De Beers, Vivendi, Bill Clinton, Ron Burkle, Peter Borges, Richard Ziman, Henry Cisneros, Jerry Brown, et al…ZUMA DOGG HAS QUESTIONS!!! (ABOUT YOU!)

[PICTURED: Doesn’t get any UGLIER. L.A., CA Top 3 PENSION/HOUSING FUNNEL-FRAUD KINGPINS: Steve “Small Ding-A-Ling” Bing, Ron “Little Jerkle” Berkle and Bill “De Beer’s Most Reliable Bag Man” Clinton. (Hey BILL! I’m better at public speaking than you, cause I’m a better student of Tony Robbins, than you, silly hillbilly!]

Since April 2006, when Los Angeles City Hall (Punk-Chump Mayor Villaraiogsa, his elevator shoes and L.A. City Council) turned me into a citywide gadfly, I’ve stuck to local issues, left uncovered, as opposed to incorporating/expanding into NATIONAL issues. But the people I am about to PUT ON BLAST, ARE LOCAL FIGURES/KINGPINS, cause they use L.A. as their “money pit” to fund their PHONY, BOGUS, BULLSHIT PROJECTS…that led to MUNICIPAL CRIPPLING PENSION LOSSES (CalPERS, LACERS) in ’08, of yet we have not recovered. And BILL CLINTON was hired on retainer by WETHERLY CAPITAL until LATE ’07. And if you keep reading, I THINK THAT WAS A REAL PROBLEM. AND I DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT JOB YOU USED TO HAVE…IF YOU ARE A CORRUPTION KINGPIN, YOU AIN’T SHIT TO ME…AND I WILL EXPOSE YOU, TILL YOUR RED, BULBOUS NOSE FALLS OFF YOUR FACE AND INTO THE LAP OF YOUR NEXT LAP-DANCER, BILLY-BOY! (And that’s just real talk, from the realest, dough. Ask your boy Tony Robbins, whose material I already MASTERED, before you ever hired him. He’ll remember me. Just say, “Hey, Tony…who is that guy you bowed down to on stage in total defeat. You know, the first and only time you ever did that. Who IS that guy. You trained him too well, and he’s using it all against me and my corrupt kingpin pals in L.A. Some of them are even in prison. Others have been fined a million dollars, each. And FBI is probing my crony, Antonio Villaraiogosa’s City Hall, “as far and high as needed.” My whole machine is falling apart…WHAT HAPPENED!?!?! WHO IS THIS, “ZUMA DOGG” fellow. I thought he was that funny guy, I saw on Howard Stern?”


  • SHIT ROLLS DOWNHILL: #DeBeers, #BillClinton, #RonBurkle, #Borges, #Ziman, #Broad, #Riordan, #McFarlane, “Unmagic” #Johnson, #Alatorre, #GovBrown, #Villaraigosa, #CRA/LA. 2 minutes ago
  • REAL reason I heard L.A. mayor took “vacation” to ICELAND was to BEG govt to settle for pennies on dollar on BAD pension money flip attempt.
  • #BillClinton: You are tied to Henry Cisneros AND Wetherly Capital. BOTH add up to BIGGEST L.A. PENSION LOSS IN HISTORY! CITY CRIPPLED! YOU! 4 minutes ago
  • L.A. SHOE, STILL TO DROP: Article on Wetherly Capital & Cronies #BillClinton #RonBurkle #HankMorris LACERS fraud. READ! 6 minutes ago
  • Wetherly’s clients include fundraiser Ron Burkle/Yucaipa, that retained #BillClinton as board member until late ’07. (RECORD LOSSES IN ’08!) 8 minutes ago
  • #BillClinton: YOU’RE long-time pals w #HENRYCISNEROS (Garcetti’s pal). His City View housing was #1 loss of L.A. pension money. TOTAL FRAUD? 12 minutes ago
  • #BillClinton: What’s up w all this Yucaipa/DeBeers/RonBurkle crap. I know you ain’t lap dance pals w/Ron, anymore. But what about your PAST? 13 minutes ago
  • #BillClinton: You should call your punk-chump, loser-pal, Villaraigosa. Ask him why I’m dragging YOU into this, now. A LOT TO EXPOSE ON YOU! 16 minutes ago
  • @JerryBrownGov: Tell Ron Burkle, Zuma Dogg is STILL cranky, so I gotta kick it up and start spilling gadfly juice on Vivendi/DeBeers folks. 21 minutes ago
  • @JerryBrownGov: WHAT is ALL OF THIS about #BillClinton, #RonBurkle & #DeBeers money used to fund Democratic campaigns? 23 minutes ago
  • #Vivendi #JeanReneFourtou: 1st of all, you got 2 girl names/you’re a guy. Secondly, you do biz w/CA corruption kingpins, so under my watch! 29 minutes ago
  • #Vivendi #Blizzard #JeanReneFourtou: HOW in the HELL could you get involved with #RonBurkle in ANY VENTURE? MAN, are the FRENCH, DUMB! 31 minutes ago
  • @GovJerryBrown: Tell Ron Burkle, Zuma Dogg is STILL cranky, so I gotta kick it up and start spilling gadfly juice on Jean-Rene Fourtou. 40 minutes ago
  • MORE ON THIS WHOLE VIVENDI WATER SCANDAL (Foreign Corp getting quid pro quo meeting w CA Gov Davis via Wetherly Capital) 52 minutes ago
  • @GovJerryBrown: If you wanna read MORE about FOREIGN CORP VIVENDI getting quid pro quo Wetherly meeting w CA Gov Davis: 54 minutes ago
  • @GovJerryBrown: I wanna know how FOREIGN CORP VIVENDI got meeting w CA Gov Davis on Owen Valley, so quickly & easily. (SEE WETHERLY CLAN!) 57 minutes ago
  • #GovJerryBrown: I DO NOT LIKE THE WAY VIVENDI (foreign corporation) pushes CA elected officials around like puppets. I HOPE THEY DON’T, YOU! 59 minutes ago
  • HEY, #VIVENDI Jean-Rene Fourtou: Hope your foreign corp didn’t “BRIBE” (quid pro quo) CA Gov Davis for meeting with Wetherly, on water fund. about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA/”SWILL” SWILLER: You know how EASY it is for a guy like me to get Jean-Rene Fourtou’s attention, therefore pissing him off @ U. about an hour ago
  • DWP BIG SHOTS: Ari Swiller/David Freeman, etc scumbags. Does it make you nervous if I start mentioning names of Vivendi foreign executives? about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA: AEG over-leveraged on Ritz-Condo towers/sitting vacant and got HAMMERED on Wall St. Does “Due Diligence” show they are stable? about an hour ago
  • VILLARAIGOSA: You’e about to let AEG build a stadium based on Anshutz personal financial guarantee. BET “due diligence” would show HE CAN’T! about an hour ago
  • Villaraigosa: What would FBI find about your Iceland vacation, if they subpoena records? That it WASN’T a vacation, but over PENSION LOSSES? about an hour ago
  • Was Villaraigosa’s office called by media questioning ILLEGAL MT WASHINGTON HOME PURCHASE? More to come? What about non-doc office workers? about an hour ago
  • Ask Villaraigosa what happened to his pal Richard Muerello? His pal/ #1 individual campaign contributor in his ’05 election. Fined much? DOH about an hour ago
  • CITY HALL CRA PET PROJECT BAMBOOZLES: Behind every MAJOR CRA project (Broad/Anshutz/Bing, etc) check for undisclosed attached “pet project.” about an hour ago
  • ZUMADOGG: Part of Villaraigosa’s BROKEN FEDERAL WINDOWS policy. First he breaks it on ZD’s small window. Then on BIG FEDERAL PENSION WINDOW! about an hour ago
  • WHOEVER is reading this from City Hall, remind all, I have NEVER bluffed. I exposed and predicted ALL CURRENT FBI PROBES, and I am NOT DONE! about an hour ago
  • HAVE I EVER BLUFFED? DID I NOT FIRST WARN OF EVERY FBI PROBE INTO CITY HALL? Did I NOT shut your racket down? Are cronies NOT in jail? MORE! about an hour ago
  • Might use terms like, “City Hall Official,” or “Union-backed,” to describe YOU. But, NOT, “genius, prophet, legend, hero, treasure, icon.” about an hour ago
  • “Stunned & Amazed.” -Wesson, “Substantive, Crusader.” -Garcetti, “Genius.” Huizar/Alacron. “World Class” -Rosendahl (But you challenge me?) about an hour ago
  • L.A. CITY HALL: Zuma Dogg comes clean…the reason I connect the dots, so well, is because your moles connect them for me, so well. Thanks! about an hour ago
  • Did you know Villaraigosa, Garcetti and Huizar’s office, each have moles, who network and share info about each others office? HANDY FOR ZD! about an hour ago
  • DId u know in Feb ’11, Villa/Garcetti/Huizar were all showing signs of physical illness/were panicking aloud over ZD’s blog? 4 good reason. about an hour ago
  • The only ZD prediction shoe, still yet to drop, is L.A. mayor carried away in handcuffs. And I have NEVER been wrong/am ALWAYS right. Sorry. about an hour ago
  • I’m known to walk into any room of strangers & walk out to cheers. Have been using it against City Hall for years. And they STILL want more. about an hour ago
  • I write a paper on “Quality & Productivity”=praised/published, internationally. But flunky Villar & “no street smart” Garcetti challenge me. about 2 hours ago
  • In most competitive industry in world (record), I end up in NYC TimesSquare skyscraper. Flunky Villar & Silver Spoon Garcetti challenge me. about 2 hours ago
  • Apparently, “Everyone watches Zuma Dogg,” according to NBA All-Star Reggie Miller. (Shouted out ZD in Malibu parking lot. Thanks, Reg!) about 2 hours ago
  • #RonBurkle: You know what’s HILARIOUS? You might recognize Zuma Dogg if you saw him. We used to hang out at “Bambu/Malibu” in old days. about 2 hours ago
  • I saw Dennis Franz and REALLY wanted to tell him how much I admire him. I did. He said, “I’ve seen you on TV. Keep doing what you’re doing.” about 2 hours ago
  • Adam Sandler was rollin’ on floor to my videos. Courteney Cox plays them for friends at parties. Kate Hudson & Emilio Estevez talk about me. about 2 hours ago
  • Emilio Estevez told ZD, Kate Hudson told HIM, “She & ChrisRobinson=addicted to ZDShow/Can’t turn off.” Think about that. HUGE WORD OF MOUTH! about 2 hours ago
  • Pierce Brosnan was behind me in Starbucks line. Clerk runs out w coffee. Hands to ZD. “You’re famous! You shouldn’t have to wait in line.” about 2 hours ago
  • Was hanging outside Run-DMC’s dressing room @ HOB. Security opened door for ZD. I said, “Don’t have a pass.” He said, “ZD doesn’t need one!” about 2 hours ago


L.A. City News – by Zuma Dogg


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