Zuma Dogg Political Strategy Advice For AUSTIN BEUTNER (Based on his comments in Los Angeles Times) PLUS: L.A. City News Tweets for 5/31/11

Austin, my man…you’re WAY better at making money, than Zuma Dogg…but when it comes to being your own political spin guy…not so much.

From L.A. Times Op-Ed:
Jim Newton: The race to succeed Mayor Villaraigosa: Beutner has just wrapped up 18 months of working for the government as the $1-a-year “first deputy mayor.”

That puts Beutner in an awkward position. When I asked whether he imagined himself running as heir to Villaraigosa’s legacy, he answered with studied caution. He was proud, he said, of the administration’s record for the 18 months that he was part of it.

Zuma Dogg, who thinks AB is the best solution of the candidates mentioned, so far, for “fixing the city,” offers this response in hopes he doesn’t blow it with people. Austin, you DID NOT CREATE THIS MESS…and no matter how many hats (or crowns) you’ve been wearing the past 18 months…DO NOT TRY TO GIVE THE PERCEPTION THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH THINGS IN THE MIDDLE OF TEXTBOOK DYSFUNCTION (Aka: Antonio’s Administration!) IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU REALLY DID ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS…because public perception is that City Hall is on fire. You can’t convince victims of Japan reactor meltdown that, “We did SOME things RIGHT!” Again…I’m sure you did MAGIC, given the circumstances…but if you try to sell the public, when they ain’t buyin’ that…they will nix you instead of punch your chad. HERE’S SOMETHING THAT WON’T MAKE PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE Antonio in a suit for someone taller:

From: Mayoral Campaign Strategy for AUSTIN BEUTNER: Because Zuma Dogg already sees him walking into “human nature” pitfalls: AUSTIN BEUTNER: Some un-paid strategy from the master: When asked about being heir to Villar’s City Hall legacy, as deputy mayor…do NOT try to spin, “Proud of achievements (list achievements) over past 18 months.” The ONLY answer you can give is:

“I’m flattered that the mayor brought me on board, at city hall, to help figure some things out. Of course, I wasn’t elected into the position, and it’s not like I had control of the steering wheel. But it did give me tremendous insight, knowledge and experience as to how all city departments operate; where the problems lie; and understanding as to what it will take to, ‘fix the city,” as mayor. – (What) Austin Beutner (Should Be Saying)

  • 1st thing Villar-backed LAUSD school board approved. ZD protested at meeting!: LAUSD health benefits for part-timers. NOW, $60 million SURPLUS, now in the red!!!! WAY TO GO ANTONIO. Everything you touch, turns to crap. – http://lat.ms/lWdeFG 3 minutes ago
  • Mayoral Campaign Strategy for AUSTIN BEUTNER: Because Zuma Dogg already sees him walking into “human nature” pitfalls. – http://goo.gl/cU5SS 5 minutes ago
  • City considers eliminating taxes on mutual funds – LOS ANGELES – The city today will begin considering whether to el… http://ht.ly/1cY7vL 16 minutes ago
  • NON-SHOCKER TO ANYONE WHO FOLLOWS @VIillaraigosa‘s City Hall: FBI wants broad probe of LA building dept. Memo leaked!: http://lat.ms/mxce7v 17 minutes ago
  • OH NO! ZD needs that route, this summer! Not enough THC to mitigate!!!: PCH sewer project to squeeze summer traffic: http://lat.ms/mPukff 19 minutes ago
  • If you’re calling w business proposal for ZD, please do: But don’t contact w activist issues. I keep getting sucked back. CAN’T AFFORD TO! 27 minutes ago
  • NO OFFENSE to Mayor Sam’s “Home of L.A. Politics” blog, but if you don’t even post about Villar’s leaked memo on FBI investigation, are you? 46 minutes ago
  • @Villaraigosa: How does it feel to go from “Mr. Everyone LOVES Ya,” to not being able to walk L.A. city streets/need wall around your home? about an hour ago
  • If Villaraigosa doesn’t shut his chump mouth, soon, I think he’s gonna be 1st mayor in history to get his ass kicked/beat down by angry mob. about an hour ago
  • How you know someone is a non-leader, pussy. As mayor, you blow all the money, decimate depts via ERIP/cuts; then say, “Run a tight ship.” about an hour ago
  • When chump @Villaraigosa says he expects all department supervisors to, “run a tight ship,” what has he, as the leader, done to facilitate? about an hour ago
  • If you need to speak with me about something, PayPal $20, w message/phone number and I’ll call/respond. Don’t call until you PayPal, FIRST. about 2 hours ago
  • Don’t have a cell phone. Only way for me to check messages is on home computer. Won’t be in, today. Won’t get messages. I’m retired, anyway. about 2 hours ago
  • YOU ARE NOT GOING TO VOTE THEM OUT: You’re not willing to commit voter fraud, don’t have union backing or office holder’s slush fund. =LOSE! about 15 hours ago
  • HOW YOU KNOW SOMEONE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW TO FIX PROBLEMS PLAGUING CITY HALL: First thing they say is, “We gotta vote ’em all out!” about 15 hours ago
  • We see that L.A. is so inefficient, City Hall couldn’t accomplish your goal if they WANTED TO. You AIN’T gonna vote ’em out. FIX THE SYSTEM! about 15 hours ago
  • PLEASE STOP SAYING YOU ARE GONNA VOTE THEM OUT!: THEY have voter fraud, union backing, political office/infrastructure. You have nuttiness. about 15 hours ago
  • 100 points: Average IQ of Venice Beach boardwalk crowd, any give day. (“COMBINED TOTAL” of crowd! Not “per person” average.) about 19 hours ago
  • When I walked down Venice boardwalk, used to look around at beautiful LA women. Now I look around to make sure no shanks are about to fly. about 19 hours ago
  • ZUMA DANGERFIELD: Just took a stroll down Venice Beach boardwalk. BEAUTIFUL CROWD! GUINNESS RECORD: World’s Biggest Parole Violation Parade! about 19 hours ago
  • 46,000 Prisoners Released Early: Welcome Home! No where to go? Hang out @ LA City Hall. Comfortable seats & Air Conditioning! M, W & F @10A. about 19 hours ago

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