L.A. REDISTRICTING MEETING – 01/10/12: An Important Message from L.A. City Councilman, The Honorable Bernard C. Parks

As many of you know, every 10 years, the city charter requires the 18 elected officials of Los Angeles (Mayor, 15 Councilmembers, City Attorney and City Controller) to appoint a redistricting commission to advise the Council on drawing of Council district lines.

The districts must contain “equal portions of the total population of the City as shown by the Federal Census immediately preceding the formation of districts”

In addition “all districts shall be drawn in conformance with requirements of state and federal law and, to the extent feasible, shall keep neighborhoods and communities intact, utilize natural boundaries or street lines, and be geographically compact.”

Although this may seem like a pretty straightforward task, there are always many special interests that try to influence the process and attempt to gain power and control over elections and public policy, usually at the expense of YOU, the resident. It’s often said that there is “strength in numbers.” and the special interests know this, which is why they will try to “divide and conquer.”

The USC / Annenberg School has put together a very informative website – RedistrictingGame.org – to help the public understand the process and its importance. 

If you care about parks, police, fire and rescue, transportation, jobs, and the overall quality of your neighborhood and community, come let the Redistricting Commission know what’s important to you.

On Tuesday, Jan 10th, from 6 – 8:30 PM, the Commission will hold a public hearing in the Eighth District at the Expo Center – 3980 Bill Robertson Lane – to get your input. Come and show your support for keeping your community intact, to ensure that for the next decade, you’ll have a councilmember that fights for you and your neighbors!

Make sure you stay up to date with all the latest developments on my webpage http://www.bernardparks.comor twitter  and on Facebook at Facebook.com/CouncilmemberParks and Facebook.com/BernardCParks.

Thank you for your continued interest!



via – LACityNews.com


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