Zuma Dogg REVEALS Investigator Secret "Tells" AND (Drumroll, please) – ZD’s "FIVE YEAR ‘RICO-RACKET’ CORRUPTION REPORT" (First, and LAST, I hope!)

[PICTURED: Like Forrest Gump, he sits on the bus stop bench, telling his stories to anyone who is stuck, having to listen. You can tell, she just LOVES IT! Eventually, the bus came, she was able to escape the (what seemed to be made up nut ball stories) and he was left alone, with no one to tell what is on his mind (corruption), and driving him MAD. So he took out his mobile phone and made the call, that this next passage is based upon. This is as real life of a ZD surveillance pic, as it gets. Cause what I just said, is true.] photo credit: Zuma Dogg (pictured)

KINGPIN – (SCENE) GADFLY BLOGGER’S BACK STORY TALE/FICTIONALIZE VERSION, BASED ON TRUE STORIES: (On this day, here is a Venice Beach performer, turned city hall, political gadfly’s blog post, for this episode, based on a call he made to investigative authorities.):

I’ve mentioned on my blog, all this citywide and countywide RICO-RACKET corruption/insider-info that has been jammed into my ears, in person — and into my eyes, via email; has really become too much for my soul to bear. And blogging ain’t good enough, anymore…cause a lot of the stuff I want to talk about, is not a good idea to mention on my blog.

But as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been making calls to ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE, and ZD finds things out, from the time the first person picks up the phone and says, “hello.” “TELLS,” if you will, that do not go unnoticed to ZD.

For example, if you’ve called a phone number/office desk, a bunch of times; and it always sounds like “tumbleweed crickets connection,” — AND THEN YOU CALL, ONE WEEK…AND IT SOUNDS LIKE A TELEMARKETING PHONE BANK CENTER, in the background…THAT SAYS MORE THAN THE VOLUME OF VOICES ON THE PHONE, IN THE BACKGROUND. (Especially, since a bunch of investigators were sent to town on another matter, that has been resolved, now. So perhaps, the posse of investigators, never went back home, and THOSE are the people I heard on the phone, on closer-to-home, local issues.)


It’s like when I was on Howard Stern (the character made a triumphant and legendary appearance on Stern’s show)…you get to keep talking, as long as you hold his interest…so if they start getting “short and in a hurry”…quickly say, “BUT I’M ALSO CALLING ABOUT (NEW TOPIC, ex: “PENSION FRAUD”)…and if they say, “YEAH, what ABOUT it?” (A TELL, Y’ALL!!!!!)

And THEN, if they say, “Well, how do YOU know that?” KEEP TALKING, Y’ALL!!!!!

And if they ask for your phone number….B-I-N-G-O, and RICO is it’s name, y’all!

Then, if you call back and ask for the person you just spoke with, and the person on phone says, “he just went upstairs to tell people what you just said”…AND THEN YOUR BLOG SUDDENLY STARTS GETTING HITS ON THOSE NAMES & TOPICS…you have done your duty as a U.S. citizen, for the day.

I especially like when the person on phone, stressed out from a lot of work, anyway…then ONE MORE CALL FROM ZD, he is trying to convince is important, even though not photos of money falling out of a suitcase in city hall rotunda, and the guy says, in cranky, “throw in towel”voice, “OK! I’ll add it to the list.” And THAT my friends, was the FINAL TELL, that ZD had told all HE had to tell (and blog) — and the runway is full!

IN THIS EPISODE: A local councilman’s deputy is shaking down local business owners and non-profits. The Housing Department is being investigated. And CalPEN (California Pension Fund) fraud, is BIGGEST FISH, INVESTIGATORS ARE TRYING TO FRY!

The blogger is hoping to direct some focus and attention down to the smaller, local level fish. Cause it’s ALL the SAME RICO RACKET CLUB!

KINGPIN…coming soon to NBC!

[REAL LIFE NOTE FROM ZUMA DOGG: I said, feels like yesterday, was final “Blaze of Glory,” and I DO feel like I’ve told all I have to tell (and blog) to whoever will listen! So this too, becomes a story I can no longer hold in. And it’s never been any big secret, anyway. HOPEFULLY, anything I’ve ever called about, THE PERSON ALREADY READ ON MY BLOG! YOU MAY RELEASE YOUR BREATH NOW, YOU SHADY CORRUPT FUCKS! AT LEAST REGARDING ZD’s ROLE IN IT ALL! I think investigators have all they can handle, for now, anyway, based on the story told, above.]

BUT HERE IS MUCH MORE/THE MAIN BLOG POST ON “KINGPIN” (That was just a little ditty, I just came up with, that didn’t make it onto this post: “KINGPIN” (New TV Concept by Zuma Dogg): Based on REAL STORIES out of REAL L.A. HEADLINES (STORY TREATMENTS, HERE!)

AND NOW…here is ZD’s first (and hopefully, only) “L.A. City & County Five Year ‘RICO-RACKET’ CORRUPTION REPORT” [MOST RECENT/PAST WEEK of Zuma Dogg’s hardest-hitting, material…he kept inside his head, till he couldn’t take it anymore…and it FINALLY exploded onto these blog posts, this past week.

And with ZD’s divorce preceding with L.A. City Hall, coming up this Monday, September 26th, my extreme blog energy, that fueled the borderline-sociopath, true-madman blog frenzy of the past week seems to have subsided (like after passing a kidney stone), and it at least FEELS LIKE, for NOW, that I am moving on to the next horizon. And for now, that is moving toward going from real-name/real-issue, daily news blogger…into taking the past five years of what I’ve learned and write TV scripts under the working title, “KINGPIN,” which will fictionalize what I have seen and heard over the past five years, as a city hall “insider” political gadfly blogger.

WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY IS…HOPEFULLY, these are the “Blaze of Glory,” final posts from what turned out to be a truly legendary and iconic journey. As we transition into telling the stories, with the names CHANGED to protect the GUILTY.



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