MEGA L.A. City News Update by Zuma Dogg for 4/12/11 – Facebook & Twitter Updates, HERE!

[Pictured: End of an era. ZD’s final performance at Venice Beach. He was surrounded by dumb LAPD morons, at the end of the day. So the legendary regional icon will stick to Santa Monica, Malibu, Calabasas, Agoura Hills for LIVE performances. ZD pulls out of L.A. like the rest of the entertainment industry. I NOW SEE WHY. AIN’T WORTH IT, AND EVERYWHERE ELSE IS BETTER/LESS HASSLES. ADIOS, L.A.! See me in Malibu on Wed.!]


* Regarding LAPD “bend over backward” policy on non-licensed drivers, pulled over WITHOUT being able to prove they’re licensed: Though state law REQUIRES car to be towed, no matter what, if ANY driver cannot prove they are licensed (and if you don’t have license on you, cop can even check by your name, alone, as proof); Chief Beck said, “L.A. is a great city, it’s everybody’s city…AND WE NEED TO REALIZE THAT.” EXCUSE ME!?!? (Some statement in response to non-licensed drivers. Seems like the local L.A. thug-ring has him under their thumb; wrote that for him; and muscled him to say it, on camera.)

* PENSION FRAUD IN THE SIMPLEST OF TERMS: Equity capital firms back Villaraigosa for Mayor. He wins. He appoints equity firm backers as LACERS/CRA/etc. commissioners. They vote to approve pension money back to firms, who give it to “placement agents/cronies,” who invest in phony, overly-risky, non-investment grade crony projects. (Real Estate, LLCs.) BILLIONS WERE LOST IN FRAUD SCHEME. NOW, L.A. general fund must cover LACERS pension losses. Furloughs/service reductions/bankruptcy talk ensues. And, for SOME reason…every time a name pops up on the PENSION FRAUD radar…it ties to GLORIA MOLINA, somehow. Ponderous. I’m sure it’s nothing.

* On the 5 year anniversary of ZD’s birth as city hall activist/blogger/gadfly, JOSE AGUILAR is a person I’ve been most blessed to meet, when it came to educating ZD to the “in between the lines” of what was happening on agendas. AND, if I claim to be recognized as a “global economy prophet,” JA is my, “secret sauce.” He fought to become BH NC Pres., not for power/ego, but as an activist move to break a shady grip.

* MICHAEL HIGBY was also so influential with his blog that taught me so much, each day, when I woke up, on the way to council meetings. He has a certain, “panache” as a writer and is the L.A. political blogging, “Blogfather!”

* SANTA MONICA/PALISADES/MALIBU/CALABASSAS/AGOURA Region of ZD Constituency: Zuma Dogg takes to the Malibu karaoke stage around 10pm, tomorrow – WEDNESDAY NIGHT. (Like New Year’s Eve, every Wednesday!)

* Freaky Story About When I “Met” Wayne Dyer (Quantum Physics In Action!):
MY 3rd BIGGEST QUANTUM EVENT, EVER: While walking down the street in NYC, during a 0 degree blizzard, at night. I was walking near the area I saw a Wayne Dyer seminar, about a year before. So I was thinking about Wayne Dyer, and how much I would like to meet him, someday…(click here to continue)

* L.A.’s UPSCALE ECONOMIC FUTURE?: Just had an interesting conversation with L.A. businessman, Richard White. Rich says, “L.A. NEEDS to be an expensive town to live in. The more expensive, the more the lower economic drags on the economy will leave L.A. and reduce the burden on the city overly-taxed infrastructure and social programs; leaving the city with people who stimulate the economy and generate revenue and taxes for the city.” – Rich White/L.A.

* All we hear about, now, regarding budget crisis is PENSIONS: Who was only person in L.A. SCREAMING, “PENSIONS,” when it was silent issue?=ZD

I’VE BECOME THE BRAND NAME FOR ACTIVIST: Like you think of “Xerox” for copy machines, or “Kleenex” for facial tissue, appears, “Zuma Dogg” is the name that comes to mind for “political activism.” Was just a coffee shop in Santa Monica. Someone asked what I do. Said, “I’m a political activist in City of L.A.” Someone turns and says, “Are you Zuma Dogg???” (Excitement ensued as he went off on Garcetti!)


  1. ECONOMIST RICH WHITE says, “Californians MUST recognize, we all need to chip in to reach 33% renewable energy goal. Even if rates increase.”
  2. CA ups renewable-energy goals w/ mandating 33% of electricity be from renewable sources by 2020: (PLEASE, spend $ANY AMOUNT$ toward goal!)
  3. Phil Spector’s lawyer asks for murder conviction to be overturned (Lana C. asks for her murder to be overturned.)
  4. RT @villaraigosa: At Stevenson middle school, meeting with kids; watching the premier of Disney’s Lemonade Mouth. (Mayor V., right at home.)
  5. L.A. officials want to track building inspectors by GPS in wake of FBI sting Why be inspectors if you are accountable?
  6. IT IS SO ORDERED: Got message from Malibu karaoke DJ (TMZ featured): Apparently, it’s “Hells Bells,” “Tragedy,” “Nite Fever,” for ZD on Wed.
  7. To union workers in L.A./across country, upset over givebacks/furloughs: Complain to your pension board who fraudulently lost your BILLIONS!
  8. @Schwarzenegger has a nice, new Bently parked outside, but no plates in front, OR BACK!? Guess he thinks he lives on the set. ABOVE THE LAW?
  9. LIKE “GRACELAND” re-opening to ZD: Malibu Inn (petri dish/birthplace of ZD) RE-OPENING, soon! No matter WHERE you live in L.A., take a trip!
  10. HERSHEY’S PARK: Coming to L.A. In order to get subsidies from City, they will erect a giant 500 ft. “chocolate penis” statue to create jobs!
  11. L.A. Council to consider shielding library users from porn. (Council needs to shield users from COUNCIL!) They’re right, on this, though!
  12. Hollywood talent agent charged with violating scam law (Yeah, I paid money to see some of his movies. THAT was a scam.)
  13. ADI, y’all…
  14. After Tony Robbins read my article on Deming’s 14 Pts, Tony sent me a letter saying, “I think your synthesis is fabulous. Let’s meet, soon.”
  15. When Deming sent letter of praise for my “Interpretation of his 14 Pts,” consultants wanted faxed authentication. Was told, “UNPRECEDENTED!”
  16. I’m probably the only person who was at the last Nirvana concert and the last M. Scott Peck seminar. Wore a Led Zep shirt to Deming seminar.
  17. In case you already didn’t think I was delusional, I DO happen to be the guy who sent a memo to Time-Warner execs that they turned into E!.
  18. If you don’t have a GOOGLE account, please get one. I finally explored Google “Talk.” A GREAT chat/talk tool. Groups can talk over computer!
  19. I get cranky @TomLaBong for interrupting me from his council chair. But, he really did do a GREAT job, today, running the meeting for Eric.
  20. ROSENDAHL: During long council discussion regarding “pensions,” after other CMs spoke, Bill asked to hear cards from public BEFORE he spoke.
  21. All we hear about, now, regarding budget crisis is PENSIONS: Who was only person in L.A. SCREAMING, “PENSIONS,” when it was silent issue?=ZD
  22. RT @villaraigosa: “LA is all about enjoying being outside & active!” (Yeah, bro, cause you forced so many people into street homelessness.)
  23. Japan declares nuclear accident a level 7, putting it on par with Chernobyl (Shares of Tokyo Springs Water tumble.)
  24. RT @latimes: Global economy on the mend, IMF says (They’ve been saying that all along, as the country is going under.) – Launching pad for all of this, and all links and ZD media.


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