LA Times Article: Austin Beutner on City Hall’s budget practices, "Resembles an infamous case of corporate financial abuse…Enron: That’s actually fraud, right?" BEUTNER ACCUSES CITY HALL OF FRAUD (AS DOES ZUMA DOGG & FBI!)

                         To weather the Great Recession, Los Angeles Mob Boss Antonio Villaraigosa pushed thousands of employees out the door at City Hall in what he has described as one of the tougher choices on his watch.

But Villaraigosa has also relied on a second, less understood strategy for keeping the city in the black: postponing at least $100 million in personnel costs until after he leaves office, a Times analysis found.

Working in sync with the City Council, Villaraigosa [as in “orchestrated/collaborative/racket] has delayed paying for such obligations as police overtime, unused sick time, contractually agreed-upon wage hikes and an early retirement program that gave 2,400 employees full pensions five years ahead of schedule.

The next mayor, and possibly the one after that, will inherit the tab. And, as a result of another mayoral initiative, there could be less City Hall cash at that point to pay the bills, because Villaraigosa [is a mob boss puppet moron/corrupt AND dumb] also wants to eliminate a business tax that generates $439 million annually.

Don Puppet (cause he is not the Don, only the Don’t puppet…but more like a “muppet,” which ever Muppet is the dumbest) Villaraigosa has portrayed his budget decisions as prudent, preserving crucial services in the midst of a major fiscal crisis. Matt “Bozo” Szabo, Villaraigosa’s deputy chief of staff and in-house budget advisor [LMFAO…”Advisor?” Larry is Curly’s “advisor”], told The Times that his mob boss fully intends to “hand to his successors a city in the black.”

But even some of Villaraigosa’s allies are questioning whether the public has been misled about the health of the city’s finances. [Cause not everyone is in the mob, and if you are NOT, NONE of what The Mayor and City Council do, makes any sense. That’s cause The Sopranos are orchestrating the self-enriching/purposeful money-pilfer racket. It wouldn’t make sense to Wells Fargo allies if bankers were walking out the door with stacks of money, at the end of the day, including extra bags for Maria Del Angel’s, I mean for other people’s friends and family. Maria is part of Antonio’s mob and reports to the same boss.] And the crew just too a major blow, as their major source of funding has been cut with the end of the CRA/LA. (Funneling money out the back door, as we speak, before money stream is cut off at the pass, forcing state dollars to be used for services to the community. NEW CONCEPT!)

Investment banker Austin Beutner, a mayoral hopeful who previously served as Villaraigosa’s “jobs czar,” said putting off personnel costs today will leave the city with fewer dollars for services in coming years. He was more blunt three months ago, telling a room full of real estate executives that, “City Hall’s budget practices resemble an infamous case of corporate financial abuse. “That’s Enron,” he told the audience. “That’s actually fraud, right?”

[Zuma Dogg: Yes, Austin. It’s “systematic” under Villaraiogsa’s Office & Garcetti’s City Council; with Controller Greuel in her office waiting till the next news report exposes the NEXT thing — and she has to run though her political motions. But, it’s the FBI’s problem, at this point.]



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