Zuma Dogg Called, "a hero for our country and the people." by Wilmington, NC and told, "Your T-Shirts Are Community Classics": BUT L.A. City BANS ME!

PICTURED: L.A. City Hall’s toxic byproduct of corruption (Aka: The MADMAN of VENICE), now hanging upside down, from the rafters!!! HELP!!! SSI DIAGNOSED DISABLED BIPOLAR MADMAN, WALKING AROUND UNMITIGATED, AND LEFT TO HIS OWN UNABLE TO MITIGATE DEVICES. Roger Waters said, “The lunatic is on the grass.” The one in Venice, is on the sidewalk. And the madman hopes to keep it that way! (Those MTA buses SPEED!!!)


  • After 5yr, L.A. ILLEGAL CRACKDOWN on ZD, now fighting for life, daily; but called, “hero to country” & “shirts r community classics,” TODAY! about a minute ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl U WERE RIGHT ABOUT “ZUMA DOGG” (Prophet, Treasure), but U DESTROYED IT!: ZD shirts called, “Community Classics” & “Hero to country & people,” by Wilmington, NC reader, TODAY! 6 minutes ago
  • Dear Readers, LA may have violated my FED rights, 5yrs, till I became SSI DISABLED MADMAN! But called, “Classic” & “Hero to country,” TODAY! 9 minutes ago
  • Dear Readers, DON’T WORRY that LA City violated my rights/income, 5 yrs, till I became SEVERELY SSI DISABLED/Bipolar. JUST FOCUS ON CONTENT! 10 minutes ago
  • @ariannahuff If u don’t know ZumaDogg or READ http://t.co/zRtAQN51, you don’t know much about LA City Hall RICO-RACKET FRAUD. See PENSIONS! 11 minutes ago
  • @ariannahuff If you haven’t heard of Zuma Dogg, or read http://t.co/zRtAQN51. Ask Arnold, Villar, Broad, LA Council, Board of Supes or FBI. 14 minutes ago
  • @ariannahuff Newt G. tweeted me on my Deming 14 Pts Review! (Deming, “Well Done.”) PLUS, ALL LA CITY HALL CORRUPTION! http://t.co/zRtAQN51. 15 minutes ago
  • After being called, “hero for our country & people,” by 20 yr old & “ZD T-shirts r community classics,” by 70 yr lady, today=ZD GOING 5150! 17 minutes ago
  • LA CITY BANNED THEM, AND LOST A SUIT TO ZD IN FEDERAL COURT: “Your T-Shirts are community classics.” (To ZD via f-book 9/28/11.) FUCK U LA! 28 minutes ago
  • Can I be saved? Decorate my heart like a grave. Down in a hole/Losing my soul/Out of control. I wanna fly. But my wings have been so denied. 38 minutes ago
  • Tweet below causes ZD TREMENDOUS EMOTIONAL DURESS. Can U understand, why? HINT: “Down in a Hole,” just started on my MP3 shuffle. SEE LYRICS 44 minutes ago
  • “Dear Zuma Dogg, I have followed you for years and I consider you a hero for our country and the people.” – Wilmington, NC. To ZD, 9/28/11 47 minutes ago
  • #FBI: Read CRA agenda on Casa101 $175K approval. Treasurer=CRONY of HUIZAR. ALSO: Agreed content not included on social media, as agreed. about an hour ago
  • New content posted @ http://t.co/zRtAQN51 on LA City Hall corruption. (Uncovered elsewhere.) NOTE: ZD=GENIUS/PROPHET, but SSI bipolar, too. about an hour ago
  • Dear Zuma Dogg Friends, Yesterday was PRETTY, PRETTY dark. Today not so EZ, but the OVERWHELMING DARK energy has passed, for now. about an hour ago
  • ZD’S MANDATORY/IMPROMPTU 14 PTS (Qual&Prod) seminar w/Rosendahl office. DEPUTY said MAGIC WORDS, when ZD was done. “I will.” (AND, he DID!) about an hour ago
  • FRICKIN’ FINALLY!: Zuma Dogg had MANDATORY/IMPROPTU 14 PTS/QUAL&PROD consulting session w/Rosendahl’s office. His deputy=GOOD STUDENT! 12min about an hour ago
  • To: Charles (LADBS Accounting): This is KINGPIN who called U, FRI. U stuttered, “Oh, I’m busy. Can I call u back.” No! NEXT TIME I CALL… about an hour ago
  • BASED on tweets on my post on TRUTANICH “ACE” (Code Enforcement Criminalization), I DON’T THINK HE’S AWARE HOW UPSET PEOPLE WILL BE AT HIM. about an hour ago
  • FBI: Does THIS prove ERRONEOUS LIEN “sign off” process is BS?: Pal couldn’t get it faxed. ZD calls and says magic letters=FAXED IN 12 MINS! about an hour ago
  • ZD’s RELATIONSHIP w INVESTIGATORS: No one has THIS MUCH time invested, w/insiders connecting-the-dots for them. I blog it. They follow up. about 2 hours ago
  • ONLY TIME WILL TELL & I AM DELUSIONAL, but I DO BELIEVE we have the first time FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS use local blogger to connect the dots. about 2 hours ago
  • I AM ONLY SPECULATING, based on my Google blogger stats (research), but looks like McFarlane/AEG/PENSION FRAUD just hit the radar. (FEDS?) about 2 hours ago
  • ZD HANGS “KINGPIN” SHINGLE OVER LA: If you’re a property owner who can’t get LIEN sign off in WRITING, pay ZD $200. Got it faxed in 12 mins. about 2 hours ago
  • HOW ZD SHOWED HOW FULL OF SHIT, city hall is. Rosendahl’s office wasn’t getting FAX I wanted from LADBS. TODAY, I had it faxed in 12 mins. about 2 hours ago
  • Can’t get LIEN sign-off, in writing? Should studied 14 PTS, NLP & ZD! CD11 WASN’T GETTING IT DONE. ZD MADE EMPHATIC CALL! Faxed in 12 mins! about 2 hours ago
  • ZUMADOGG=KINGPIN! STAFF @CityHall KNOWS IT: After my pal gets runaround on LIEN sign-off, ZD gets it faxed in 12 minutes. ALL FEAR KINGPIN! about 2 hours ago
  • 14 PTS (QUALTY&PROD)=PERFECT EXAMPLE: After Rosendahl office gets NO RESULTS from BLDG&SAFETY: ZD makes ONE CALL. Faxed/resolved in 12 mins. about 2 hours ago
  • 12 MINUTES: How long it took BLDG & SAFETY to FAX THE FUCKING PAPER, THEY REFUSED TO FAX, once ZD called ROSENDAHL’S OFFICE, TODAY! ZD=Q&P! about 2 hours ago
  • I POSTED LAST NIGHT; BLDG&SAFETY accountant wouldn’t fax “sign-off” paperwork to my pal & Rosendahl’s office was bureaucratic. ZD FIXED IT! about 2 hours ago
  • @DennisPZine: You’d make one HELL of a controller. You’re a SHARP guy. “My C*nt, My C*nt.” Anyone see, “My C*nt?” Not TOO EZ to fool you. about 2 hours ago
  • DENNIS ZINE FOR CONTROLLER?: Auditor=should be good at detecting things, under nose. Fell for OLD “Michael Hunt” trick, “My c*nt, my c*nt?” about 2 hours ago
  • BILL ROSENDAHL LIKES ELTON JOHN (ZD DOES TOO!!!): Here are my 2 FAVES!: VIDEO: 1) http://t.co/MVCO5jo1, 2) http://t.co/iqwpGtiK ELTON LIVES! about 8 hours ago
  • ROSENDAHL’S NO BRAINER: ZD is a GREAT GUY, but if he heard ZD was dead=it’s only one human life and saves L.A. a lot of money. Small price to pay, Bill? about 8 hours ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl As I stand here, wondering if TODAY is the day I can’t take anymore and jump in front of a bus (as is EVERYDAY, these days, but today, I feel good enough to stay on sidewalk): DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN ME? about 8 hours ago
  • He is ABSOLUTELY NOT CUT OUT to be Councilman in LA. (Maybe Mayberry/). Bill ROSENDAHL is SO over his head/unorganized, it’s UNSAFE FOR L.A. about 8 hours ago
  • Problem w being a befuddled, over-your-head, health problem plagued, wrong side of issues, spineless (BILL R), is it DESTROYS LIVES! (Health of Councilman IS city issue/especially when he’s an unorganized MESS, when healthy. 8 hours ago
  • He’s about to try to win a 3rd term (THE NERVE), but @Bill_Rosendahl STILL doesn’t know the city attorney WORKS FOR HIM! BILL is the client. Bill LOVES to get PUSHED AROUND! 5 YEARS…STILL PRETENDING HE’S POWERLESS IN HIS OWN DISTRICT! about 8 hours ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl Did YOU take 42.15 to council for approval? Is it YOUR ordinance? When ZD warned on record, “ILLEGAL,” did YOU fix? FUCK U! about 8 hours ago
  • @Bill_Rosendahl Did you have a nice night, honey? Sleep well? Anyone jam you up the ASS ILLEGALLY FOR 5 YEARS? Can U go FUCK yourself, Bill? about 9 hours ago
  • Kinda hard to sleep, when you suffer constant duress from Rosendahl’s BULLSHIT ILLEGAL FEDERAL VIOLATION OF ZD=5 YRS! FUCK YOU ASSHOLENDAHL! about 9 hours ago
  • MOST VIEWED POST FOR DAY AND PAST WEEK: LA WEEKLY article on Venice boardwalk w/Zuma Dogg (not Rosendahl) in headline: http://t.co/Cn6V7wlB about 15 hours ago
  • FASTEST REACTION EVER on Trutanich “ACE” Program (ACE U out of DUE PROCESS) post=INSTANT CRIMINAL PROSECUTION in L.A.! http://t.co/mRYBUY50 about 15 hours ago
  • Jose Huizar life-long buddy Gerardo Alvarez is on Casa101 radar. Happens to be treasurer of non-profit Huizar is funneling CRA money into. about 15 hours ago

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