PROTEST ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA on 1/5/11 @ Palms Neighborhood Council…(Aka: THE BIG SHOUT-DOWN!)

[PICTURED: Antonio Villaraiogsa invites you to tell him what you think, Wednesday, at the Palms NC meeting.]

REMEMBER, you have a right to peacefully demonstrate against the individual who is most responsible for the municipal mess that will take decades to recover from…AND THE PHONY FRAUD WILL BE HAVING THE GAUL TO SHOW HIS SHADY FACE IN PUBLIC…SHOW UP AND TELL HIM WHAT YOU THINK:


Wednesday, January 5 · 6:30pm – 8:00pm
IMAN Center

3376 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Meet the Mayor of Los Angeles!
Ask him important questions about Palms.
What can you do to encourage more businesses to come to the area?
How can the City make Palms for walkable?
How do we deal with lack of parking in the area?
What will the City do to encourage more cycling in the area?
How can the city make Palms a destination for the new Expo Line?

And many more questions/issues.

Everyone is encouraged to attend – residents, business owners, employers, employees, and stakeholders.

Refreshments will be provided.

[WHAT A PHONY OF A FRAUD…NO ONE IS BELIEVING THAT YOU NEED TO SHOW UP TO SOME NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL MEETING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO, ANTONIO. You have just been choosing to take the greedy, fraud, waste and abusing path toward bleeding out the city and creating all the problems of which you now go to the community pretending that you need the VALUABLE and EXCLUSIVE information from the other side of the rope. YOU NEVER LISTENED WHILE WE ALL SCREAMED THAT YOU WERE DRIVING THE CITY BUS OFF THE CLIFF…YOU KNEW WHAT WAS UP. YOU ARE NOT AS DUMB AS YOUR LAW BAR EXAMS WOULD LEAD ONE TO BELIEVE. You’ve had TOP experts consult you on all the ways to pilfer and scam the taxpayer dollars. DON’T PRETEND YOU NEED PUBLIC COMMENT, NOW.]


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