaDogg@Villaraigosa is PANICKED over Holland Partner FRAUD: Read THIS Comedy B.S. from 2008: L.A. BOOM REAL ESTATE (cont)http://t.co/kJnZaD5J

Thu Feb 02 – 10:31:24 pm

ZumaDoggOh no…I was VERY EXCITED that Trutanich sued a bank over pension money “mishandling,” but this ain’t the “alternative investment” stuff.

Thu Feb 02 – 10:20:15 pm

ZumaDogg@DennisPZine Since I know you’re gonna win anyway; how about U support me for Mayor and I’ll support you for controller. SCREW @WendyGreuel!

Thu Feb 02 – 10:13:08 pm

ZumaDoggDON’T GET IT TWISTED: Not ASKING for your vote. As historic, blessed, gifted, prophetic genius icon/trained in Qual&Prod, I feel obligated.

Thu Feb 02 – 9:22:18 pm

ZumaDoggREMEMBER, PEOPLE: I am NOT ASKING for your vote. I’m offering my services as only TRULY qualified person to run L.A. municipality, as mayor.

Thu Feb 02 – 9:18:28 pm

ZumaDoggL.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has ONE THING on his mind: WHAT IS HE GONNA DO ABOUT HOLLAND PARTNERS? Will ZD break it WIDE OPEN, Brutha?

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