@ZumaDogg Tweets for 01/01/12: L.A. City Hall, Gov Brown Releases Budget=Board of County Supervisors Weigh-in w/L.A. County Concerns & Carmen Trutanich Turning Out To Really BE A Clown (Dropping Occupy Cases Ball for City)

[PICTURED: Zuma Dogg Presents – VENICE BEACH BOARDWAK! But not FROM Venice…from Santa Monica, just a few steps over the border. Too much gunfire on the other side. Just like on the other side of the OTHER border.]

@ZumaDogg Tweets:

  • WAY TO GO L.A. CITY COUNCIL: You name it KODAK Theater. KODAK is going belly-up bankrupt, like the city. Can’t pay in future. A PERFECT FIT! 3 minutes ago
  • RT @lidlift4u: @ZumaDogg I can’t even leave my multi million dollar home on Venice Beach after yesterday’s shootings #atleastsecuretherich 12 minutes ago
  • RT @tonyarranaga: Strategies are working, but key to making #LA safer city is to reduce gang crime. [I thought INCREASING was key! Thanks!] 27 minutes ago
  • RT @barackobama: Get updates on #RunwayToWin, a collaboration by top American fashion designers supporting #Obama2012 (R U KIDDING, JOKER?)34 minutes ago
  • RT @labizobserved: Brown says proposed education cuts is not leverage to prompt voters to approve his tax increases. LOL! ZD believes him!? 40 minutes ago
  • @RickCarusoLA: I’m presumptuous! I think being mayor of #LosAngeles, in these crisis times, is FULL TIME JOB=FULL ATTENTION. DODGERS, TOO? 55 minutes ago
  • @RickCarusoLANOT ruling out mayoral campaign if he takes controls Dodgers as owner? Hi, I’m L.A. Mayor and I own the sports team? CONFLICT?57 minutes ago
  • RT @lacountyceo: Good to hear @JerryBrownGovsay “more discretion to Counties” in #CAbudget proposal [@DonKnabe fears, “OTHER counties!”]about an hour ago
  • RT @nbcla: #CABudget: @JerryBrownGovsays California is “the innovative state,” but “we’ve got challenges.” [ZD translates=WE’RE F*CKED!] about an hour ago
  • RT @LACountyCEO: Watching @jerrybrowngov#CAbudget announcement today. Very interested in any programs/costs shifts to local govt/counties. about an hour ago
  • SPORTS ANNOUNCER: Just when we thought he was down for count, @ZumaDogg claws way to browser/revamps blog=ALL NEW BAMBOOZLE PATTERN in ’12!about an hour ago
  • Did @CarmenTrutanichOffice INSIDER, LEAK to @LAWeekly; Occupy cases being dismissed/Trutanich was unprepared/no evidence/too far reaching? about an hour ago
  • RT @abc7: Adopting a dog? See our adorable pet of the week! Toby is a smart 1-yr-old Maltese…[#HerbWesson: ABC=Stealing your WHOLE act!] about 3 hours ago
  • RT @nbcla: Crime continues its 9-year drop in #LA. [NO it doesn’t. City statistics manipulated results into showing a drop. Look outside!] about 3 hours ago
  • 1/05/11: Zuma Dogg – Los Angeles City News ONLINE PRINT EDITIONhttp://t.co/YtYtTv3Iabout 3 hours ago
  • Thanks to certain City Hall political operative who HATES NUCH/wants THEIR GUY as City Attorney, who LEAKED Occupy case dismissals to media! about 3 hours ago
  • I don’t care WHAT you think: New LOVERBOY/LIVE album, just released (on Spotify/etc.) And, YES…my neighbors are now aware it is out, too! about 3 hours ago
  • @JillStewart: @Villaraigosaspinning how PARTNERSHIP caught Burkhart=CITY’S CAMERA! Sheriff saw SPEEDING van/matched VEHICLE descript. DOH! about 3 hours ago
  • A SPEEDING van at 3am catches Sheriff’s attention. Notices it fit arson suspect VEHICLE DESCRIPTION=Pulls over. #GARCETTI CLAIMS CAMERA PIC! about 3 hours ago
  • @Villaraigosa & @EricGarcetti keep reminding=THEIR cameras were key to capture. FEDS called in tip. Sheriff recognized VEHICLE DESCRIPTION! about 3 hours ago
  • It’s KILLIN’ @Villaraigosa & @CityCouncil a RESERVE SHERIFF spotted/pulled over Burkhart=not #LAPD. Sheriff recognized VEHICLE DESCRIPTION! about 3 hours ago
  • RT @lappl_izen: Expedited Building Permits for Arson Victims=Great Idea! Now let’s work on expedition of the permit process for all! about 3 hours ago
  • RT@villaraigosa: We built up the LAPD force & they engage in community policing to create safer streets for EVERY Angeleno.[EVERY Angeleno!] about 4 hours ago
  • INSANE notion to correlate, “I was a good auditor, I should be mayor.” The job and skill set required of one has NOTHING to do w the other. about 4 hours ago
  • @WendyGreuel says she’s such a great auditor/saved LA so much $$$. THEN WHY IS SHE QUITTING TO RUN FOR MAYOR? A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SKILL!about 4 hours ago
  • @WendyGreuel: I know it is challenging for you, but you NEED to be honest. When you say you SAVED LA $100 mil, you mean you REPORTED on it.about 4 hours ago
  • @WendyGreuel puts out press release saying she saved $100 mil with audits. HER JOB IS AUDITOR. Like mailman bragging for delivering letters.about 4 hours ago
  • Since RESERVE SHERIFF caught LA arsonist=NOT @Villaraigosa‘s LA CITY, he has to keep reminding you how HE MATTERS, TOO! HE HELPED! PARTNERS! about 4 hours ago
  • RT @villaraigosa: Partnerships w OTHER law enforcement agencies play critical role in keeping LA safe. [Yes=U fuck up=OTHER caught arsonist] about 4 hours ago
  • RT @villaraigosa: Federal officials notified City’s Arson Task Force when they recognized the suspected arsonist. WOW, YOU were included!!! about 4 hours ago
  • LA WEEKLY REPORT: L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Having MULTIPLE OCCUPY LA Case…http://t.co/dOhTX7rUabout 14 hours ago
  • RT @dragnetla: RT @GeneMaddaus: In court fight with @OccupyLA, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich sees many cases dismissedhttp://t.co/q3Zo768Pabout 14 hours ago
  • Zuma Dogg – L.A. City News is out!http://t.co/rb5MU2lL ▸ Top stories today via @newsmediatweets@occupytweets about 14 hours ago
  • @MayorSam: Oh, NOW I know what you meant by, “Nuch blew it again. his cases against Occupy LA are getting thrown out by the court.” #twitterabout 15 hours ago
  • Thanks to NEW LAPD Police Protective League PRESIDENT Tyler Izen (@lappl_izen) for following future LA MAYOR Zuma Dogg at ZD’s -@LACityNews. about 15 hours ago
  • CONGRATS to NEW LAPD Protective League President Tyler Izen: Been RT-ing him ALL WEEK on “Mayor/Council’s shady pay deferment.” Didn’t know! about 15 hours ago

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