L.A. City News – TOP STORIES on L.A. City Hall Fraud, Waste & Abuse (Part 1 of a Never Ending Series…)

[PICTURED: When LA City News blogger, Zuma Dogg, worked in radio/record industry, he used to spend a lot of hours waiting backstage, in “green rooms.” Now, he’s living “Twilight Zone,” episode, stuck inside a similar venue…ZD’s blogging/karaoke/disco-show studio/apartment. (Has same feel/layout as most arena backstage “green rooms.”) He can’t go outside, anymore, so he sits around listening to 70’s & 80’s music, while tweeting away the day to all the L.A. City corruption that has permeated his brain, till he went permanently insane. Here’s what it looks like.]

Zuma Dogg has been cranky with L.A. City Hall, recently, more so than ever, since I suffer from a degenerate (as in “progressive”) condition.

And as the days turn to weeks; into months; into years…now going on SIX years, Uncle MC Zuma Dogg has luxury of historic perspective — and the blogging keeps getting more intense and condensed, as time progresses.

In other words, I think the content on this page (the links to stories from past week, and the headliner on “History of Pension Fraud,” posted below,) is just about the WORST NIGHTMARE for any involved parties at L.A. City Hall.

YOU FUCK WITH ME…I FUCK WITH YOU!!! (So to the readers…TRUST ME, when I say, this is the hardest, wild pitch to the side of the batter’s helmet as six years of round-the-clock, hardcore investigation of L.A. City Hall corruption, based on insider info, will allow for me to post.

HOPE YOU ENJOY IT. Maybe Martin Scorcese wants to turn it into his next Deniro/Pesci mob film, A la: “Goodfellas.” Or maybe a follow up to “Chinatown.” Nicholson would be GREAT!

AND NOW, on with the countdown. On American Top 40, I’m Casey Kasem. And, we’re up to the NUMBER ONE municipal caper in U.S. history. Countless billions and billions of State and City pension dollars, lost to fraud, at the hands of billionaire and millionaire connected political insiders. It’s got all the makings of a Martin Scorcese script, or fodder for a “Godfather IV” script. Or a “Soprano’s” movie for the big screen. Maybe Al Pacino can reprise his role as “Scareface” to portray the Mayor of Los Angeles in this corruption thriller. But for now, here’s local L.A. legend, Zuma Dogg, speaking with former Wetherly Captial inside consultant, explaining the history of the biggest white collar crime, ever…”The History of California Pension Fraud.” On American Top 40, I’m Casey Kasem:



Since Zuma Dogg began blogging about California Pension Fraud, as described in radio show and blog posts above, Elliot Broidy (Wetherly Captial Crony/Villaraiogosa-appointed pension commissioner is in PRISON for pension fraud; as is Wetherly Capital’s Julio Ramirez, Jr. And Wetherly Capital has been SHUT DOWN FOREVER by Andrew Cuomo with deals taken by Wetherly Capital’s Dan Weinstein & Vicky Schiff (along with $1 million dollar fines). Currently, Al Villalobos is under SEC (Federal) investigation; and California Pension Fund is under SEC/Federal investigation. (The first time a municipality is being investigated in U.S. history.)

YOU’RE WELCOME, AMERICA! I take FULL CREDIT FOR MAKING ALL OF THIS HAPPEN..as I not only blogged about this; but picked up the phone and made calls to people…like the people who put these assholes in jail.

THIS IS THE BLUEPRINT FOR PENSION FRAUD: It is Andrew Cuomo’s NY AG report on his bust. Names the guilty parties, their cronies and details the illegal tricks of the trade they were trying to get away with. THE SCREENPLAY FOR THE MOVIE SCRIPT!: EXCLUSIVE: Read TEXT of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo In The Matter Of Wetherly Capital (PENSION SCANDAL!)

FBI INVESTIGATIONS ALSO into L.A. Housing Department’s Rent Escrow Program (REAP), Building & Safety (Bribes), Pensions (as mentioned), among other areas, as LA Times reports, “FBI says investigation into L.A. City Hall will go as wide and high as needed.” (“as high” would be the mayor’s office.)

HOPE YOU FEEL YOUR ILLEGAL FEDERAL VIOLATIONS OF ZUMA DOGG WAS WORTH IT! And I’m glad Eric Garcetti said the city attorney has PLENTY of money budgeted to keep dragging Zuma Dogg’s settlement out.



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