Some Fools Make Zuma Dogg So Cranky, They End Up Arrested and In Jail…FOR A LONG, LONG TIME!

First of all, I’ve been extra cranky, lately. So when I have to leave the apartment to suffer human nature running rampant on the streets, I’m not in the mood for anything that’s gonna push the envelope of my bipolar limits of public non-compliance.

YOU COULD SEE I WAS TIRED OF NON-RESULT ORIENTED/NON-ACTION FROM LOCAL ACTIVIST HOT AIR CRYBABIES IN MY FIRST TWEET OF THE DAY, BEFORE I WALKED OUT THE DOOR: “UPDATE: I ain’t wasting time for a bunch of silly, dumb, ineffective, crybaby loser activists who let City Hall push em around.”

And this: I could stand here exerting effort, informing all on City Hall shadiness. But I live @ beach in nicest area of LA. Why stress out for you? (My feeling being, “I already know all this stuff, cause I put in the time and effort to find it out, and I’m not eating enough, so why push for YOUR knowledge. And out the door I went.)

So FIRST of all, I had to navigate around crowd gathered around this food truck, with people impeding the flow of Zuma Dogg walkin’ down the street, along with human blight sitting on the sidewalk, eating. (But aren’t these little food trucks, SOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!)

ANYWAY, I see maybe there are so many people gathered around, cause there is a sign in the street, blocking whatever space a bike may have to squeeze by the cars on narrow Rose Ave. (HE AIN’T PAYING RENT TO PLACE HIS COMMERCIAL SIGN IN THE STREET, WHERE BIKERS BIKE. Don’t worry…it wasn’t there for long!)

AND THE ADDED PROBLEM PEOPLE DON’T THINK ABOUT (That this food truck on the street attracted, on the sidewalk): Some guy CRAZIER THAN ZUMA DOGG DURING HIS WORST BIPOLAR NIGHTMARE (ENDING IN LAPD 5150 EVALUATIONS) — walks up to the food truck and somewhat politely asks the vendor, “Do you give away any free food?”

The vendor respectfully explained, “No.” The guy said, “Really?” (Thinking it was like people who hand out food on Venice boardwalk for charity.) So he turned and started walking down the street.

BUT THEN, he turns and charges back like a raging bull toward the food truck on the street, with kids, women and people crowded around and screams, “THAT’S FUCKED UP! I’M GONNA F-ING KNOCK YOU OUT.” Then balls up his fist, cocks back his arm, but doesn’t punch. But other people are now scared, and you have a volatile situation.

He starts yelling, “Call the cops, call the cops! I’ll take on five cops and knock them all out…yada, yada, yada.” So he assumes someone is calling the cops (he was right, I was calling) — and he moves down the street.

BUT THEN, off to a bad start, AGAIN! Cause here he is threatening THIS guy. (Pointing fake gun to head, a non-verbal indicator.) The guy walking down street had to be chill and take it. But then luckily…

Some women came walking down the street in the other direction, so he turned and started harassing these women. (ZD keeping tabs for when cops, and PERHAPS be there to help jump in, if needed…)

BUT, doubt I would have to jump in for THIS situation. And he IS crazy…ALWAYS a good idea to walk up to a pack of city street service workers, with shovels in their hands, and start uttering VIOLENT THREATS! He started with one guy…

But then ALL the city street service workers pissed him off — and they ALL needed to be threatened with violence. They were a little stunned, believe it or not, even though I can’t believe they didn’t beat him down, right there, for waving his hands and issuing violent threats….I told ’em cops were on the way…

Ta DA! Ta DA! Ta DA!

DAMN, he got calm, REAL QUICK! And for all the “I’ll take on five cops,” talk, when the LAPD car rolled up, HE LITERALLY jumped against the wall and put hands behind back, before they even got to him. He knew the drill. Was out on probation. And when I told cops I had pictures, they said, “Don’t need them. We have more than enough on this guy.” (So a REAL problem on the loose.) My assessment of the cause: Sleep deprivation. I’ve ALMOST been that bad. But I don’t lash out, physically at others. Just on your voice mails!

BUT, OH NO!: Right after this, when I walked back, the other direction…had to endure more human blight and the crankiness that ensued, that caused me call LAPD, AGAIN on ANOTHER CRIME I WITNESSED…resulting in my having to walk a mile, following the suspect, till LAPD got there, so I could show them who it was.

THIS MORON was only out of jail, for two months, on SAME FELONY CHARGE, and had $40,000 in warrants for related felony.

The DUMB FUCK forgot to dump the spray can. DOH! No WONDER third felony arrest for really bad tagging. AND YOU MADE ME HAVE TO WALK A MILE AND BACK, BITCH! I DIDN”T WANT TO GET THAT KIND OF EXERCISE! NOW, I’M REALLY PISSED!


FOR EXAMPLE, don’t do DUMB SHIT, like SHAKE and RATTLE your graffiti can at the beach crosswalk, in the middle of a summer day — and start spraying, when the paint back-winded into my face, BITCH! (DAMN, BRO: HOW DISRESPECTFUL!) I’LL FOLLOW YOUR ASS FOR A MILE AND HAVE YOU LOCKED UP FOR YOUR THIRD STRIKE, BITCH! (And YOU TOO, Mr. Harass Women & City Workers. I told those city workers, That guy can’t treat you like shit. Only the mayor can!)

And thanks to LAPD for giving me the A-OK on the 5150 evaluation, less than 48 hours ago. If I was locked up for 72 hours, these felons would still be doing crimes on the streets. (Tried to say thanks by pitching in, today. Back to causing you grief, tomorrow!)

AND I AM SUPPOSED TO REMIND YOU: People don’t call LAPD when they see crimes in progress cause they don’t think the cops will show up. I made two calls in one hour, and they arrested two felons. (AND THE GOOD NEWS IS…911 doesn’t charge against your cell phone minutes, or I probably wouldn’t have even called. LOL!) So you are reminded to call ’em…but I’d like to remind you…MAKE SURE IT’S A PUBLIC SAFETY ISSUE! (Not cause your neighbor’s music is too loud.)

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