RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS SECRET SHOW: At The Troubador, TONIGHT (7/31/11)? Tour Bus Chatter Says, "HEAD THERE, NOW!"

 [Pictured: Rumor was heard, THIS CLOSE to the rumor mill. You can take your chances…why not?]

Yesterday (7/30/11), Zuma Dogg, was allowed EXCLUSIVE fan access to the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS tour bus area, to film them coming out of their bus — as they walked down Venice’s Speedway Blvd, back alley, on the way to the roof top, of their now famous (AND infamous) “music video” shoot and MASSIVE MUNICIPAL violation.

As mentioned, they had a permit for ONE of the words in, “music video,” — THE MUSIC PART…as in four amps a drum set up and rambunctious melody-blasting singer. But, NOT for the crane that was swingin’ over the heads of the July-Saturday boardwalk crowd, belooooooooooooow!

AND, the fact that the Chili Peps, not only didn’t file a permit to shoot a music VIDEO…only to perform music (at a level within municipal code…which I ASSURE YOU is LESS than what yesterday’s entire ZIP CODE broadcast was within limits of) — meant the City of Los Angeles (LAPD/LAFD) had NO IDEA what was about to hit the area. (A CROWD OF THE MASSES…rollin’ in like a Pink Floyd stadium show.) SO EVERY COP, FIRE FIGHTER, EMS & RIOT SQUAD (yes, they were there) HAD TO BE PULLED FROM ALL ACROSS THE CITY TO MANAGE THE FLASH MOB CROWD, which it was, cause there was no previous notice/warning…till the crane it was a swingin’. (DEFINITELY NOT ALLOWD TO DRAG A MEGA-CRANE ACROSS THE BOARDWALK AND OVER THE HEADS OF PEOPLE WITHOUT A LITTLE MITIGATION!)

BUT ANYWAY…now that EVERY RED HOT CHILI PEPPER FAN ACROSS THE PLANET HATES ME…(Sorry, I’m an extremely bipolar, city activist, who has been cracked down on the Venice Beach boardwalk from singing too loud WITHOUT an amplifier. And my band mate (Matt Dowd) is facing CRIMINAL PROSECUTION CHARGES for having his amp and guitar in some (un-marked) part of the sidewalk, they allegedly claim, BUT EVEN WORSE, ENFORCE AND PROSECUTE, CRIMINAL CHARGES, OVER…so we’re a little bit touchy!

When I was standing by the tour bus, yesterday (Saturday, 7/30/11), I heard someone else standing next to me (and I was the only person NOT affiliated with the band/crew, so they must have been in the know) — said, “So it’s at the Troubadour, tomorrow?”

So that would be, TODAY…as in…IF YOU’RE WILLING TO RISK IT, I’D GET OVER THERE, NOW! (Unless he was talking about his kid’s garage band?)

9081 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 276-6168

More on L.A. Legicon (Legend/Icon) ZUMA DOGG @ (Why deny yourself the most legendary body of pop culture/political activism videos in human history? See YouTube link.)


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