Zuma Dogg Tweets on L.A. City Politics (Villaraigosa, Janice Hahn, Tony Cardenas, Pension Fraud & LAHD Rent Escrow/REAP Investigations) for 6/12/11

WARNING FOR JANICE HAHN…don’t look! (Antonio probably doesn’t want to ruin his the rest of his weekend, either.) Especially because of THIS: Informed Citizen Homework: Read Posts About Current L.A. City Hall FBI Investigations (LONG LIST!) & Illegal Fruit Vendors @ Venice Going to MEDIA!

Zuma Tweets

  • The OTHER big City Hall thing to break (that hasn’t broken in L.A. Times, yet), besides the PENSION FRAUD (Shaq-sized shoe) is RENT ESCROW! less than a minute ago
  • HAVEN’T SEEN THE HEADLINER: Biggest FBI shoe to drop on @Villaraigosa‘s head WILL BE PENSION FRAUD. Biggest municipal bust in U.S. history. 2 minutes ago
  • @Villaraigosa made Obama look bad on Stim $. Budget mess exposed more shady. Villar can’t fix/falling on face. Wheel too squeaky. Send FBI! 5 minutes ago
  • ZD, “@Villar‘s pitfall is he’s too comfortable in his own corruption bubble, like Scarface.” Huizar, “You’re very perceptive, ZD.” Now look! 13 minutes ago
  • SHE WILL NEVER DO IT! It’s her “Weinergate Photos!”: If Janice Hahn’s I.Q. were ever to become public, it would be a public safety concern. 23 minutes ago
  • I challenge 36th Congress Candidate #JaniceHahn to take I.Q. test to show voters/future colleagues. Need to know what they’re dealing with! 25 minutes ago

VIDEO: 36th Congressional Candidate Janice Hahn Interruption L.A. City Council President During Discussion on How to SOLVE $500 Million Dollar Budget Deficit. And now, YOUR shoe-in for Congress Rep., Janice “Con” Hahn!

  • When I think of Janice Hahn, I see the person jumping up and down on the front of bandwagon on the “Headed Toward Bankruptcy” parade route. 29 minutes ago
  • It’s not like Janice Hahn is Grieg Smith or Bernard Parks who can claim, “Hands were tied by other nutty, irresponsible, corrupt council.” 32 minutes ago
  • Problem isn’t that not enough people didn’t vote AGAINST JaniceHahn. It’s that anyone did, at all. She got her way all along! Look @results. 38 minutes ago
  • When voting, I usually put candidate performance aside; and vote for who shares my skin color, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. 46 minutes ago
  • I’m The “U” Candidate. If you vote for me, it’s a chance to send the first “U” person to office! (“U” peoples’ fees will be waived!) Vote U! 50 minutes ago
  • Hi! I’m Mr. L.A. Candidate. Don’t vote on who is best, overall. Vote on similarities to your own self. Especially, first (whatever) elected. 58 minutes ago
  • When a candidate says they want to be the first, “Whatever” elected official, do they think they are a sub-par candidate on merits, alone? about an hour ago
  • Just think, “You got screwed by L.A. City Hall and all you got was this official Zuma Dogg shirt?” (Ask for a trash collection fee refund!) about an hour ago
  • ORDER HERE: New ZUMA DOGG Logo T-Shirt…FIRST EVER! (Get YOURS from the same batch I am… http://goo.gl/fb/y6qXY about 2 hours ago
  • TOP 3 KEYWORD SEARCHES linking to http://LACityNews.com for past month/30 days: 1) Beatriz Stozer 2) Pension fraud 101 3) Elliot Broidy about 2 hours ago
  • Someone called ZD a “political vigilante” as a complement. At first I thought, “too thuggish.” But I guess you GOTTA go “vig” on they azz. about 2 hours ago
  • What’s SICK is; when you look at this blog, it’s a lot of content. Like LA.’s “Drudge” on City corruption.And this is ZD trying NOT to blog. about 3 hours ago
  • OMG! Never really looked at @Venice311 tweets, but it’s sheer comedy out of tragedy. Like “Cops” TV show on twitter: http://venice311.org/ about 3 hours ago
  • HATE TO ADMIT IT, this is a HILARIOUS blog on Venice, in the sense it blows whistle on a lot of ZD compliance peeves: http://venice311.org/ about 3 hours ago
  • DEVASTATING public comment on TV by #ZUMADOGG at #LAPD commission. Taste of what’s to come over fruit vendors: http://youtu.be/M4IJoU3a4f4 about 4 hours ago
  • @MattDowd: Pick me up on Tuesday for the #LAPD Police Commission meeting. about 6 hours ago
  • Informed Citizen Homework: Read Posts About Current L.A. City Hall FBI Investigations (LONG… http://goo.gl/fb/M1pSQ about 6 hours ago

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