[PICTURED: LA POLITICAL KINGPIN “ZUMA DOGG” AIN’T GONNA LET THE CORRUPT, RICO-RACKETEERING, MONEY-LAUNDERING KINGPINS STEAL, HER, AWAY FROM ME AND THE PEOPLE! Someone in Wilmington, NC said I was, “a hero to the country and the people,” and U.S Presidential Candidate and Political Veteran NEWT GINGRICH sent me a tweet reply (not just a RT, he sent a reply message) in response to my tweeted version of “Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points” (Quality & Productivity). Dr Deming sent me a letter, himself, calling it, “Well Done.” And he, “appriciated it, much.” SO STOP BANNING ME — AND START LISTENING, AND DON’T MONEY LAUNDERING VOTER APPROVED BOND MONEY FOR REDEVELOPING LOW INCOME BLIGHT, YOU CORRUPT, ASSHOLES!]

UPDATE: Friday, I was contacted by a ZD/LACityNews/LADailyBlog reader, who had an “erroneous lien” posted on their property. Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety (LADBS), agreed that it was “erroneous,” and was compliant. (The department did not even take 2 seconds, to flip the top page of the file, to check the current title, that was IN the folder, to see that it had changed ownership. AND, LADBS (purposefully) outdated records didn’t show that the NEW owner PAID the old owner’s lien…or maybe the info was there, and they didn’t bother to look, before they posted the erroneous lien.

SO THEN, it was on ZD’s radar…and the more I heard, the shadier it got. (And I was contacted by a SECOND property owner, who lost $30,000 in a shady LAHD/Rent Escrow (REAP) challenge. More on that, later. Point is: RAMPANT, SYSTEMATIC PROBLEM IN VILLARAIGOSA/TRUTANICH’S L.A. CITY HALL!)

AND HERE’S THE RICO-RACKET SCHEME, AS ALLEGED: Post erroneous lien on property. Owner complies/proves didn’t do anything wrong in first place. (As in THIS case.) Clerk says, “Yeah, you’re ok.” Person hangs up thinking, “I’m ok.”

But the folder is passed down the line, and includes having to make various hearings and court dates. And ZD discovered, that a) they post the lien about a month after it is dated, shaving 30 days off the 90 day notice. b) Was sent L.A. City Council agenda item, hearing notice, AFTER the hearing date. Due to city’s erroneous systems (purposefully?) people are being sent into SYSTEMATIC CODE ENFORCEMENT, RICO-RACKET process…and before you know it, there simple error, is passed all the way down the line, until you lose your property in Superior Court.

SO, FRIDAY, when I got cranky, cause my reader, who was with me at the time, buying me lunch, cause I was in emergency mode (and is how I heard about this story/over his buying me lunch to save my life) made a call to the LADBS accountant who AGREED on the phone, he was “compliant, and A-OK” on the erroneous lien (was fixed), but for WEEKS, my pal could not get him to PUT IT IN WRITING/FAX IT! THE LETTER WAS SITTING THERE IN THE FILE.

So ZD was listening in on speaker phone, and though this account guy, was TOO FULL OF SHIT, FOR ANYTHING ZUMA DOGG STANDS FOR, so I grabbed the phone out of my pal’s hand and said, “Yeah, Hi. Do you know (so and so)? How about (name)? They are both on my cell phone, and if you don’t fax the piece of paper you are staring at, in front of you, my next calls are to them.”

He says, “Um…hello…I’m busy, right now. Can I call you back?”

[ZD: Um…no! I MADE those calls!]


I called Rosendahl’s office and spoke to the ONLY DECENT PERSON working in his office (certain) Deputy. I said, “Please call (PERSON’S NAME) at this number (gave Deputy phone number) and tell him to fax the letter that is right in front of his face.”

Deputy told me he contacted the dept, and they have a good success rate, once that happens. THAT WAS FRIDAY!

Yesterday, was Tuesday, and still, no fax! So I emailed the Deputy and he said, “I DID contact the department, and let them know.” (AND ZD’S NLP TRAINING HIT HIM OVER THE HEAD!!! OH NO!!! THAT IS NOT AT ALL THE SAME THING, Y’ALL!!! HE FILTERED AND DISTORTED THE WORDS, Y’ALL…and he circumvented EFFICIENCY and handed the address of the property RIGHT INTO THE FBI INVESTIGATED HANDS, ZUMA DOGG WAS TRYING TO AVOID!!!!” AND SENT IT INTO A BLACK HOLE…that was not resulting in ZD hearing the fax has been sent, within the HOUR!

So, today, I wake up cranky, over it…and call the deputy and say, “Bro, I LOVE YOU! And I JUST HAPPEN TO BE an INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED AND RECOGNIZED AUTHOR ON THE TOPIC OF ‘QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY.’ And Deming sent me a letter of praise, for my interpretation of his 14 Points (Methods for Management of Quality & Productivity); and if you’ve heard of Tony Robbins, he bowed down to me on HIS stage, which isn’t easy to do.

So, I’m in a hurry, so let’s have a quick “Quality & Productivity/NLP (Effective Communication) SEMINAR.” ZD says, “Call the number I gave you and tell the guy to fax the paper he knows all about, please.”

AND I GIVE THIS DEPUTY CREDIT…cause he’s the ONLY PERSON I’VE ENCOUNTERED AT L.A. CITY HALL, WHO ISN’T TOO FUCKING DEFENSIVE & COMBATIVE FOR THE CITY’S OWN GOOD!!! And he said the most MAGICAL WORDS, that really did, feel SO FUCKING GOOD TO HEAR, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER: “I will.” (Plain and simple! Not sarcastic, A-hole, slam the phone down, and NOT do it, City Hall deputy, at all!)


My pal who was waiting for the fax from LADBS, called me 12 minutes later, laughing, saying, “I have the fax. The accountant from LADBS called me back TWICE (left voice mail, first time, then called back again, to make sure he actually spoke with my pal), to confirm he got the fax.

I called the deputy and let him know how happy I was and thanked him!

BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM! How many people are caught up in LAHD & LADBS “Systematic Code Enforcement,” BULLSHIT — AN ERRONEOUS NET THEY CAN NEVER GET UNTANGLED FROM…

But…ONE CALL FROM L.A.’S #1 KINGPIN, ZUMA DOGG, and it’s magically taken care of in 12 minutes?

I GUESS IF YOU NEED TO CUT THROUGH FBI INVESTIGATED L.A. SYSTEMATIC BULLSHIT…you either need to bribe a bunch of people $1800/a pop. Or take KINGPIN ZUMA DOGG out for a slice of pizza.

[PICTURED: This letter to ZUMA DOGG (Aka: Dave Elliott, his radio DJ moniker) sent SHOCK WAVES across U.S. (if you were a TOP Fortune 500 consultant or international world-class executive.)

NEVER PUBLISHED PHOTO: Deming's letter to ZD/"Dave ... on Twitpic

Was only know to send “red ink.” The Deming Institute recognizes this most rare, unprecedented achievement, as did Tony Robbins (who sent me a letter calling my “Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points,” “fabulous,” and Robbins bowed down to me on his stage, during a satellite feed, across U.S., on another semi-related skill (NLP), which I use as part of Deming’s 14 Point management philosophy. Bill Rosendahl’s DEPUTY got a mandatory and impromptu FREE consulting session, today. WORKED MAGIC! His words, “I will,” cut through MONTHS WORK OF FBI INVESTIGATED SYSTEMATIC PROBLEMS WITH BUILDING & SAFETY, BY HAVING CONFIRMATION FAXED TO ZD CLIENT, WITHIN 12 minutes! A KINGPIN KNOWS HOW TO CUT THE BUREAUCRACY. It’s called 14 points + NLP!]

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