ZD & Chuck D…Shuttin’ Down Shadiness on Twitter [Legendary Rapper Chuck D Tweets Legendary Rapper Zuma Dogg]

[PICTURED: U.S.A.’s Top 2 Rap Icons: (l) CA’s @ZumaDogg and (r) NY’s @MrChuckD. (Also: U.S.A.’s Top 2 Political Icons)]

First of all, I’m jealous…cause everyone knows, I legitimately consider myself to be one of the top rappers, of all time. BUT, I have to admit…even Zuma Dogg likes Chuck D of Public Enemy (@MrChuckD), better than Zuma Dogg likes himself. That’s a SHORT, SHORT fucking list!. (But I’m still good!!! Not like they say!) All I’m gonna say, is I was working at a Top 40 radio station, in the 80’s. Record promoters would funnel records to the station, most of which never get airplay. So, ZD, who was working at the station, as an intern, at the time, was allowed to go through the garbage can, for the records they were throwing out. They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I took ONE LOOK at the front cover of Public Enemy’s first LP, and I KNEW it was the right look and feel. AND, indeed…it WAS the best rap LP, ever made!!! AND, they made others. I always put Run-DMC as #1 on the “Best Rap Act of All Time,” as The Beatles get a lot of mentions, for being first and breakthrough. BUT, you GOTTA include Public Enemy as #2, as you would Led Zeppelin…AND, I’ve said, for a long time, and haven’t made an update, yet: Chuck D…IS the voice of rap to be put in a time capsule for the future. HERE THE DRUMMER GET WI-CKET!:


MrChuckDJan 16, 5:02am via Twitter for iPhone

@ZumaDogg lol funny ‘the voice’ went blank in the final concert in SanDiego.. Popped in then out & stayed out. And never came back,it happens.
Glad to see, it’s not just me! Chuck has been having HIS problems trying to perform and express his self through his rap music, in City of Los Angeles, just as Zuma Dogg has. [Chuck seems to take it better, all in stride.] Hey, Chuck, I had to SUE L.A. in FEDERAL COURT and WON, to get them to let me do my free speech, “hear the drummer get wicked-ness” on Venice Beach. They try to crack down with NEW rules, starting this January 20, 2012. Common by with Flav…say, “Hello, to the city attorney, Carmen “The Clown” Trutanich!”

Check out @MrChuckD on Twitter to read about HIS beef with City of Los Angeles (who tried to “Shut “Em Down” with the threat of “Shutting ‘Em Down) & LAWeekly (kicked a sleeping Mr D.) 

It all caught my attention, when my twitter timeline BLEW UP with RTs of Chuck’s comment on Dennis J. BEWARE @MrChuckD, politicians. YOU DO NOT GET AS MANY RE-TWEETS AS HE DOES, IN YOUR, OR MY, MOST ASPIRATIONAL DREAMS!

@ZumaDogg: @NewtGingrich AND @MrChuckD send him tweets. @BarackObama AND @BeastieBoys follow! DIVERSITY, Y’ALL!!! HEAR THE DRUMMER GET WI-CKED!

17 January, 2012

At Operation Skid Row, Chuck D and Public Enemy, and other acts bring attention to downtown Los Angeles’ homeless district with a politically charged free show…

Flava Flaaaaaaaaaaaav!!! You’re PERFECT! 

UPDATE: Thanks @MrChuckD for following @ZumaDogg on twitter. (Always wanted to say that!) 


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