SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE from ZUMA DOGG – 11 PM – L.A. City News Tweet Updates

[PICTURED: A finer point of Venice boardwalk. Someone took a plain, wood, construction wall, in front of their reconstruction project and turned it into a cool “Art Wall.” ZD steps into the art. More pics in the tweet column. See “twitpics.”]

What a week! Don’t wanna get into a re-cap, now…you can read all about it in the tweets and blog posts from this past weekend and past week.

Late Sunday Night is actually one of the (if not the most) read times for L.A. City News blog, for some reason. So I know people are out there, so I wanted to post a reminder, I tweet round the clock, like an insane, madman (wait, not “like” an insane, madman…I AM an insane, madman…now I know why they use that term.)

SO THE POINT IS…a lot of tweets to read through, that appear on the right hand side of this blog, as they are tweeted.

AND, if you haven’t heard the audio from Saturday Night’s Zuma Dogg Rant on Trutanich and new Venice Beach boardwalk, ordinance, here’s one more re-post and the link to story that triggered the rant, from Saturday’s stroll down the boardwalk, on the heels of record Zuma Dogg physical depletion from lack of nutrition. (Always a lethal tweet-blogging combination. And you LOVE it. I DON’T…I just can’t help it.)

L.A. RADIO LIVE (AUDIO): Zuma Dogg BLASTS Trutanich & New Veince Beach Ordinance (They Better Remove ILLEGAL FOOD VENDING, before you enforce 42.15.)

PUBLIC NOTICE to LAPD, Bill Rosendahl’s Office & City Attorney Trutanich Regarding Venice Beach Boardwalk (Ordinance 42.15)

REMINDER: Zuma Dogg LOVES Bill Rosendahl, and he is LITERALLY my favorite person in the world! But city politics are city politics. Poor Bill, a mere hostage, himself, to stubborn, vindictive, hostile, sluggishly-ineffective due to mis-managed L.A. City Attorney Office under Carmen Chumptanich. DAMN, I bet Bill can’t wait till this whole ZD ordeal is over. So anyway, I LOVE Bill, the MOST…but can’t let that get in the way. I’m kinda fighting for my life, waiting for the city to finally resolve the ZD/Venice Beach/Code of Conduct issue. I FEEL LIKE THE 21 YEAR OLD AT THE HIGH SCHOOL DANCE, AT THIS POINT! I SHOULD BE HANGING OUT IN BARS, BY NOW!

So a re-post, it is!


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