L.A. County Democrapic Party (of Losers) Sends Letter "DEMANDING APOLOGY" for Janice Hahn Hip Hop Video (You Crybaby Losers Have OUTDONE Yourselves.)

I’M SORRY PEOPLE…ZUMA DOGG HAS HAD ENOUGH…and this is the straw that did it, y’all…I’ve always been political party neutral as an L.A. City Hall gadfly. (I cover MUNICIPAL issues, not POLITICAL issues.) BUT ONE THING that REALLY miffs me about the L.A. County Democratic Party is…THEY ARE THE BIGGEST BUNCH OF LITTLE SISSY CRYBABIES. THEY NEED DR. PHIL TO HOLD THEM, OR SOMETHING. SO AS OF TODAY, ZD NOW REFERS TO THEM AS THE, “L.A. Democrapic Party.” Here what’s up…The crybaby-morons want the guy who made the Janice Hahn attack video (FilmLadd as featured on John & Ken, yesterday) to apologize. (LOL! Somehow, I DON’T think that is gonna happen. But what I DO think is gonna happen…is THE NEXT ROUND OF VIDEOS THAT WILL BURY JANICE HAHN, that dumb-moron in any race, language, ethnicity, creed or sex.)

A Letter from LA County Democratic Party’s Nutty, Crybaby, LOSER Attorneys

From Reich, Adell & Cvitan
A Professional, but Nutty, Law Corporation

3550 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2000
Los Angeles, California 90010
Telephone: (213) 386-3860
Fax: (213) 386-5583

June 17th, 2011

RE: Congressional District 36th Special Election “Give Us Your Cash B–ch!”

Dear Madam or Sir:

This law firm is general counsel to the Los Angeles County Democrapic Central Committee, also known as the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP). LACDP is the local Democratic Party organization representing the Democrats of Los Angeles County.

The purpose of this letter is to demand that your organization immediately cease the dissemination of the referenced video which is both untruthful in its characterization of the work of Los Angeles City Councilmember Janice Hahn and contains repulsive and demeaning images which can fairly be characterized as intended to promote hateful stereotypes and incite the exploitation of women.

Your abhorent attempt to scare voters using racially charged and degrading images and language is so utterly beyond the pale that iot has been widely criticized as “the most racist and sexist political ad ever” (eg: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2003705/Anti-Janice-Hahn-YouTube-political-advert-racist-sexist-ever.html?ito=feeds-newsxml).

Further, your video is premised on a patently false accusation about the widely-praised and successful Gang Alternatives Program that Councilwoman Hahn has championed.

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party demands that you remove this abhorrent video immediately and apologize to Councilwoman Hahn, to the women and African Americans of Congressional Distrcit 36, and to voters everywhere.

Very truly yours,


Laurence S. Zakson-Nutball

cc: Eric C. Bauman, Chair, LACDP
Adam Seiden-Wackjob, Executive Comedy Fodder, LADCP

FIRST OF ALL: GO FUCK YOURSELF, PUSSY! Secondly, here is Zuma Dogg’s response to this cry for crybabiness. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU PUSSY DEMOCRATIC PARTY LOSERS. (Not the good, decent people who have betrayed by their elected officials, but the elected officials and the campaign machine, itself. WHAT A BUNCH OF INFERIOR HUMAN CHARACTERS:


  • Democrats have had VAST majority in L.A.: City is broke, services cut, biz left, immeasurable waste and now FBI is pulling plug. GOOD JOB! 11 minutes ago
  • I DON’T KNOW WHY I NEVER SAW IT: L.A. Democrats ARE the problem. They CREATED economic crisis. They are too greedy, corrupt AND dumb on top! 15 minutes ago
  • “There are HUGE pots of money to be taken off the table. Here’s how…” CA ASSemblyman Kevin DeLeon at a meeting he didn’t know ZD was at. 17 minutes ago
  • RT @jillwklausen:”A Democrat taking hands-on role in politics cause of how our economy has been destroyed.” (Who do you think DESTROYED it?) 21 minutes ago
  • RT @jillwklausen: You mock ZD, but I see U spend all your time tweeting how you hate Keith Olberman. Is that a “Hands On” role in politics? 24 minutes ago
  • REMEMBER PEOPLE: If you disagree with an L.A. County Democrap, there can ONLY be one reason…CLEARLY, you are racist. Didn’t you know that? 35 minutes ago
  • L.A. County Democraps have done a GREAT job! Villar, Garcetti, Hahn, Molina, Alatorre, Yaroslobsky, Wesson, Alarcon: L.A. is broke and FBI is all over your ass.. 36 minutes
  • L.A. DEMOCRAPIC PARTY: Commit voter fraud to get mafia criminals elected and collude to pilfer money and give it to illegals and criminals. 45 minutes ago
  • Is there ANY elected official in LA County Democratic party who’s NOT connected to the Mafiosa Organized Crime Ring? I don’t think there is? 46 minutes ago
  • LOS ANGELES DEMOCRATS: Cater to the weakest, dumbest, highest crime committing, illegal behaving, dumb, greedy, illiterate economy drainers. 49 minutes ago
  • THE LA. DEMOCRATIC PARTY: FIRST & ONLY PRIORITY: Cater to the lowest-income, lowest-education, highest-crime committing, DESTROYED LA. MORONS! THE REST OF YOU…GET THE FUCK OUT OF TOWN! THEY DON’T WANT YOU HERE! JANICE HAHN’s party! 51 minutes ago
  • AFTER THE LETTER I JUST READ FROM THE CRYBABY PUSSY L.A. COUNTY DEMOCRATIC PARTY, Zuma Dogg, as of today, declares himself a Republican. 54 minutes ago
  • It’s OFFICIAL: Based on letter I just read from LA County Democrapic Party (re: Hahn) YOU’RE BIGGEST BUNCH OF CRYBABY LOSERS IN HISTORY! 59 minutes ago

Response to the LA County Democrapic Party (of Losers) Attorneys by TurnRightUSA: (Like FilmLadd/TurnRightUSA gives a SHIT what a bunch of nutty, corrupt, irresponsible, greedy, fraud, waste and abusing morons who just bankrupt the city, county and state have to say or think.)

RELATED STORY THE LACDP CRYBABY LETTER WAS BASED UPON: JANICE HAHN: PAC contacts FBI over “hack” attack to determine whether (DNC) and/or Janice Hahn campaign hired, instructed or colluded w/hackers.


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