via LA Times: Janice Hahn, Craig Huey congressional race gets even nastier (As Hahn Is Up Against Ropes, Getting More Desperate)

[Pictured: A frustrated union worker called Zuma Dogg’s whistle-blower phone to say, “if you wanna do business in the Port, you gotta pay Janice, extra. (I don’t know what that means?)]

Just when you wondered whether the special runoff election between Janice Hahn and Craig Huey could get any more contentious … it has.

Both sides came out swinging Thursday. Her campaign launched a new TV spot charging that the Republican businessman helped his marketing clients rip off senior citizens with investment schemes and phony cures for Alzheimer’s, while one of his supporters filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, accusing the Democratic Los Angeles city councilwoman of violating campaign laws in her automated phone calls to voters.

Huey and Hahn are vying in the July 12 election to fill the 36th Congressional District seat left vacant by the February resignation of then-Rep. Jane Harman (D-Venice).

Since the two topped a 16-candidate field in May to win spots on the runoff ballot, the campaigns have grown increasingly contentious. She (L.A. City Councilmember Janice Hahn) is a “career politician” who played fast and loose with the taxpayers’ money, said Huey.

One of Hahn’s campaign strategists, Joe Trippi, highlighted the TV ad by linking to it in a piece he wrote for the Huffington Post.

In a written complaint to the FEC, Redondo Beach resident William Schmidt said the Hahn campaign violated disclosure laws by making automated telephone calls to voters without including the required identification of who paid for the calls. In the message, a woman who identified herself as a Republican criticized Huey and urged a vote for Hahn.

The Huey campaign noted that Hahn was fined $500 in connection with her 2009 City Council reelection campaign after failing to provide the city, as required, with a copy of the script for an automated campaign phone message.

–Jean Merl

DO NOT VOTE FOR JANICE HAHN! I have followed her as Los Angeles City Councilmember for five years and she has been driving the bandwagon that pulled the city to the edge of bankruptcy and reduction of critical services, like fire and police. Parks have closed. Libraries have closed. Janice Hahn has voted “yes” on everything that created this dangerous municipal mess. (CHECK HER VOTING RECORD! IT IS POSTED AT Her mouth and mind is a dangerous threat to the region. Don’t allow her to chip away at the U.S. The country cannot afford the pilferage she requires to allow business/commerce to flow through her district. If you don’t wanna vote for her opponent, either…JUST STAY HOME…DO NOT VOTE FOR HER. DO NOT BE A DUMB SUCKER!

JANICE “CON” HAHN EXPOSED: Here is video of the Fox 11 News report that recently BLEW UP all across the internet. (She didn’t sue/litigate. Fox 11 didn’t retract, correct or apologize. Stands as factual!)

BREAKING via LA Times – JULY 1, 2011: Audits Show FLAWS in L.A. City’s “Gold Card” VIP Ticket Dismissal Program (JANICE HAHN USED IT 150 TIMES!?!?! Program Being Investigated!!!)

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