Zuma Dogg Political Tweets & News Updates for 6/15/11 (9PM UPDATE) – JANICE HAHN CAMPAIGN MUSIC VIDEO A CAMPAIGN ENDER!

[Pictured: ZD’s favorite new rap duo, “Hahn’s Homeboyz.” Plus, not only are they “gangsta rappers,’ Janice Hahn reminds you they are BLACK, “gangsta rappers.” (I guess to her, that makes it even worse!) Try to use WHITE gangsta rappers, next election.]

When you read some of the tweets below, you may wonder exactly the point I’m trying to make/the thought that runs through Matt Dowd and Zuma Dogg’s heads, 24/7-365…When you consider they lost a Federal case against us, and still haven’t settled…they may have think they were getting one over on us…but I’ve used the time to do things like call Andrew Cuomo’s Attorney General Office to report the L.A pension fraud players, and told his office, I would be blogging all the information. Coincidentally, all of the people that I mentioned in my “Wetherly Captial” story, ended up being busted by Cuomo and either took deals or are in prison.

But they STILL didn’t settle…so I called the FBI about L.A. Housing Department’s Rent Escrow Program, one day, when Eric Garcetti was being an arrogant and passive-aggressive asshole.

But they STILL, STILL didn’t settle. So I called U.S. Attorney Eric Holder’s Office and told them I would be blogging on PENSION FRAUD. And I blogged for a solid month, HARD on that topic, providing the blueprint for L.A. and California pension corruption, along with all their players. And the SEC announced a FIRST EVER investigation into a government municipality — The State of California — regarding the issue of pension fraud. (And I think L.A. City Hall players and cronies will be part of this investigation.)

PLUS, after tireless calls for an FBI investigation into L.A. City Hall over pension fraud and L.A. Housing Department’s Rent Escrow program (among a few other KEY issues) on TV 35 — over and over…pretty loudly and relentlessly: City Hall has a termite problem in the form of FBI agents eating through the corruption contained within the marble walls of L.A. City Hall. (Orkin don’t work on marble.)

SO, LIKE ROBERT PLANT…it makes DOWD/DOGG wonder…was it worth it? (I TOLD you…WE are the Champions, YOU are the Chumpians…my losers!)

BREAKING: 36th Congress Candidate #JANICEHAHN former chief of staff resigns current LAX job in “SEXTING” scandal. http://goo.gl/A988t

Zuma Tweets

  • F*CK Neighborhood Council: When issue needs taken care of, I blog it & appear @ #LAPD commish meeting.They HATE scandal! http://goo.gl/dC9IP less than a minute ago
  • 6/14/11 VIDEO: ZD’s most TRIUMPHANT Public Comment EVER! After years of SCREAMING for FBI investigations, they are here! http://goo.gl/tDMjH 8 minutes ago
  • SORRY @Villaraiogsa/Cronies: BIG FEDERAL SHOE to drop over your “Alt Investment” pension fraud. (I TRIED to settle my Venice suit with you.) 12 minutes ago
  • SORRY @EricGarcetti, @HerbWesson, @Villaraigosa: Big shoe to drop by FEDS over L.A. Housing’s Rent Escrow. (Sorry, I tried to settle w/you.) 14 minutes ago
  • #DEMING #RE-ENGINEERING #QUALITY: LA City Hall embraces re-engineering to help solve budget crisis/do more w/less. READ: http://goo.gl/BBYOd 17 minutes ago
  • CITY HALL: When you look at my blog past day, month and year, wonder how much it cost you to not have me settled and moved on in life? FBI? 32 minutes ago
  • LA City Controller Greuel wants pay returned by employees found guilty of workplace wrongdoing. (And, I’m sure they will cause SHE says so!) 34 minutes ago
  • 36th Congress: #JANICEHAHN calling for FEDERAL INVESTIGATION into posting of campaign video, “Give Us Your Cash, B*tch.” (Campaign ender!) 36 minutes ago
  • On LA City News.com, I’m Casey Kasem. We’re up to the new #1 campaign-wrecking video by Hahn’s Homeboyz. Here’s “Give Us Your Cash, B*tch!” 38 minutes ago
  • IT’S OVER FOR JANICE HAHN: ZD’s Batcomputer just called the 36th Congressional election. Huey has too much money. Hahn has too much nutty. 52 minutes ago
  • If you want to take out Wendy Greuel as Mayoral candidate: Compare projects she approved as CM and see how many bought from Frontier Supply. 56 minutes ago
  • LA city controller wants pay returned by employees found guilty of workplace wrongdoing http://lat.ms/mhTFww (Good, start with YOU, Wendy!) 59 minutes ago
  • JANICE HAHN for 36th Congressional District: CAMPAIGN VIDEO (But not for her.) http://goo.gl/fb/vVEqf about an hour ago
  • LA CITY HALL POLITICS: We are currently seeing a @Villaraigosa recall effort by President of U.S. and he sends the voters. FBI voting, now. about an hour ago
  • If you were associated w Elliot Broidy, Al Villalobos, or anyone Gloria Molina knows regarding pension money; you should be nervous of bust. about an hour ago
  • @EricGarcetti: You cut me off when I was speaking, last year. And I got so mad I went right home and called Eric Holder’s office. LOOK NOW! about an hour ago
  • @EricGarcetti insulted me, by calling me over to side of aisle to say, “You are wrong ZD, REAP isn’t shady.” So I sent FBI to sort it out. about an hour ago
  • @EricGarcetti: You wanted to play hardball with ZD over Venice settlement. So I shook trees and NOW you have FBI crawling up your lying ass. about an hour ago
  • Zuma Dogg & Matt Dowd…here to F*CK UP YOUR SHIT, for the past 5 years. Brown Act violation filed on Wilshire bus lane. You don’t settle! about an hour ago
  • A Brown Act violation complaint has been filed against L.A. City Council’s item on Wilshire bus lane. You would THINK they wouldn’t violate. about an hour ago
  • Just saw a guy texting while biking down the street. No hands on handlebars and looking at device. Almost hit ZD. I’ve NOW seen it ALL. about 2 hours ago
  • YES. YES, I DID call A Cuomo’s office and he busted everyone I mentioned in NY. Yes, I DID call Eric Holder’s office. Yes, he DID send FBI! about 2 hours ago
  • Did I, or did I not say City Hall would be crawling w FBI and are gonna put giant padlock on the front door? And I took measures to ensure. about 2 hours ago
  • Sorry STEVE COOLEY: You delivered empty lip-service to ZD w/no action. Had to go over your head to the FED. Emails/blog posts & phone calls. about 2 hours ago
  • Sorry nutty Clean Sweep LA crowd. ZD more concerned with things that REALLY destroy L.A. You will see FBI make busts over these ZD issues. about 2 hours ago
  • FBI does not send agents from Washington.to L.A. City Hall, unless they are there to carry some folks away in handcuffs. NOT A LOCAL EFFORT. about 2 hours ago
  • When Congress Candidate #JANICEHAHN starts yapping her stupid/nutty trap, don’t you wanna smash her in mouth with a baseball bat to stop it. about 3 hours ago
  • I apologize for my blog. Even though it’s got more content than any other L.A. political blog, this is me trying NOT to blog. about 5 hours ago
  • If you followed ZD blog/tweets past few years, you saw the corruption uncovered/exposed FIRST; then as reported after by news media, after. about 5 hours ago
  • DAMN, do these other L.A. political blogs SUCK, these days. Compare content for ALL OTHERS you read to all stories you find on LA City News. about 5 hours ago
  • HEY JACKASS @WalterMoore: I remember you mocking/scorning me over my 14 Pts/Re-engineering calls. Now City Hall is embracing. Ha Ha, LOSER! about 6 hours ago
  • MARIA DEL ANGEL, FORMERLY of LA Housing: Can you stick finger down throat and barf back up all the HUD money you ATE @ Ritz-Carlton dinners? about 7 hours ago
  • PEAK LEVEL VIEWERSHIP today @ http://LACityNews.com. But that’s what happens when you post more than Open Thread Hotsheets or Obama talk. about 7 hours ago
  • Read The Double-Talking BULLSHIT From Spokesperson of “Draft Trutanich” Campaign on Behalf of… http://goo.gl/fb/uqOMt about 7 hours ago
  • Serious/not being sarcastic when I say Janice Hahn’s voice is the most ANNOYING sound on the planet. (I’ll take lie detector to prove it!) about 8 hours ago
  • Quality/Productivity Error: You cheap out on cops @ Dodger’s Stadium opening day, and are now down 10,000 fans PER GAME. DId you SAVE money? about 8 hours ago
  • LOL! DWP officials call for rate hike to cover expenses http://lat.ms/m9ob1d about 11 hours ago
  • WILSHIRE BUS LANE: Oh no…council committed a couple major Brown Act violations and Matt Dowd is going to file with D.A.’s office. WATCH! about 11 hours ago
  • L.A. City News for 6/15/11 – Wilshire Bus Lane, Rosendahl on AEG/NFL Project , Council Caps… http://goo.gl/fb/8LfW0 about 18 hours ago

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