@LACityCouncil Tweets for 01/05/12: L.A. City Public Service Announcements, From Various L.A. City/County Agencies and Departments

[PICTURED: WARNING! You are about to enter City of Los Angeles/Venice Beach/Boardwalk. ENTER AT OWN RISK! BULLETPROOF VEST, SUGGESTED. Weak, unorganized, befuddled, Mr. Magoo Councilman let it slide! Check @Venice311 tweet column on right hand side of this blog to see exactly HOW unsafe it now is in CD 11’s FORMER Jewel of the World, Venice Beach. (See Also: “Thing of Past.” “Too Late Now.”)]

NOTE FROM @ZumaDogg of @LACityNews (LACityNews.com): Being on the OTHER side of the rope as @LACityCouncil, in case you are wondering why I would post the PR tweets:

a) It’s called, LACityNews.com, and I want to make this blog as GOOD as possible (as MAINSTREAM, like a Top-40 MASS APPEAL format.) To be the BEST BLOG, people have to feel confident they can get it ALL in ONE place, so this will not only MAINTAIN current ZD/LACityNews readers (preventing from having to scan/check @LACityCouncil twitter page, for updates…they STREAM LIVE on THIS BLOG in the embedded column, on right hand side (scroll down) — AND, maybe MORE/OTHER people (who currently haven’t been checking my blog for ZD’s one-sided commentary [as LA Weekly accused me of, and I OWN that accusation, cause we don’t need more @Villaragosa & @EricGarcetti SPIN, out there) will start checking in for LIVE STREAMING @LACityCouncil updates, whenever they are tweeted (via streaming column); and for the once-a-day blog post update (like this one), comprised of the past 24 hours of tweets. AND THEN…PEOPLE CAN SEE THE STUFF ZD WANTS THEM TO SEE=#FBI INVESTIGATION OF CITY HALL…MANY SHOES TO DROP! CONTINUOUS COVERAGE, HERE — WHEN WE CAN FIT IT IN, BETWEEN @CarmenTruatnich COMEDY FAUXS!

b) The tweets are more public service announcements, from the various city agencies and departments, than NAUSEATING blabber-spin, you are used to from council meetings, press releases and the individual councilmember’s twitter accounts. More City Clerk, than City Council. (So consider this daily post, your public service annoucements.)

ONLY PROBLEM, there are RTs of @Villaraiogsa — and that is never ANYTHING but shameless/empty-info/kissing-his-own-ass spin. I could EASILY cut them out of this blog post, but good/bad/ugly, ZD is gonna re-post the account as tweeted, without editing out any tweets. (Cause anything SICKENING/SHAMELESS only makes them LOOK BAD!!! THEY DON’T REALIZE!!! @ERICGARCETTI IS SUCH A LITTLE MAN-BOY, LIVING HIS OWN LITTLE NEVERLAND WORLD…HE HAS NO IDEA HOW SILLY HE SOUNDS! (Same w @Viagraiosa!) Emperor’s New Clothes with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

SO THIS IS THE @LACityCouncil post — so I don’t want to be like LA CITY COUNCIL…and INTERRUPT…when THEY have the floor. So, just wanted to include this programming note on this new baby (the dumb/ugly one that you can tell is gonna be the “slow” one of the family) to the Zuma Dogg – LACityNews.com Blog Network.

CITY HALL SPINNER…take it away!:

@LACityCouncil Tweets:

City Council Meetings (10:00 AM): Wed 1/4/12 Agenda (VIDEO REPLAY) –http://t.co/EyHowRwn, Fri 1/6/12 Agenda & WATCH LIVE ONLINE! – http://t.co/SOBMQgTs1 day ago



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