Is L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich Paying Dan Raskov (Obama L.A. Logistics Guy) $1000 a WEEK in CITY MONEY to be Trutanich’s Political Operative?

Trutanich’s use of city-paid workers for political campaign activities questioned
via Los Angeles Dragnet Blog

[PICTURED: Dan Raskov. Does logistics for U.S. President Barack Obama, when Obama comes to town and shuts down traffic. ZD has spent countless hours on the phone with Dan, and have met with him, in person, and had lunch/dinner with him, several times. HE IS A POLITICAL OPERATIVE who gets the BEST POT (MARIJUANA) ZD HAS EVER SMELLED! Not a “find alternative source of funding” expert. Dan worked on Trutanich’s campaign as a political operative. Sounds like Nuch is paying Dan $1000 a week to be his political operative under guise of “alternative funding”guy. ]

Trutanich’s use of city-paid workers for political campaign activities questioned

As previously reported, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich chickened out of attending the recent DA candidates’ forum. When Trutanich’s original claim that ‘he was not invited’ was challenged as yet another lie from the embattled former plaintiff’s attorney, he changed his lame excuse to ‘he was not officially invited,’ prompting one commenter to question what form of invitation, exactly, the City Attorney expected; ‘a calligraphic scroll with Trutanich’s name embossed in gold foil?’

While Trutanich’s stated reason for chickening out of being publicly humiliated for reneging on his promises are not likely to impress anyone but the most ill-informed, Trutanich made sure he was fully informed of events at the candidates’ forum. City Attorney employee Dan Raskov, who receives over $1,000.00 a week of taxpayer money under an obscure contract to provide Trutanich with ‘… Grant and Alternative Funding Specialist’ services, attended the DA candidates’ forum, doubtless to report back to Trutanich on how the opposition is shaping up.

City Attorney contract employee Dan Raskov attended the DA candidates forum
and was seen making copious notes of the proceedings for his report to Trutanich

The use of taxpayer-funded city employees for political campaign activities is strictly prohibited, as is their use for personal purposes, such as the child minding and shopping errand scandals that wracked the Delgadillo administration. Trutanich will likely claim that his contracted employee was attending the forum and making notes in his ‘personal time.’

However, given Trutanich’s now well established reputation as a liar, and his incredulous responses to the recent BillboardGate and RentGate scandals, it’s a claim that most believe would fail the straight-face test. It is a sad reality that Trutanich’s credibility continues to plunge in the eyes of those who reasonably expected him to abide by his ‘pledge to serve,‘ and are appalled at his apparent comfort level with reneging on his solemn, sworn promise to voters.

Equally, given Raskov’s obscure job title and function, it is perhaps fair to question precisely the role that Raskov played at the candidate’s forum. It might also be reasonable to ask for some accounting for the amount taxpayer funded time devoted to sourcing ‘Grant and Alternative Funding’ compared to the success, or lack thereof, of any efforts actually made in that regard. Apart from Trutanich being accused of funding his office with the proceeds of alleged ‘extortion,‘ it is unclear precisely what ‘Alternative Funding’ activities remain within Raskov’s purview.

Trutanich, who issues Press Releases like confetti, does not appear to have issued a press release lauding the success of Raskov’s quest for ‘Grant and Alternative Funding,’ at least not according to the press release archive currently viewable on the City Attorney website.

In view of Trutanich’s alleged commitment to ‘transparency’ and ‘no politics at my desk‘ it certainly seems reasonable that the public receive some credible assurances that Raskov’s political campaign activities are indeed separate from his taxpayer funded position, and that Raskov’s position is a legitimate charge to taxpayers.

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