L.A. Mayoral Candiate (and Wall Street FRAUD-BUSTER) Zuma Dogg Weighs in on Occupy Wall Street/Occupy LA (Greetings from your FOREFATHER!)

BREAKING – 10/2/11 1 PM:

NEW #OCCUPY TWITTER ACCOUNT: @OccupyTweets – Where the history of Wall Street fraud will be exposed, as already covered on this blog over past four years. (GLAD THE NATION IS FINALLY PISSED OFF!!!) http://LACityNews.com is here to keep you pissed, but make you as informed as the genius criminals, who just pulled off the BIGGEST caper in U.S. history. (WALL STREET PENSION FRAUD!)

INTRODUCTION TWEETS: WALL ST FRAUD EXPOSED by L.A. Political Blogger: http://t.co/z1kEHXnm, http://t.co/UOb5oJrc, http://t.co/SGftnz1s, http://t.co/7AcDlwVn

[PICTURED: Thanks for showing up to the party! ZD=Occupying LA on this issue for four years. New York Daily News took note. Andrew Cuomo did, too! And now, SEC! Don’t worry, it’s coming to an end, just as you’re showing up. The MASSES…gotta LOVE ’em!]

Someone posted this on another local blog, and it sent out the ZUMA SIGNAL! First of all, thank you, very much for thinking of me on this issue. I’ve spent four years investigating and exposing Wall Street PENSION FRAUD, more than MOST PEOPLE cared to hear about. NOW THAT THEY DO…I’M THRILLED! Hello, Occupy LA from your FOREFATHER, Zuma Dogg!

downtown vibe on October 01, 2011, at 02:40PM – #5

“And then send out the elected City Controller/Keeper of Secrets, Wendy Greuel, who this week claimed that SHE JUST DISCOVERED all this corruption and wants to make a new law requiring ALL civil service workers to report abuse! Zuma Dogg is running for Mayor. I think we should hear what he has to say….”

ZUMA SAID: Thank you, very much, for thinking of me, on this topic. My initial concern, was that Occupy LA was a stunt by politicians, using people as their puppets, to point fingers AWAY from them, and TOWARD those mean, old people on Wall Street. (WHICH they are.) So, ASSUMING, this is a REAL, grass roots effort, of a non-political-backed, real-people, really organizing; first of all: IF SO, A DREAM COME TRUE DAY FOR ZUMA DOGG! AMAZING! THANK YOU, VERY MUCH! My addition to the dialogue is, YES: Wall Street executives ARE, what I believe to be the reason we are suffering staff and service reductions in Los Angeles. (THE WHOLE EDGE OF BANKRUPTCY MESS!!!)

HOWEVER, it must be noted, most emphatically, it takes TWO (2) to tango. And it is; a) the elected officials at the state and local level who created the laws that allowed it to happen. b) These elected officials who took money from the Wall Street connected “equity capital” firms. Then c) appoint these connected Wall Street cronies to the CalPERS & LACERS (State & Local pension funds.) Then money is d) invested in, “overly-risky, non-investment grade, alternative investments on Wall Street and in real estate. (Phony LLC and real estate scams of these capital equity firm cronies.) The capital equity firms (placement agents got $50-$100 MILLION a pop, to broker these deals, that went on to lose BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars in state and city treasury, general funds. (YES, these losses are reimbursed out of the municipal general funds.

So it all adds up to the elected officials and cronies rolling bigger dice than any Vegas addict, under the worse odds. But it didn’t matter, because if they LOST, the losses were paid back, anyway. And got a “kickback” from the house.

AND NOW, the country has lost it’s foothold in the global economy over this. Had it not have been for the losses in the ’08 crash, in these, “overly-risky, non-investment grade, alternative investments,” things would suck, but they wouldn’t be miserable and insufferable, economically speaking.

AND, it’s STILL happening.

Go to Google and do a search for “Zuma-Dogg Pension-Fraud”. Posts will appear.

Thanks for asking.

Zuma Dogg



He knows ZD knows! And he told me, “As goes Wall Street, goes the general fund.” I asked him, “How’s it goin’, this year?” He said, “Common, Zuma Dogg. You know EVERYONE’S having a rough time, on Wall Street.” (ZD thinks, “Maybe? But the largest geographical municipality in the country doesn’t rely on your overly-risky investments that YOUR OWN AUDITS & CONSULTANTS SAID, “You should have ZERO investments in.” ZUMA DOGG AGREES! AND I BET, SO DOES THE SEC! You’ll SEE!]

AND BY THE WAY, downtown vibe, sure knows what’s up! DAMN! Only ONE PERSON I know of, who knows ALL THAT! Not that there’s only one person. Just one, ZD knows of. Hit me up with an email, “downtown vibe.” (If that’s your REAL name?) Have we been in correspondence?

downtown vibe on October 01, 2011, at 02:30PM – #4

Send out the Mayor so he can discuss why he let his campaign donors take control of the City pensions and why the taxpayers will be covering losses. (Ex Los Angeles Police Foundation Board Member is now in jail for New York Pension Fraud)

Then send out the Councilman who was taking bribes while at the LA Unified School Board..He’s also accused of funneling millions through non-profits.

Then how about the Councilman who has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to his family and friends through the Cultural Affairs Department. (And rigged bond contracts for his friends costing the City tens of millions of dollars)

Then maybe the ones whose drug of choice is Community Redevelopment Money…. see (bribe guy above) and add pusher of Eli Broad Museum and Farmers Field. ($53 million for parking structure and $1 million for Architecture Firm Office)

Yes I’d like to see them face the public and discuss these issues with a straight face.



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