FIRST, IN CASE YOU MISSED THE WORLD PREMIER, of the first video from ZD’s, “You’re Welcome, America,” CD, over the weekend, HERE’S THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR “Breakin’ The Law on The Boardwalk.” (Hard Rockin’ Political Rocker, A la: KISS “Destroyer” era.)

Lyrics & Blog Post: “Breaking The Law On The Boardwalk” (About L.A. City Hall and Venice Beach) Political HARD ROCKER!

DOWNLOAD the MP3 of “Breakin’ The Law on The Boardwalk,” HERE.

[PICTURED: Here’s where it all goes down, y’all…it’s called, “L.A. City Hall, Escandalo!”]

In case, “Breakin’ The Law on The Boardwalk,” was too hard rockin’ for you, here’s a synthesizer-based, keyboard jam, I threw down, to sing the demo over, A la, Elton John. (Kinda a “Crocodile Rock” keyboard sound.) And the vocals are hilarious, cause it sure is demo, and I REALLY shouldn’t be releasing this, but as usual, it gets the message across, good enough for this dumb blog. (I’ll smooth it out for the video shoot, but this gives you the musical idea and lyrics/message. That’s how us rock stars express ideas for our band mates to get working on their parts.)

HOPE YOU GET A KICK OUT OF THIS And, again, it’s about gettin’ out the MESSAGE, y’all…and political songs have always been a good medium, cause people don’t like to read. And if I wait to record a real version, in a studio…Mitch Englander will be wrapping up his final term. So here we go…

MONDAY 1PM – RE-DO (Slightly better…local homies, with studios, can get a good enough idea for the fully, produced version. But, it’s fun, and I like it, as a little ditty, but NOT about Jack or Diane…just L.A. City Council members.)

“L.A. City Hall, ESCANDALO!”

L.A. City Council member, please don’t lie. Please, try.

An L.A. City Council member, is a POKE in the eye.

And, I really wonder why they do the things they do.

They really must be thinking that they’re better than you.

So, Zuma Dogg will tell the voters what they should do!


So, need it done, the bribe’s a lot of dough, L.A. City Hall, Escandalo!

L.A. Times says, “FBI, they probe, L.A. City Hall, Escandalo!”

When it’s time to go, and rock the vote, don’t vote City Hall Escandalo!

Now, the babies cry. Cause they lied, and they lied.

Hey, L.A. City Council member, how we tried, and we tried.

But, L.A. City Council members, blew it all, to the sky.

Cause, they’re always doing something you and I won’t do, now.

Unless you’re union money, they will tell ya to screw!

So, Zuma Dogg will tell the voters what they should do.

Cause we tried. But they lied.

So, tell the city voters, that you know, don’t vote City Hall, Escandalo!

Where did all the pension money go? L.A. City Hall, Escandalo!

L.A. Times says, “FBI, they probe, L.A. City Hall, Escandalo!”

Now, the babies cry, cause they lied, and they lied, and L.A., L.A., just DIED!

copyright 2011 Zuma Dogg All Rights Reserved for full YouTube video legacy.


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