Zuma Dogg & Eric Garcetti On Hollywood Filming at L.A. City Hall (A loss leader for job creation?)

[Pictured: Eric is SO HAPPY he finally got ZD on an issue he couldn’t disagree with. THAT’S NO FUN!]

First of all, there’s hope for world peace in 2011, perhaps, cause Zuma Dogg and Eric Garcetti have their first facebook message exchange, over the past 24 hours.

ZD sent Eric a message about some innocuous detail I thought he would also get a kick out of.

I thought I was on the EG social media “ban list” so I didn’t expect a reply. But, Eric was warm and fuzzy enough to send ZD a nice reply back.

And as I was reading the reply, I was watching the new NBC show, “The Cape,” that made it’s debut, last night (Sunday).
I don’t usually watch that kind of network, prime-time stuff, but the commercial looked REALLY GOOD. So I tuned in, cause I really wanted to check my brain at the door, and forget about the MISERABLE day at Venice Beach that resulted in a full day of ZD activism, resulting in Sunday phone calls to CM Bill Rosendahl and LAPD Sgt Reina. (Thanks to BOTH for letting ZD vet the issue — and it WASN’T a warm & fuzzy call.)

So after all day of cranky activism and blogging over Venice Beach, I turn on the TV to watch the show to forget ALL ABOUT L.A. City Hall…and I notice, immediately, that “The Cape” filmed a lot of scenes in the L.A. City Hall rotunda. (OH NO…THE MOST VIVID CITY HALL MEMORY EMBEDDED IN ZD’s CRANIUM!)

So I send Eric back a quick reply: “Oh no, was trying to forget about City Hall, so I put on, “The Cape,” cause it looked good…and it’s filmed at City Hall. I CAN’T GET A BREAK!”

Eric replied, “It looked like a great show and they got to film for free–yea jobs! Take care, man!”

So my initial reaction was, “Oh great, the city is broke and you let NBC film for FREE?” BUT, then you have to take a bigger picture step back and say, “Well, L.A. keeps losing the TV & Film industry to everywhere else in the world. So under these competitive circumstances, I thought, “Well, it doesn’t cost the city any more money to let them use city hall.”  (It’s not a perishable or diminishing resource.) Then, I guess you have to think of it as an L.A. City competitive advantage like the sun, beach, nice weather and urban settings.

SUMMARY: Although it would be nice to be able to charge TV networks to use City Hall, as they would have to for any other location, in this new competitive environment (that has clearly hurt L.A. City more than the other nationwide and worldwide competitors), I guess I am glad that City Hall isn’t so greedy and anti-business that they will let NBC use City Hall for free to film their show. BECAUSE IT NOT ONLY CREATES THE JOBS FOR THE SHOW, BUT ALL THE ANCILLARY BUSINESS WE ALL KNOW ABOUT. (Cleaners, coffee shops, gas stations, all the other businesses that benefit by having the dollars stay in L.A.) And finally, as I wrap up this post, I can tell you, it is a lot less fun to post something you are in agreement with Garcetti & City Council over. But I still posted it, anyway, cause it’s relevant.

Thanks for the tidbit, Eric. FOR ONCE, ZD didn’t think he could use it against you. (FOILED, AGAIN!)


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