L.A. CIty News #OccupyLA (Anarchy Cult Mob) Update: City Council Threatened on LIVE TV by Occupy LA Spokesperson & MOB Attacks Non-Occupier @CityHall


Los Angeles City Council Chambers by Eagle Rock artist Alex Schaefer, who made first trip to City Hall from public comment about Occupy LA encampment on City Hall public space. [Former Occupier goes to the ZD side — and I’m sure this won’t be his last trip to city hall for public comment.] I KNOW this picture is good, cause I got sick to my stomach, just looking at it.

THANK YOU, DAVID IN TARZAN, FROM DAVID IN VENICE!: via RonKayeLA.com (Reader Comment) on OccupyLA: By David in Tarzana on November 2, 2011

Occupy LA is a joke. Zuma Dogg has been “walkin’ the walk” the last four or five years against exactly what they claim to be protesting against. He has pointed out in the proper forum the fraud, waste and abuse that has taken place in Los Angeles all in the name of Corporate greed. As City Council has funneled hundreds of million dollars to large corporations in the form of tax breaks, subsidies and outright gifts, Zuma Dogg has been there every step of the way trying to inform a disinterested public about exactly what has been going on. Occupy LA will cry about the First Amendment rights the first time they feel threatened. Zuma Dogg has done more for the fight to protect that crucial right than anyone in recent history. If Occupy LA was for real, instead of attacking Zuma Dogg when he walks through their encampment, they should welcome him as the true leader in the fight against the evils of corporate greed and a complicit city government.

AND HERE’S ALL THAT MATTERS TO ME, ANYMORE…cause no matter what ever other issue you are concerned with…it’s ALL at risk, when L.A. City Hall allows an Anarchist Cult Mob to seize control of the public walkway at City Hall (along with the entire park). If you heard the Occupy LA guy give public comment to council yesterday, a threat was definitely issued to L.A. City Council. They have allowed themselves to be taken hostage, so that means we have ALL been taken hostage. And I am very surprised there is much less reader response to THIS issue, than the other petty crap you send through my Google stats blogeshphere roof. THIS SHOULD

MEDIA ALERT – SHOCKING VIDEO!: Occupy LA Cult Mob Attacks Non-Occupier. Creepy Cultish Chants as MOB ATTACKS! POLICE STAND BY & WATCH! CITY NOW HOSTAGE!

But it isn’t about your own selfish, self-interest…BUT IT REALLY IS…and are just too shallow and short sighted to realize. Which is why you have to come to me for information and opinion. (Dave in Tarzana, Ron Kaye, Jose Aguilar, Alex Schaefer are exempt from this admonishment, of course, as I look down my nose at the rest of you losers.)

And finally, I left messages with Eric “Stay As Long As You Need To” Garcetti and Bill “Aren’t These People Great-Great-Great For Standing In The Rain” Rosendahl to please remove the Anarchist Cult Mob that has seized control of City Hall walkways and public space. Because I am coming to City Hall on Friday for public comment and I refuse to have my 1st Amendment (speech and movements) block or impinged by a CULT MOB, whose representative threatened L.A. City Council on LIVE TV, November 1, 2011. (The Public Comment speaker after the Icon spoke.)

PUBLIC NOTICE: VIDEO MESSAGE TO BILL ROSENDOPE-ASS & ERIC GARPUSSY-ASS! [I repeated the message for Garsissy-boy, but Ustream cut off. YOU GET THE POINT, MANBOY!]


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