Zuma Dogg’s Message To Fans for 5/14/11 — Call Me "Rocket Man" (Cause I Think It’s Gonna Be A Long, Long Time…)

[Pictured: You are looking at an effort that has been proven to have zero value. Why are you wasting your time?]

Fret not, Zuma Dogg fans: Even if I never produce another second of video or never type another word, a decade of intense productivity leaves a trail of body of work that can be discovered, re-discovered and re-lived, just like a classic rock library or sitcom series. “A Decade of Zuma Dogg” is as long as the career runs of Led Zeppelin, Beatles, “Seinfeld,” “Friends,” etc. (And I was cranking out new shows, every week, for years, without hiatus or breaks. (More output than any TV show or music group. And here is some response from the public on the constant churn. Let’s see YOUR clients’ fan mail, compared to this, ignorant Hollywood douchebags]

AND, I have MORE VIDEO NEVER POSTED/YET TO BE POSTED, than has already been posted. (Only a tiny fraction of original, “The Zuma Dogg Show” (L.A. public access cable TV show) has been posted on YouTube/internet.) But for now…looks like NOTHINGS gonna be happening, except my biggest bipolar meltdown, to date. Cause each one is worst than the last, and I am more isolated and less able to “keep on truckin'” via Zuma powered bicycle to get anywhere I need to get. So I’m basically slipping further and further away from everything — and becoming more and more disabled, as my noose gets tighter and tighter around me. (Basically, a classic sports car, out of gas, on the side of the road…and now it’s been on the side of the road, so long, rust is setting in and it other mechanical problems set in from prolonged lack of activity.)

TWEET: Although it makes for a lighter hat, I think I’m out of rabbits to pull out. Ran out of energy to bike infinitely against the wind. ZD=Retro


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