[PICTURED: This REAL LIFE snapshot, taken from FBI camera and printed in LA Times, will be basis of a storyline in Zuma Dogg’s new show, “KINGPIN!”]

LAST NIGHT, I typed up some storyline treatments for my new “Soprano-like,” TV show, “KINGPIN!” Instead of New Jersey mob, L.A. City Hall and City of Los Angeles is the political backdrop, straight out of REAL HEADLINES. (The names have been changes, to protect the GUILTY.)

Here is some concept description and story treatments:

ZUMA DOGG’S “KINGPIN” (Sopranos like script, with City Hall political backdrop): HOW DOES ONE BECOME TOP KINGPIN? Has photos, videos, of elected officials, during their off duty, personal moments. And that includes, hookers, drug dealers, S&M bondage/domination stuff, picking up a tranny and “going for it, anyway,” cause you’re horny, but cameras are rolling. (And the names and phone numbers on THOSE people.)

That’s just the “low hanging” fruit on the tactics and methods a KINGPIN uses to get LEVERAGE on the competition, and add another team member to the crew. Lots of “offers you are too smart to refuse.”

For example, you are running for office, against a KINGPIN-ALLY. They don’t DRIVE YOU OFF THE ROAD. They offer you a commissioner appointment. Or back you for another campaign, next time, and you are absorbed by their crew. THEY FEED THE GREED…and ALWAYS CAN RAISE THE MONEY TO FEED IT!

And, if you DO refuse, THEN, they’ll drive you off the road. But this is not a graphic/violent show like Sopranos/mob shows, cause those tactics, really aren’t used, THAT OFTEN. BUT, you MAY end up passed out in your loft, where local cops arrest you for something insidious and your career is wrecked on MERE, NEVER PROVEN allegations. OR, you are suddenly arrested, and it’s TOUGH TO BEAT the KINGPINS court. (You might go away to COUNTY JAIL for 6 months, for your car stereo being too loud, with the window open.)

KINGPINS have cronies in police departments and courts. They can get the info in the sealed file that can PUT AN OVERNIGHT END, to your DECADES LONG POLITICAL CAREER!

KINGPINS back the mayor, who appoint the commissioners, who allow the KINGPIN soldiers to be “hired” as inspectors, to “collect” for the kingpin. (See above picture.)

Before you know it, and it takes a couple decades, but you have infiltrated just about all city, county departments and even the Superior Court. The people will realize after watching, “KINGPIN,” elected officials are merely puppets installed to keep the streets clean and trees trimmed (even though THAT even gets fucked up), while they run their RICO-SHAKEDOWN RACKET across the badlands.

YOU DON’T GET TO SIT IN THE SEAT, UNLESS YOU RIDE IN THE CAR, OF THE KINGPIN! He runs the elected officials, commissioners, inspectors, law enforcement, pension fund investments — and is getting a “taste” of YOUR business operation. YOU JUST MAY NOT KNOW IT, YET….KEEP WATCHING.

ZUMA DOGG’S “KINGPIN” (SCENE) – BASED ON TRUE STORY: Billionaire capital equity firm/political campaign-backer KINGPIN, having so much fun at Malibu party (lap dances/blow), gives VIP concert tickets to ROLLING STONES in Las Vegas to the bartender at the party, along with the private jet, billionaire already chartered, but now wasn’t going to use. Eventually, he is busted by SEC for PENSION FRAUD, which was paying for it all. (At least ONE constituent, the waiter, got his money’s worth, for the state pension money investment!) ROCK & ROLL! KINGPIN! From the RICO-RACKET CONNECT-THE-DOTS MIND OF ZUMA DOGG!

ZD’s “KINGPIN” (SCENE) – (Non-profits): Councilman sets up bogus non-profit with family/old friends from neighborhood. Approves/votes/funnels BIG MONEY (from Community Redevelopment Fund, to redevelop low-income blight), for “CARNIVAL” where hot dogs, chips, rice and beans are served (catered by KINGPINS catering truck) and all vendors part of KINGPIN crew. EVERYONE’S BEAK GETS WET!

The theater group’s non-profit mission statement, “to inspire future storytellers,” is printed on fliers, along with City’s Redevelopment agency logo! The logo is included, under guise of “community outreach.” Money spent on printing fliers, printed by KINGPINS crony vendor.


At least, 43 people got some free hot dogs, rice and beans for the $750,000 in taxpayer dollars, if not affordable housing. ALWAYS FUN TO SHOOT A CORRUPT CARNIVAL…MUSIC, FUN, CLOWNS….and MORE CLOWNS!

ZUMA DOGG PRESENTS, “KINGPIN”: Sopranos-like TV show with a City Hall, political backdrop. BASED ON TRUE STORIES: STORYLINE A guy is performing his act at FAMOUS LOCAL BEACH BOARDWALK. Police officers approach the performer and tell him, “You are not allowed to sing with your karaoke amp, anymore. And you are not allowed to sell, take donations for, or even display, the shirts (he made, of himself, for your fans and tourists to take with them). The police add, “We are going to get some doughnuts. If you are still here when we get back, we arrest you, place you in handcuffs and take you to jail.

The guy on the beach, didn’t want that. However, he felt it was a violation of FEDERAL LAW. He took ONE trip down to city hall to let them know, “You are in violation of FEDERAL LAW with your new Venice Beach laws.”

The City Hall deputy mayor told the guy from the beach, “The City of Los…I mean, The CITY runs the city, and if you don’t like it…SUE!

HE DID. And became a legendary, iconic political voice for the people, in the process of fighting for his rights.

The FEDERAL JUDGE agreed with the guy on the beach, and the city was indeed in violation of FEDERAL LAW.

It happens, everyday, in this certain, random, big city.

AND WHY ZUMA DOGG WOULD ONLY WRITE A SCRIPT BASED ON TRUE STORIES: It seems crazy that a city would be in such MASSIVE violation of FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL LAW…no one would believe a guy could walk off the beach, into council chambers, then FEDERAL CHAMBERS and win.

But they are getting away with A LOT of things in ways you haven’t imagined. AND YOU SIMPLY TAKE THEIR WORD AS TRUTH AND MOVE ON.

And occasionally it takes an extended personal journey to expose it.

And that’s what this show is about: “KINGPIN!”

ZUMA DOGG’S “KINGPIN” (Based on TRUE STORIES): Billionaire developer gets State Governor to commute powerful STATE ELECTED OFFICIAL’S son, on murder sentence. In exchange, the powerful STATE ELECTED OFFICIAL has his connected (mob-like) crony at the local REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY, approve $50 million, for the billionaire’s philanthropy museum project, instead of going to redevelop community blight for the low income people, the money is earmarked for. The day after $50 million is approved for billionaire’s project, the billionaire and the governor make $25 million dollar donations, each (totaling the same $50 million the billionaire got), to STATE ELECTED OFFICIALS CONNECTED EDUCATION NON-PROFIT, “FOR THE KIDS, U.S.A.!” $50 million from billionaire and Governor, kicked back to everyone involved. The non-profit keeps a portion, too. EVERYONE WINS…except the people.

A local gadfly exposes on his blog, based on insider information fed to him, and it is picked up by the local newspaper reporter, and the entire crime is exposed.

ZUMA DOGG’S “KINGPIN” STORY LINE: When a big city, breaks FEDERAL LAW and cracks down on a performer at famous beach boardwalk, he protests during the city council meetings. The meetings are televised throughout the city, all day long, on city cable channel. More and more people see, as he returns, each and every day, for years, on end. As people realized this guy is willing to expose (blast/scream/shout) the problems plaguing residents, throughout the city, at the hands of the elected officials (with their “yes” votes, back room deals and their related corruption), people from throughout the county, working in various departments and other people with inside knowledge, begin to contact the gadfly and provide him with all the “connect the dots,” of the entire county RICO-RACKET.

He exposes it on TV at the council meetings, on blog (social media), as has never been done before, because until he emerged, the technology didn’t exist — and he penetrated the entire city media landscape (newpaper, blogs, magazine, TV news and talk radio) until he was featured on Nightline and widely recognized throughout the day, as he walks the city streets, from thankful strangers who have seen, hear, read or heard about him.

Very much like Batman, expect, reversed: This guy, EXPOSES CRIMINALS, except they are the elected officials and cronies, themselves. (Not Joker, Riddler, Two-Face. Although, this guy DOES degenerate into a Riddlerequse, borderline sociopath madman, in five year, intense process…


And since everything is based on a true story, there is an article about his battle with the city in TODAY’S REAL LA WEEKLY! (SEE LINK BELOW)

ZUMA DOGG to Write, “KINGPIN”: Sopranos-like TV Show On L.A. County RICO-RACKET CORRUPTION (LUCKILY, the Names Will Be Changed To Protect The GUILTY)

More on ZumaDogg.com.

BREAKING UPDATE (9/22/11 – 5PM): First scripted scene from “KINGPIN!” (Coming soon, to NBC!)


[Bloated, hot shot, jet-set, billionaire in mid-40’s, in his Malibu mansion, on a Friday evening, around end of business day, 5:55 PM. Hangs up phone. Picks up phone, again, and makes a call to Capital Equity Firm crony. Both work together, to fund raise for politicians, to back their campaigns, then elected officials appoint them and their cronies as commissioners to pension, redevelopment and cultural affairs boards. The commissioners, then approve/vote/funnel the Federal/State/City money, into crony investments on Wall Street and in real estate, with the pension and redevelopment money.]

JOHN (On phone sitting on shiny wood desk. Like a high school kid, on spring break, calling his pal to say, “the hookers are on the way.”): We…GOT the money! CalPEN (California Pension Fund) thinks our LLC is a FANTASTIC INVESTMENT! Had to spend a million, and that asshole, Randall (placement agent), got $50 million. But WE GOT A HUNDRED MILLION!!! Time to, “stimulate the economy!” Call Bambu and make a reservation for their biggest table. I’ll call the jet charter and get tickets for the Rolling Stones, in Vegas, for later. We’ll roll in, just in time for the encores. FUCK the NEW material! (Hangs up phone and walks away.)

[At Malibu’s elite, “Bambu” restaurant, John struts in. He is immediately seated at the BIG table, in the center of the room, where he likes it and can be boisterous in front of all the other tables. He immediately tells the waiter, before his friend even arrives…]

JOHN: Tell those girls, at that table, over there; I have a few empty seats, and an expense account I need to, “use or lose,” on this event, tonight. So if they’d like to switch tables, and join me, tell them they can order whatever they want. Maybe try some items on the menu, they’ve never tried. (Winks to waiter) Like the most expensive ones, they would love to try, but have never been able to afford. And bring over two bottles of my usual. And if they join me, make it four.

[CUT TO: Dinner wrapping up. John looks at watch. He and his friend are having so much fun with the women John invited to the table, along with everyone else who latched on, once John was out of control drunk and, now on blow, he decides to simply move the party to HIS PLACE! (Why fly to Vegas for hookers, when you are about to IMPRESS THE PANTIES off these women you just pricked with the good life, at the restaurant, NOW DRUNK…and drive them to your mansion in your Maserati?

On the way out, John forgot ONE THING! He already made the call to charter the jet, and it is waiting on the runway, along with the hotel suite and VIP Rolling Stone MGM Grand tickets.

So he walks up to the bar, where his waiter is talking to the bartender.]

JOHN: Hey guys, I was supposed to fly to Vegas to see The Stones, MGM GRAND show, tonight. I’m not going to be able to make it. But, I have a jet on the runway and two tickets at the hotel reception desk, if you’d like to go.

[The waiter cannot leave the shift, but the bartender cannot refuse the offer and has the other bartender cover, who is more than happy to, since he’ll make ALL the tips. WIN-WIN for EVERYONE.]

EXCEPT THE TAXPAYERS. It’s all paid for out of pension money invested in John’s projects. The “overly-risky,” “non-investment grade” phony LLCs and real estate projects went belly up.

But at least those two women John “wined, dined and (whatever’d) — and the ONE GUY (bartender) who flew to Vegas in the jet, HIMSELF, sure got their money’s worth.


“KINGPIN” – Based on true stories, like this one. My FRIEND was one of those restaurant staffers. And I was probably there, that night, too…just didn’t know it was all going down, like that. I WAS RUNNING MY OWN, much smaller scale attempt, in my own, “less jet-setting” circle. (And not sure if it happened, THIS NIGHT, but sometimes, JOHN calls a former U.S. President and HE FLIES IN ON A PRIVATE JET TO PARTY AT JOHN’S MANSION.)

Guess I’ll be writing a FOLLOW up scene, on where the REST of the CalPEN money went, BESIDES DINNER, CONCERT AND TRANSPORTATION.


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